July 12, 2011

Purists Say $500M Should be Spent on Ugly Dwarves + MORE New Heinz Kruger Pix + The Romantic Hearts Thurs + SPOOKS Wed

izabelanna & bccmee found more new pix...hottest evil spy on the planet..(will need to soften that light behind his head so it doesn't look so much like a skull cap :)

                          How's this for intensity?...both feet are off the ground :)

Here's the rather serious looking pic - for a certain Ms Musa's enjoyment...she's expressed appreciation for this particular spectacled man on a mission :) Note his bond-esque cig lighter..

See Heinz run...he's outta there...
Thanks to bccmee's detective work we have the above new pic.  There's a second one as well but he looks too severe...wearing unattractive glasses and plastered down hair.  Guess spies don't do adorable spectacles like Harry Kennedy's :) [UPDATE: severe look was added above]

What you might ask inspired 'the romantic hearts Thurs' - interestingly, it was while reading writer Geo Martin's latest journal posts.  As you know, he's the author of A Game of Thrones and the other 4 published books in his A Song of Ice and Fire series.  The writer's vol #5, A Dance With Dragons, is newly released and he therefore has set off on yet another booksigning tour.  Despite many brutal passages in his books, before leaving, Mr Martin proved he's truly a romantic at heart.  The evidence can be found in the next to last sentence of his following message to readers...

Quote from Geo Martin:   "Be aware, if you head out to one of these, that (1) you may need to wait in line for a very long time, and (2) when you finally reach the front of that line, we'll only have a few second together, at best. ((The BEST place to actually meet me, or any of your favorite SF or fantasy writers, is not at a booksigning, but at a con. But booksignings are good places to meet other fans. You'll definitely meet the people in line with you. You'll be spending hours with 'em, so be friendly. Romances have been known to start waiting in line at booksignings.))

And if all that hasn't scared you off... see you in Boston!"

                                       Richard Armitage quote:   "all about love"


HOBBIT Happenings:  Do those arguing that the dwarves in The Hobbit should all look ugly as Gimli, have any sense of reality whatsoever??  Why would anyone spend $500M on the films and then not provide entertainment in everyway possible - mentally, visually and enhanced by intoxicating sound?  Time marches on -  all things evolve.  Tolkien never dreamed that one day his books would be transformed to mega movie blockbusters in the 21st Century. No doubt if he was alive today, he'd be realistic enough to give an approving nod to a master film-makers expertise with classic adaptations to  the screen.  That filming genius is of course Sir Peter Jackson. 



Explanation for this vid can be found in comments...


Musa said...

Thanks for all the lovely Lucas pics! You can never have too much Lucas :)

Sue said...

Love the photo's, especially Richard as Lucas North in which he is sporting yet another designer watch it seems. Have you noticed Richard's penchant for watches? He seems to wear a different watch whenever he's interviewed and gets to wear some lovely ones as the various characters he portrays (perhaps he gets those cheap as well as his designer clothes, wouldn't blame him!). I wonder just how many he owns? Must be into double figures surely? (He also has a liking for fancy belts too I notice!)

RiCrAr said...

Hey there Musa & Sue,

It's great to see everyone enjoy Lucas as much as I have the past few yrs. Of course, series9 writers managed to take the luster off somewhat, but Richard always made the most of what they provided for his character. AND looked luscious the whole time...despite his determined efforts to look scrufty.

Remember when he said during an interview that he wanted the MI5 agent to look rough & untidy, but someone constantly fluffed his hair between shots. Said he often felt like pushing the hand away & then reminded himself the makeup artist was only doing her job. Isn't that typical of Richard--always thoughtfully considering the other person's circumstances.

Yes, Sue, I especially noticed Lucas's black-faced watch. After seeing it on his wrist in S7&8, finally purchased a similar one. Do you think he gets to keep his character's entire wardrobe including accessories? RA has said he's terrible at choosing clothes for himself, but not for his characters.

Henry Cavill's personality reminds me so much of Richard's. During an interview after his Tudors season one as Chas Brandon, he was asked if he enjoys all the added benefits of being an actor. Henry replied that he appreciates the hefty paychecks they receive because he likes nice things. He added that most actors don't refer to that aspect of their profession, but he wanted to be perfectly honest in his answer. He also said he tries not to be distracted by all the attention & guards his privacy. Doesn't that sound very similar to RA's attitude towards celebrity.

I'm not in a position to be the best judge of the differences between the two actors, but judging from the few Cavill interviews I've read and the details of the type of female he recently proposed to - IMO, Henry was born into wealthier circumstances..he's had a more priviledged life than RA. His 'old school' connections have probably more easily opened doors for him with less hard work (for example--the Dunhill ads contract) That said, he does seem to have a healthy, down-to-earth attitude towards celebrity despite his personal advantages.

The comparison provided me with another reason to have an even stronger allegiance to Richard. As the Strike Back stunt man said about him(as one of his fav actors) - "he's one of us".

MsG said...

Mmm....watches...I love a man in a watch. Has to be chunky and/or v.expensive looking. Hm, sounds like my type of men? Oh and if it's the only thing adorning a man that's even better! Just to show the watch off at it's best you understand, without any distractions of clothes ;)

RiCrAr said...

hmmmm, MsG, following up on that last thought of yours - it could provide the 'time' of your life;)

A holiday in Turkey you say...very exotic. Have you been brushing up on your shimmy dance? If so, your partner just might have the time of his life on the upcoming holiday. *giggles*

Crazy coincidence occurred last night. I'd just watched an Anne of Cleves Tudors ep and switched to Craig Ferguson's nightly talk show. Lo & behold, who was his guest but Joss Stone. I'll post the vid above - she's as sweet & lovely in person as she was as one of Henry's unfortunate wives. Her song was rather unusual - this is the first time I've heard her sing, so don't know if it's her usual style. See vid above.

MsG said...

:D re.'tiime of life'.
On iPhone at mo, will catch vid when next on laptop, thanx for that.
Been to Turkey a few times now and have not seen any shimmying as yet! Maybe this time eh? Spangly jewelry at the ready, belly is not! :S
Lucas photos are lush by the way....must re watch the 7th and 8th series again :P

Musa said...

LOL - I actually love the Heinz Kruger pics with the glasses! I think he looks great :)

RiCrAr said...

Ah so...diff strokes for diff folks yet again Musa:) I'll retrieve that pic and post it here tomorrow.

I really love the one above. He looks so into the scene--a hot spy on the run. Ha! That's the second time in less than a year that RA has played the same type role..in eras decades apart.

Geo Martin is off on another booksigning tour. Did you see his "romances have started in booksigning waiting lines" remark - what an old romantic soul he is. Hope that indicates there are some steamy love scenes ahead:)

Sue said...


I think most actors guard their privacy, but it's not always possible to keep everything private. I think the more an actor tries to conceal his private life the more the media are intent on spilling the beans.

That video where Richard is being interviewed above. Is he by any chance describing (using his hands)what attributes his perfect woman should have? (Naughty but nice!)

I think if you have come from a pretty normal working or middle class background you do appreciate how much you are earning and not to waste it. It seems Richard is always alert to the prospect of acting work drying up and so is probably saving it for a rainy day. Some actors seem to think once they've made it the work will continue to flood in, not so! I can't believe that so many actors that were earning loads suddenly have to file for bankruptcy! What have they done with all that money!Completely mad! Invest it wisely Richard, property I'd advise, you can't beat investing in bricks and mortar my dad always used to say.Not forgetting that ski lodge in France of course, but rent it out don't let it be used by all and sundry, you daft thing!(Remember Richard said that he would like to let all his family and mates use it if he ever bought one?)

RiCrAr said...

teehee, Sue, the placement of RA's hands remind me of an interview vid where he's expressing himself about aspects of North & South. He used his hands in much the same way as above, with the predictable response from fans. We were trying to assign a bra size to his sign language. Then again perhaps we need to identify whether the hands are describing small, medium or large peaches.*winks*

Have you been keeping up with the latest Tolkien purists and Jackson faithful discussion on Hobbit dwarf appearances? At this late date there are still those saying they should all have long gray beards and resemble Gimli from LOTR. Link is posted above.

Musa said...

Sigh! Thanks for the pic of HK and glasses. Can't wait to see him on the big screen soon.

Sue said...


I'm not a purist at all! I think things must be interpreted and altered according to the times if we are to attract modern day audiences. Aiden Turner looks great in his get up, very nice indeed. I suspect Richard/Thorin will look something similar, only older, being his uncle of course. I think Peter Jacksons got it about right, no grey beards please!Life's too short to bother about details like that don't you think?

I love Richard in his grey suit in CA. It fits perfectly, even a waistcoat I notice (a fetish of mine). The material it's made of looks wonderful, although I'm not sure it would have been around in 1940's, no button hole in the lapel either. I remember my dad always wearing turn-ups in his trousers. As a kid I used to find the odd coin which had dropped in his turn-ups occassionally. (Wouldn't mind ferreting around in Richard's trousers for a bit of small change!)

RiCrAr said...

Just noticed a bit of RA trivia, Musa - both RA characters wearing glasses share the same initials as well..HK:)

Sue, judging by the nice drape of the suit fabric it might be lightweight wool blended w/small % of an artificial material to help prevent excessive wrinkles. You're right - doubtful that type fabric was available in 40s.

RA fans on twitter are primed to pounce if anything Thorin related is released today. So far..nothing:( We may need to be patient for one more lonnnng wk. On the bright side..isn't the above news conference pic a guhhhh inducer:) Richard's blue eyes pop and his expression is soooo sincere. Love it!

Sue said...


Just read a lovely interview and seen pics of Richard in Project Magazine which the RichardArmitageNet website have kindly uploaded. He is certainly sporting a different look this year, not sure why, but I'm getting to like it (I think, may need further study!)

Mentions a few injuries he picked up when he was an understudy for Cats. Didn't mention what they were, but I bet he had plenty of offers to rub in the old ligament cream on those strained joints of his!

RiCrAr said...

He'd always have an agreeable ligament rubber(haha..sounds even naughtier than intended:) if you were in his vicinity Sue.

All new pix from Project Mag are in latest post plus the interview.

His last remark was really interesting. Wonder what he meant when asked if he hesitated to take a movie that would keep him in NZ for long time. Richard said he didn't hesitate for a moment..in fact, he "had to wiggle out of some other situations that were very, very complicated." hmmm, we know SB2 was in the works, but what else might he be referring to? The Rover play? Or perhaps he had a different film lined up and found a way out of the contract.

Anyone else thinking of finding the Erich Gimpel Biog that RA said he read to prepare for Kruger role?..that was my initial reaction, but a real German spy's story doesn't sound all that compelling. Hubby would no doubt read it even if it was too dry for me.

Wasn't his disbelief over winning Thorin role absolutely adorable. He didn't think it was actually going to happen up to the point he was standing there in costume in front of PJ. hahaha Then he added he would be content if this is his last role but hopes it won't be. Bite that sexy tongue of yours Sir!! :) The best is yet to come!! isn't it ladies? *we want that long promised romantic comedy*