February 6, 2013

Maraiad's Divine Right to Create Magnificent Manips + Valentines Past + Richard III Bones of Contention--See Links

RA fan Maraiad once again works her manip magic:

Past Post - 2010:Valentine winter escapes:
What was the final count for happy couples - about 2 out of 8?

Sue provides source of 'bones of contention': http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-21336248
Following links provided by a fellow RA supporter -- Latest headlines in Richard III developments.  To dig or not to dig..that is the question:
Alfred the Great 
Princes he supposedly had killed.
The Richard III facial reconstruction



cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, my Heavens, so many long, dark Sir Guy locks, so little time!!!!!!
Thank you for the Sir Guy photos, Ricrar, as always :). Thorin will do just fine as well :) :)

I am having to revisit North and South, John Thornton and Margaret Hale, as it looks like I will be assigning part of it for a class (for an experiential entree into class relations and industrialization in that period). It will be tough, watching it again. Really, really tough. You can think of me while I suffer through it :) :)


Ricrar said...

North and South is the perfect scenario for Valentine's season. Have you read Gaskell's novel? Dickens rushed her to finish the final chapter which was published in serial form in his newspaper.

Of course, the couple's love confession was very circumspect in the Victorian novel but Sandy Welch updated it with the delicious train station kiss. Actually Richard made certain Sandy's vision became indelible in the memory of every female who sees that interesting drama.

Great news re Richard III progress. This was just forwarded to me from a twitter friend:
"Philippa Langley just said on BBC Radio Leicester that RA is in LA pitching the R3 series!!! with a distributor!"

Woohoo! All his twitter fans are hopeful Ms Langley wasn't speaking out of turn with her enthusiastic RIII remake fervor. Doubt she'd utter that information on national radio without his permission.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, N&S is, indeed, perfect for Valentine's season, Ricrar. I hadn't thought of that, but there you go. :) :) I will enjoy reviewing it this weekend :) :)

Very exciting news about RIII. I'm sure all of RA's fans are a-wonder to find out what he has in mind in LA! Can't wait!!!

If they do bury Richard III's remains in Leicester Cathedral, do you think they are apt to move Anne Neville's remains there to be with her husband?

Love the new photos! That asymmetrical denim shirt is really a hit. I wonder who the person behind RA in the third photo is? It is so Dali-esque; it invites you right into the frame :) :)


Sue said...


Just to update you on the Richard III burial scenario. It seems that York Minster aren't interested in having Richard III buried there, despite a petition to this effect. (Me thinks they are thinking how much it would cost if they did, plus legally they haven't got a leg to stand on anyhow).

How about when Richard III is finally laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral we stake it out and lie in wait for RA to visit (which he will undoubtedly do!)

Only joking! I'm pretty sure he will though, and I'm certain his dad will, being a major Richard III history buff of the family.

Actually I might have a stroll down to Leicester Cathedral myself to visit the grave. He was the last northern King to die in battle after all.

By the way I read on another website that Richard is rumoured to be in LA trying to drum up interest in his own Richard III script. (Not entirely convinced on that one I'm afraid. I'll believe it when I see it).

Looks like America is going to get a real snow storm soon. Stay safe. Looks like Richard may well be holed up in his hotel room yet again!

Ricrar said...

Lol, Sue, you must have psychic powers - snow started to fall here exactly 15min ago and it's already showing some accumulation. Hopefully we're on the fringe of the monster blizzard that's making it's way up the mid-Atlantic coastline to New England. They're supposed to get the lionshare of this nor'easter...famous last words;D Larder is supplied just in case we get more whitestuff than expected.

I most be the only person who feels Richard III should be buried with his wife and son. Why should they be separated for eternity after all that family endured while still alive? Suppose historical figures should not expect to be laid to rest with their families like the rest of us inconsequentials;D haha Always tickles my funny bone to reflect on the progress made by the human race since the "class system" was discredited and abandoned many moons ago.

Doesn't however prevent me from enjoying the pageantry. In fact, I've just discovered recently that the Holmes branch of the family probably originated in your Yorkshire then emigrated to Co Cork before final journey to U.S. Our neighbors while growing up were the Calverts and the founder of the state of Maryland was Lord Calvert whose family origins are also in Yorkshire. Naturally my imagination has the Holmes related to the royal Calverts;D teehee There was a Quaker family named Holmes that arrived with Wm Penn, so that fact fuels my imaginaary relationships as well.

This type of historical joyride is def my cuppa tea, so it will be delish to watch RIII reinterred at Leicester Cathedral. Even hubby has been caught up in the history and recent RIII developments. While reading our local newspaper today he called to me "there's another article about Richard III!"

Sue, can you tell me if there's a Brit tv series or movie that in your opinion best explains Richard III's story? or do they all follow Shakespeare's negative propaganda storyline? We've watched one of your tv series about Charles II and really enjoyed it.

Maybe we'll need to be patient and wait for Richard to get his chance to reinstate RIII's good name and explain his many contributions to Western civilization.

Looking forward to your Leicester Cathedral trip report.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, the person behind RA in that photo is probably a member of the SPOOKS filming crew. Believe he was on that set when that particular pic was snapped for promotion of series 9.

I'm so thrilled you're enjoying the RA photos. Will post more of North and South since you'll have that on your mind in the near future.

Do you have a favorite scene in N&S other than the final and glorious train station kiss? Mine is probably the one when Thornton explains why he doesn't think himself ungrateful or spoiled as a mill owner.

One more different denim shirt for Richard and we can call it a collection. I gave hubs one for Christmas and am very pleased to say he's mentioned more than once that it's one of his favorite wardrobe items.

Enjoy your weekend. BTW, I'm about to pass your RIII short story address along to a friend who said she's interested in reading it. Will let you know her reaction, or perhaps she'll stop by to tell you herself.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good evening, Ricrar! First of all, thank you so much for passing my story along. I really appreciate it, as I am sure you can imagine. By all means, please tell your friend to stop by! I have office hours MW&F starting 10:40 a.m.! (And by appointment, of course :) ).

Yes, the denim shirts suit him nicely. :) :)

I think my favorite scene in N&S is the moment where Thornton is talking to the young son of the man who had been the leader of the strike. It is such a sweet moment. That is next to the train station scene, of course, which steals most great scenes across the board. And I did like that moment when Thornton and Margaret first meet. It must have been very hard to play -- to show that enormous facade of self-restraint next to wanting so much to talk to someone. It is something quite apart to be able to demonstrate the tension of both, to reproduce that kind of internal dilemma. There's such vulnerability there. It just shows his talent so clearly.

I will enjoy my weekend, thank you so much. A happy weekend to you as well! Stay warm! (Can't complain about the weather here; it is quite lovely. It is in the summer that you can feel sorry for us down here....) :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I just hope that RA's being in LA means there is a chance we might see him at the Grammy's tomorrow night. PLEASE???? Or the Oscars on the 24th. Please let us see him on the red carpet here in the U.S.!!! We need a little dignity next to all the good looks (no offense). We do have a little bit of it, I must admit, with the likes of George Clooney, but the whole Hugh Jackman thing....I am feeling very frustrated as an American that my needs for beauty and dignity to be somehow connected are just not being met. Don't get me wrong....Hugh Jackman is quite lovely. But we need Richard Armitage!!!!!

Sue said...


I've just watched the news and seen the reports of snow storms in New York. It looks like America is better prepared than us Brits are when dealing with such weather. Hope you are keeping nice and warm and cosy.

As for Richard III films, I can't say I can ever remember watching any, other than those in a similar vein to William Shakespeare, such as that make years ago starring Laurence Olivier. Maybe RA could exploit the obvious niche in the market for an accurate portrayal of this northern King? Certainly hope so!

Ricrar said...

I know what you mean Cleo as far as the actors LaLaLand promotes. Can't agree about Geo Clooney - I cannot detect any depth of character or emotion there. He seems to be giving every female in Hollywood a turn, either simply for the cameras or to soothe his aging male ego.

I have however noticed some sensitivity - desire for playing characters with more depth - from two American actors that sadly receive more attention as hotties than worthy thespians. Yet their bodies of work each have examples of playing deeper roles. They are Chris Evans - check his Tennessee Williams film "Loss of a Teardrop Diamond" - the other is Channing Tatum who usually tries to choose characters with more moral impact than the recent chickflick Magic Mike. See Channing's "The Eagle" or 'Dear John' and more recently 'The Vow' for good examples. It's a bonus that both these actors also keep our visual senses entertained for 2hour movies. They join RA in that tiny club of actors.

Ricrar said...

Thanks for your concern Sue. Happy to report we received only about 4inches and it wasn't nearly as wet as expected. Really wet snow makes it more difficult for the snowblower to do it's job.

There's a hilarious poem online about a man who move to snow country from the south. First winter season he and his wife enjoy sipping a glass of wine while watching the whitestuff fall - very romantic. by the end of the poem, they're getting divorced because he's become a madman after spending half of his life trying to keep his driveway shovelled;D Will look for it and post if found.

It would be fantastic if HBO and the History channel decided to collaborate on a RichardIII mini-series. We know exactly the right actor to play the role, don't we.

Geo Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series of books, has been recently added to HBO's corral of full-time writers. Few of us are debating whether it would be worthwhile to make an attempt to bring RA's RIII proposal to his attention. It would actually be a great fit if he becomes interested, because his Song of Ice and Fire books are loosely based on the War of the Roses era. Of course, as you know, the last Plantagenet's struggle with incoming Tudor dynasty is the next chapter in that historical saga.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thank you for the suggestions of actors' work to see, Ricrar. I will make a point to find those pieces. I had not heard of them.

Wonderful new photos and videos, as usual. That long North and South video is fantastic. Perfect for Valentine's season. I've now "reviewed" the first three episodes of N&S since I first mentioned it. The re-cap in the video is lovely :)

Any chances you think we'll see RA at the Grammy's or the Oscars? Inquiring minds and so forth....

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo,
I was surprised to find I'd not seen the lovely N&S recap before either - thought I'd managed to see all of them at least once.

Thought you'd enjoy seeing this message I received from another RA fan, in reference to your RIII short story. Another also said to pass along her appreciation as well. The couple's 500yr old story is currently the hot topic in RAworld:

"Thanks for the story, I read it yesterday - very romantic. Don't know about her children all being Richard's though."

Apparently the mystery why RA is in LA has been solved. One of the young actors in Black Sky tweeted that he's excited to be wrapping up work on the film there - he then added "with Richard".

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! My favorite part is the ever-so-secret secret whereby ALL of Anne Neville's children are RIII's children. :) :) That's my favorite part!!! :) Please extend my great thanks and appreciation to your friend for reading my story.

I am so glad the story came across as romantic!! That was certainly the intention :)

RA in LA. Hope springs eternal for an RA sighting -- Grammy's?? Oscars?? Please????? (...She said, ever so nicely!).

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I looked at the Grammy's briefly but lost patience when I did not see RA in attendance. Taylor Swift's opening act was quite nice, though. :)

I just finished reviewing North and South. It never gets tiring. What a fantastic series. That end is so uplifting (especially after the horrible parting). My students will have been reading E.P. Thompson and Weber (together with the film "Rob Roy"), and Michael Mann and James Scott with "North and South." It's perfect for the new industrialization and class relations (not to mention changing gender norms -- did anyone else notice that she sets off to move in with Thornton at the end, and no one says word one about it?? I love it!!) :) :)

I'm assigning several British films or series, probably not surprisingly. Any suggestions by any chance for the French Revolution? Thus far, I'm thinking the Scarlet Pimpernel (for walking through life in different class positions during the reign of terror).

Thanks again for all the wonderful photos and videos, Ricrar! I am looking forward to checking out the actors you mentioned now that I have finished reviewing N&S :) What a weekend chore!! Somebody's gotta do it (lucky me!). :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Hope all's well!!

Following your example, I have posted my very own poll on my writing blog -- "Who is time's greatest male love hero?" You can imagine who my choices are :) :) There are only 364 days to answer!

I've also added a few more scenes from my play, The Lotus Cafe, about a cross-cultural romance between a Lebanese francophone Brit and a woman from the American south. patriciajwoods.blogspot.com

Any news on RA attending the Oscars? (She said, pleading....)

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo,

Consensus seems to be the odds are Richard will not attend the oscars. Perhaps we'll be happily surprised.

He's not exactly a love hero, but the music from the play 'Camelot' has always been a fav - especially when King Arthur sings(in reference to Guinevere) "How to Handle a Woman"...there's a way said the wise old man..the way to handle a woman is to love her, simply love her, merely love her, love her, love her." Seems especially appropriate with Valentine's Day at our doorstep, doesn't it.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

What a perfect thought for Valentine's Day, indeed, Ricrar!! It certainly doesn't get better than that...for a woman, anyway :) :) (I grew up on that musical -- it's one of my favs as well.)

You know, I've been thinking, there must be some American woman celeb who would be morally interested in RA's depiction of real male love hero roles. It is so hard for many actors to pull it off (in all honesty, many of us women can tell when it's just an act for the screen!). He really makes it authentic. I don't know the American acting scene well enough, but the person who keeps coming to mind is Oprah. I bet she would be interested in interviewing a man who can effectively demonstrate a male heroic lead who really loves his woman (N&S); someone who will put aside his love of nation for his woman (MI5); etc. We are all so running out of hope in that regard, over here.... :) :) :) Oprah, shed some light for us! Show the woman of America that the dream is real! :) :) :)