August 14, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR A + Special Blog Guest Sings to RA + First Photo From Tornado Film Set(Thx to Merilyn) + Is That RA on Left of Screen? + Chicago Tribune Includes "dashing" Richard Armitage in Article Titled "5 Breakout Stars - Fall 2012"

He did sound impressed by AVATAR,The Movie at Hobbit press conf..Therefore:

NEWS - Breakout Stars Fall 2012,0,6085417.story
Relevant excerpt:

How He'll Spend the Fall: Treasure hunting with Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."

Upcoming: Two more sequels to "The Hobbit" and an untitled tornado thriller from New Line Cinema.

Why He's Ready to Break Through: Another well-known name in England hoping for his U.S. breakthrough, the dashing British actor has starred in several hit BBC America series, including "Robin Hood" (he played the evil Guy of Gisborne) and "MI-5."

His portrayal as dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield in the upcoming trilogy could provide Armitage's career with the kind of boost enjoyed by "The Lord of the Rings" star Viggo Mortensen - another underappreciated supporting actor who became a major player thanks to his work on the J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired films.

Following photo hasbeen tweeted by the producer of the new tornado film.  Believe we can see RA at left of the screen below.



Sue said...


It certainly looks like Richard is filming his new film. My goodness he must have trouble remembering his own name some times with the massive turnover of characters he's playing.

Love the pics of Gizzy, oh those long locks and dark scowl still manage to make my heart beat faster. (Not to mention that very snug leather outfit).

Watched Sean Bean in the drama 'Accused' by Jimmy McGovern last night. It was certainly different to his other characters. He played a transsexual and I think he may well have based his role as Tracy on a certain gay comedian who dressed up as a woman and called himself Lily Savage with a heavy Liverpudlian accent. (Not a good idea!) He did an excellent job, although you really can't go wrong in a drama written by Jimmy McGovern. He writes things as they are, yet manages to make the audience think about the greater meaning contained in the storyline. Sean really did make an ugly looking woman though, and that long blonde wig and bandy legs didn't help much.

I reckon our lovely Richard would make a smashing woman, with those lovely long legs and scrumptious, curvy bum. Where's that lippy!

Ricrar said...

"Where's that lippy?"..what's a lippy Sue?..the Liverpool accent/dialect?

I noticed a great deal of chatter on twitter about Sean but didn't realize his latest was about to air. In fact, I thought 'Accused' was a movie, rather than TV show.

hehehe..luv your description of Sean in drag. haha Must repeat it to Musa who has been a huge fan of Bean's from childhood - when she watched Col Sharpe while sitting on her mother's knee.

Does the term transsexual mean Bean's character had the sex change surgery?..or simply that he was a male who often dressed like a female? Let me count the alternative ways..Sean's trans character, heterosexual, asexual, bisexual,homosexual..oy!! Makes me feel downright boring as a straight woman. haha

Not really. I doubt any of them deliberately act out those lifestyles. Believe each one can be scientifically identified in human DNA/chromosomes/the brain or perhaps a combination of all 3.

With 85%-90% of the human population acting sexually straight, why would anyone deliberately choose to make their life more complicated than it already is? That's the reason I'm convinced nature in some specific way makes the difference? Scientists, including those that are themselves gay (or one of the other anomalies) should focus on the cause and then perhaps offer a solution to those who might choose one. That might not be the politically correct attitude, but IMO it's the truthful one.

p.s. Do you know why we refer to male/female sex as "straight"? Hubby is an avid spy/espionage novel reader. Back in the 1940s, or was it later? There were a group of spies, British & American, who were moles for Russia. The spy who finally revealed their treachery was Mr. Straight(he was heterosexual). You won't find the fact that the majority of them were homosexual on wikipedia. That site is scrubbed of any mention of the fact. The only reason I know is because hubby has read so much about international spyrings, espionage, etc over the years.

Sue said...


I must admit that the gay/transsexual thing puzzled me a little. I was under the impression (not being experienced in these matters you understand)that being a transvestite didn't necessarily mean that the man in question was gay, just liked dressing as a woman. Sean's character however, seemed to be both gay and transsexual. For a clip of Sean doing his stuff see the following link:

Being American I doubt if you have ever seen the Lily Savage character I referred to, so here's a clip. There certainly seems similarities, and not only the dressing up but the foul language too!

As for the "lippy". It's northern slang for lipstick.

Ricrar said...

Thx for the links Sue..I'll take a look, esp at Col Sharpe wearing a dress and "lippy";)

Sean is definitely a workaholic - seems the only time he takes a break from his work schedule is to get married.*chuckles* Truth is that at least Bean does marry them, rather than luv 'em and leave 'em.

Have you read yesterday's news that an American fan of RA met him on the tornado set. She held up a large sign of his name and when he noticed he walked over and told her it was a "rubbish" sign. haha Then he signed autographs, and held one side of the sign w/his arms around her & her children for a photo.

I'll get the link and post it here in case you've missed it. He's such a sweet man and a rare celebrity. Their humungous egos (often highlighted by stupid political statements) are the primary reasons I ignore about 98% of the other famous entertainers.

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I've just read and seen the photo's of Richard on the set. Lucky beggar. Trust Richard to say the sign was rubbish! (Jesting of course, his usual dry humour). Shame about the American accent, but I did suspect as much. It will be interesting to see what Americans make of his attempts at talking the lingo. Looks thinner than usual, doesn't look like he's been working out much, but I would have to remove his clothing to find out for sure of course!(If only!)

Ricrar said...

Hi Sue, you know how Richard takes pains to create the correct image for his character. Perhaps he felt a teacher wouldn't be too beefy. Although, he might be surprised - many Americans(all ages) make certain to have a workout routine. Many run, hike, are members at a gym or participate in tennis, mtn biking, etc. Not all of course, and with a 300million plus population, there are a number of couch potatoes, as we call them.

Sorry I dragged my feet getting the link to the fan's blog, but have been busy packing. We're taking our annual trip this week to a NC beach. It might be possible for me to add comments here from there, but won't know for certain until we arrive.

Wish us luck that another hurricane doesn't decide to bounce off the coast of Africa right about now(the sane way one did last yr at this time)and make a beeline right to our destination:) We've been lucky for 20yrs with vaca weather - hopefully mother nature isn't in such an ironic mood that she decides to send another one our way.

We have a score of 1:1 with those powerful storms. Few yrs ago we were returning w/our son & dau-in-law, after a few days in Bermuda, when Hurricane Ophelia barrelled up the east coast. It forced our ship to stay at sea one day longer than scheduled. The extra day was of course gratuitous. Paid for by the Royal Caribbean Co, so yells of delight were heard throughout the ship, UNTIL the bouts of seasickness set in. haha Can still see all the little brown paper bags placed here & there for passengers convenience. Quite a few didn't make it in time, not a pretty sight, as you can imagine!!

The seas were so turbulent that the water constantly splashed out of pools. Humungous ship's hull was creaking loudly from the stress on it. Hubby & I insisted on taking our daily walk around outside decks and often felt as tho' we were about to be blown into the ocean. Needless to say, Ophelia was not soon forgotten.

Hope you have a wonderful week! Looking forward to hearing, when I return, if there were anymore RA meet & greets.

Sue said...


Hope you are/had a nice vacation.

Seems our very own Prince Harry has been getting up to some naughties in Las Vegas. (You aren't partial to a game of billiards by any chance are you!) He's been snapped taking part in a game of strip billiards (hope for his sake he was careful with that cue, otherwise it could mean the end of a certain lineage).Unfortunately the media over here haven't revealed the pictures in question. (Reveal being the operative word!)We have had to make do with a description of the pics instead. I must admit however, that getting a glimpse of that puny little bum doesn't do much for me I'm afraid. Now a nice plump, well rounded, bum (sound familiar?) of a certain actor might have quite a different reaction. I wonder how Richard is at billiards?

Anonymous said...

LOL..Hi sue, yes we're having a lovely holiday..thx for asking. This will post as 'anonymous' but it's me, Ricrar.

I saw Prince Harry's crown jewels coverup yesterday by following a link at this news website. Hope it's available to you as well..

The pert royal buns were on disply as well. haha Apparently our liberal media is only interested in keeping Pres Obama's secrets from us - not our allies as well:)

Appears PH is already back home - hope he isn't disappointed that "what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas."

The article that accompanied the photos ended with "he's the best royal ever", which gave me a hardy chuckle because I agree. Seems his friends pleaded with the ladies to not reveal their naked billiards match - no doubt someone found a way to profit from the romp.

Anonymous said...

Found the instigator, Sue. Seems PH was cavorting with our swimming gold medal winner, Ryan Lochte, who is known to be a babe magnet.

Giggle to myself whenever I imagine a palace aide informing his grdmother about her grdson's latest lark.

Here's the news story re Lochte:

p.s. We'll be happy to adopt PH if UK is ready to send him into exile. haha

Sue said...

Thanks for the links RiCrAr,

What a lot of fuss about nothing (quite literally). I can just hear the cries from the palace now, "off with their heads".

Remember Richard as Lee in Cold Feet, playing strip poker?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Sue - RA as skirtchaser Lee. You've inspired a new post for Sun, when we're finally home. Title might be "strip poker or billiards? Is it a Brit Life Stage or Rite of Passage?"

Which pix to include?? hmmm...

Ricrar said...

I have returned and am testing, testing:)

DEZMOND said...

you ladies write some really long comments :PPPP
Happy Birthday to Dicky Armitage, wish I had his fame and glory :)))

Ricrar said...

Hey there Dezz :) Thanks for the sentiment for RA. Apparently he told an American fan - visiting the BLACK SKY set - that he had spent his 41st in NYC. Said he needed a break from Detroit area, which is perfectly understandable.

Producer of his latest film tweeted that Richard is a joy to work with. Wasn't that a nice birthday gift for the man who has tons of enthusiastic fans. We can't wait to be blown away by his performance as a school teacher in new tornado movie.

Another long comment. haha;)

p.s. It's not every day that a royal reveals all for the common peeps. To paraphrase Sue "much ado about nothing." Rule Brittania! teehee It's apparently really good to be second in line to throne. Hope Sue keeps us up to date on my fav royal's status. Obviously, when one plays, one must pay.