February 23, 2013

Guy of Gisborne3's Lil Brother in new series 'Vikings' + Sign Petition Organized by Stars of Zero Dark Thirty to Free Pakistani Doctor + Oscar Wkend:Thorin's Makeup Artist(see photo & link to an article) + New Game of Thrones Trailer - Season 3 Starts Mar 31st

Guy3 and his half brother in Robin Hood series 3..
Here's Clive Standen in new series 'Vikings' which starts this Sunday..
This latest effort to put pressure on Pres Obama to help free Pakistani doctor was organized by the stars of the film 'Zero Dark Thirty'..

Hope springs eternal that RA will be cast as wenching, marauding pirate Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, season 4. S3 is about to begin.

Fascinating stuff for history buffs:

Good to see Oscar voters agreed that the Anna Karenina costumes are stunning. Even they can be improved with addition of...;) Mrs Karenina does seem to be  taken with the handsome stranger at the train station..

Scroll to bottom of following article to see Tami working on Thorin makeup :


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Re: Jaime Lanniester on RA: "I do believe he's even prettier than me."

As if there were any question.

What a silly man.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Ricrar, who is Jaime Lannister?

Ricrar said...

If you're asking who's playing Jaime, it's Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

On the other hand, if you're asking who Jaime is in Game of Thrones that will take a little longer to explain.

He's the eldest brother in the Lannister family. They are the leading house of the 7 kingdoms of Westeros.

Jaime has a twin sister and younger brother, the royal dwarf Tyrion. The latter is, for the most part, writer Geo Martin's voice.

Crucial to the plot is the fact the twin bro and sister are far too close to each other than your average siblings. In the first novel, she's married to the king and has 3 children. The head of one of the other houses, Ned Stark, makes it's his mission in season 1 to find evidence whether Cersei's 3 children are indeed her husbands.

That's when the proverbial you know what hits the fan. We've been trying to recover ever since from the repercussions that developed with what Ned uncovered.

Jaime was for most of season 2 held captive by the Starks but during the last couple eps he was freed by one Stark. That person didn't ask anyone else whether she should let him escape, therefore she received disgust and anger from one of the people she loves most in the world.

The latest development in this ongoing saga start on mar 31. No doubt George has many surprises in store for everyone. Readers of the novels of course are not nearly as shocked as non-readers when Mr Martin has pulled another seismic change in the landscape of Westeros. His ending to season 1 caused angst heard round the world or at least seen on everyones twitter timeline all over the globe;D There another event in the new season that promises to be at least that traumatic for viewers. Geo has already said he's planning to visit a deserted island when that ep airs.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, my Heavens. I am so far out of touch with the seismic charges of the globe!!!! Any chances RA will join the cast? I will certainly then follow it.... :) :)

Your explanation of all of the changes makes the show appeal to me greatly! (Last time I tried to watch, I must admit, it was just a little on the gory side for me -- I can't do Full Metal Jacket/ Platoon-type violence on a weekly basis. It over-charges my system somehow....)

I made some changes to my rock opera (I am sure that will cause seismic changes in the globe, as well :) ). Really like the "Where the Lonely Ones Roam" video. Hadn't heard that song before. Very effective together. Perhaps I will go see the Hobbit again :) :).....

Oh, yes. I like that first photo. In front of the blue-lit bricks is very effective. Very nice, indeed. :) :) (Please apologize to Jaime for my ignorance....) :)

Ricrar said...

Amazing clock created by Richard's talented fan Tanni:


Ricrar said...

I know what you mean about Game of Thrones often seeming rather gory but it's very difficult to avoid some of that in current drama.

My conclusion is that creators include it in their forumula because men won't watch a tv series or film unless there's a certain amount of violence - otherwise they're bored with it. I've posed this theory to hubby and he chuckled and said "you're probably correct about that."

Best current example is BBC America's 'Ripper' series. It's period drama, so I started to watch and alerted Mr ricrar that he might want to watch it.

About 5 eps later and he won't miss it, while I've stopped watching. This week he asked "Why did you stop watching?" Told him there's only so much ugly slaughter and mayhem that my entertainment standards will tolerate before they signal "it's simply not worth all those graphic scenes."

Converseley, IMO Game of Thrones still has a higher percentage of scenes conveying gorgeous sets, costumes, intriguing storyline and sharp dialogue as opposed to those with darkness, crude language and brutal violence.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oooh, that clock is coolness! Thank you, Ricrar!! I may just have to put that on my computer at school. Being a musician, of sorts, I have some nicely framed photos of some of my musical heroes in my office, next to Jerusalem, some other Middle East prints, and Klimt. But I have not yet found a way to insert images of my new hero of Middle Earth into the midst without it looking -- oh, I don't know -- unprofessional :) :) This may be my perfect solution!!! :) :)

By the way, I was thinking again about Gary and discipline at school. It occurred to me that if Gary would like to come to any of my classes, I would be most delighted to ensure as much discipline as he would like :) :)

On Game of Thrones: I guess it depends whose shoulder you have there to hide your head in for the gory scenes, right?

BTW, on another point you made the other day: I think I would rank RA's performance in Spark House higher than Moving On. I just loved his character there! Now for the question of the day: Will I or will I not go see The Hobbit again after some work this afternoon? Cheers, Ricrar, and happy Sunday!

Patricia J. Sohn said...

Well, my Heavens. How embarassed was I last night as an American to see what Hollywood dragged out and called the red carpet. I guess the days of Hollywood Royalty are over. It was not very royal at all. I have to agree with you about George Clooney; not such a great showing. I liked some of the European talent....

No RA. *Sigh*

I am quite sure that you have seen this photo from his Glamour Magazine shoot. Now, there's a Russian artistocracy coat!!! :) :) By the way, if they're looking for someone to play RA-Rostov's wife, they can always call me!!! :) :)


(Hee, hee, I crack myself up.)

Cheers, Ricrar. Love the new photos, as always. That one in the maroon/brown shirt is very nice.

Off to a post-work work thing....this is so much more fun! :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Oops, I hate it when that happens. That last post was supposed to go up under cleopatraascreenplay....

BTW, I don't know if you had a chance to look at my play, The Lotus Cafe. It is this great tease of a love story, with all sorts of gut-wrenching "I love you's" all over the place. But you never know why they're never quite together. It doesn't help that I only have excerpts of it up on my site. But I have now put up the final installment, which unfolds the mysteries of why!! Real terrible stuff :) :) Shock, and awe, and whatnot....


Hope you're having a great day!!

P.S. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the photos!!!!! Glamour shoot, that beautiful jacket....oh, my goodness...the stuff of very nice mornings, indeed! :) :) Is that first stormy photo Florida??

Sue said...


I notice that you are running a poll asking whether fans are happy with the Oscar results. I must say my answer is a resounding NO!!!!!!!!

Not a sausage about The Hobbit! not even for special effects. Goodness me!

As for the above posts about violent films for men. I'm afraid my preferred films are always pretty bloody. No chick flicks for me I'm afraid, I'd be bored out of my skull watching those.

My Oscar winner film if I had a choice (besides the Hobbit of course) would have to be Zero Dark Thirty, the film about the search for Bin Laden. Okay, not PC right now, but what the hell!!!

I was watching a film critic being interviewed about the Oscar nominations. He was gushing about how well acted the film Lincoln was by DDL, great directing, wonderful film. Then the interviewer said "I found it a little dull", to which the critic replied "Oh yes, it is very dull and boring, but still very well acted, DDL really lives the role of Lincoln". I thought blummin' hell, what's the point of great acting, when you are bored rigid with the film? Need I say more? What about choosing a film that viewers actually ENJOY watching? (Just for the novelty value you understand!) Never mind the blo*dy directing or who is in it, whether it's shot in 3D and all that rubbish. I want to be ENTERTAINED damn you!!!!! (That is the idea of watching a film isn't it, or did I miss something?)

Okay I'll get off my soapbox now!

Ricrar said...

I understand exactly where you're coming from Sue.

In order to understand Academy members choices, you must first realize they are all bloody Liberals, which means all sorts of other criteria come first on their entertainment priority list.

In order to be a Liberal, especially in Hollywood, you must harbor a certain amount of pretentiousness about yourself and your chosen profession. You must be convinced that you belong to the political group that's simply brilliant whenever it comes to social or global issues.

Once you've recognized their pretentious view of themselves and society, you are prepared to understand why they feel that the movies the masses enjoy cannot possibly be the best. Afterall, the moviemakers and their assorted industry leeches can lead the masses in whatever direction they want them to go, so how could those paying the ticket price actually contain any wisdom in their film choices?

Therefore, those voting for the years films have a check list that starts with their global political agenda, which is usually totally wrongheaded, when they decide for which movie they'll cast their vote.

Viewing public is usually astounded with Oscar results and, as you said - wonder why anything so boring could be considered the best film made for that entire year.

That said, 'Argo' does look very exciting and we plan to watch when it's finally shown on tv movie channels. It takes a major seismic shift of some sort to motivate me to actually go into a theatre - seeing RA on the bigscreen was the last time that happened.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, that photo saying "stormy weather" could easily have been a shot taken in FL. When it was announced Richard would make the tornado film, I searched for a pic with the gathering dark clouds look we observe whenever a powerful storm is on the horizon. The location of the shot wasn't identified. When I was posting the link to the Pakistani doctor petition, accidentally deleted that photo.

I'm still enjoying all the online screencaps of the fabulous Anna Karenina costumes and sets, so we still might find Richard has improved a few of them with his presence;D

Did you notice Channing Tatum on the Oscar's red carpet? He kept patting his wife's pregnant tummy and beaming, he event commented that it's their best production to date. He's such a sweet, romantic gentleman - it's no wonder half the women in America are in love with his movies. A classic movie star whose natural instincts motivate him to make the type of film American females enjoy. Actresses like Sandra Bullock are often called America's sweetheart - well, my fav American sweetheart is Channing Tatum.

Ricrar said...

Just discovered a British series starts tonight on HBO. It's called 'Parade's End' - WWI era. Stars Benedict Cumberbatch who I find to be really weird, so I'll be watching mainly for the historic aspect/locations etc - not him. Fantastic locations include a pink castle in Belgium which is a stand-in for events that actually took place in Scotland.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, please, please, please let RA play on a period historic drama next, and for a long, long time!!! That photo of RA in aristocrat greatcoat next to Keira Knightly -- that would work just fine! :) :) You are a genius, Ricrar!!! What a photo!!!

I look forward to checking out Parade's End....

Oscars. One word. Travesty.

Bunch o' idiots, I say, left or right. No taste whatsoever.

Sweet dreams of RA as Richard III, indeed.... :) :) And thank you for the Sir Guy photo, as always, Ricrar!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. I did notice Channing Tatum at the Oscars, after your very high recommendation of him! I think I will see Haywire first; then perhaps Coach Carter....

Oh. A new Sir Guy video. Sigh. There are no words....

:) :)

Ricrar said...

My Channing recommendations are 'The Eagle', then 'Dear John' and 'The Vow'. He has made a few that didn't live up to very high standards. Most actors are forced to take roles not exactly their first choice in early career days.

Did you have a chance to see last night's Parade's End? Other than the fascinating historic settings, I found it to be a major bore. Cumberbatch's jaw appears to be animated by Disney.

If only HBO had invested those funds in a worthwhile drama such as Richard III instead of in a vapid sleep inducer like PE.

Otherwise, it was fine;D haha

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar!!

I still can't get over the Sir Guy obsession video. Love is a stranger, indeed. Woe be unto me for the space between myself and Sir Guy!!! :) :)

I did see Parade's End. I felt like I was part of a little community of RA fans watching the same show all across the world at the same time :). (An important scholar once defined nationalism that way -- do you think RA fans will one day be a nation?) :) :)

I actually liked Cumberbatch. Strangely enough. I had seen him play the great sleuth some time ago and found him to be very strange. But, in retrospect, Sherlock Holmes was supposed to be very strange, so perhaps Cumberbatch was only just in character -- something usually considered positive among actors. I liked him very well in Parade's End. I actually liked the show, too. I made a nice minestrone during it, and then sat through both episodes and enjoyed the display of the period as well as the interpersonal dynamics. Go figure.

That said, period piece, RA, historical costume drama....the world will not be complete until these have been achieved...I speak in complete sincerity...and we are woefully under-RA'ed on the television set right now in North Florida. Woefully.

I will check out your pics on Channing first! Thank you, as always, for the recommendations!! :) :)

Ricrar said...

This reviewer echoes my impressions of last night's first 2 eps of Parade's End. I'm planning to watch again tonight because the locations are truly magnificent. Perhaps the storyline will become more compelling tonight and tomorrow.


Ricrar said...

Another new series starts Sun 10pm on the History Channel - 'Vikings'.

One of the stars is Guy of Gisborne 3's little brother - he was played by Brit actor Clive Standen. He and RA were born in the same area of No England where, as you can see, the invading vikings made a foray into many male DNA bloodstreams with broad shoulders and above average height genes:


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, my Heavens, Ricrar! The possibilities are endless!!! Can we have our own little discussion group?? :) :) We can all watch both shows, and we can compare notes :) :) Maybe some of the other folks on this page can chime in! We can make our own little RA-nation!!