July 4, 2011

New Guy Vid..He's Sexy and He Knows It + New Scanned RA Interview

Can't forget the other cutie - I'm still viewing the last few eps of The Tudors series 1, therefore Chas Brandon has made his way through only half the women in Henry's court:) 3 more seasons to go..

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There are handsome calendar pages available for fans at the RA Central website.  Example of the lovely work:

Here we go again -- down a road we never would've dreamed of pursuing, if a certain someone didn't lead us there:)

Surely I’m not the only RA fan who never ever heard the term ‘Viking berserkers’ before reading it in the latest interview. Curiosity got the better of me….as it always does. (see links below)

Quote: A description of Viking berserking(combat) as “a god-given state of mind.” LOL *unbelievable*

Don’t blame God when men choose to work themselves into an insane lather in order to destroy others. Strongly doubt the validity of the premise anyway -- there were probably at least as many Vikings slain, as slew their opponents, as a result of their drugged state of mind.  Clear-headed thinking usually gives the best advantage in every sort of situation.  Although, there's a great deal of truth to "candy is dandy but liquor is quicker." *cough..wine in particular..so I'm told..cough* ;)



GAME of THRONES:  Here's someone else whose faith in himself is currently paying off bigtime.  Geo R Martin, author of Game of Thrones and the other 4 published book in a 7 book series,  is purring like a kitten after finding his paperback babies as #1, 4, 6, 8 on the NY Times bestseller list. Geo relates his humbling experience after the first novel was published - only 4 people arrived for his first booksigning and when he walked to the podium to speak, all 4 people walked out of the store.  hahaha


Musa said...

Happy 4th of July!

If I couldn't wait to see The Hobbit before, now after reading RA's new interview I'm looking forward to it more than ever, not to mention Captain America soon!

RiCrAr said...

Happy 4th to you too Musa:)

Richard sounds as though he's really enjoying himself as Thorin. Would wager he delivers many of the funniest lines in a droll, dry manner.

See link above to Geo Martin's journal. He's another very content man right now after years of plugging away at his chosen profession. Both are so different yet share two important characteristics -- an obsession with honing their craft and enough faith in themselves to persevere for yrs against all odds.

Sue said...

Thorin sounds a bolshie bugger and a bit of a pain in the bum at times! (But lovely with it!)

I wonder if Richard will be in the prequel to Captain America there is rumoured to be in the making?

All in all I think RA's in his element and having a bit of a lark filming over in NZ. Wonder if he'll have a blow out on his 40th birthday?

MsG said...

What a scrummy vid you've uploaded...been a bit of the loop the last few days and come back to find an interview and that vid! Phew! Something to brighten a dull afternoon just before I go and pick the kids up :)

MsG said...

'a bit OUT of the loop' ...

RiCrAr said...

Sue, "bolshie bugger" sounds accurate if it means a domineering man - Thorin's attitude seems to be one of "it's my way or the highway". sort of mindful of another black clad *guy* who wore leather gloves, isn't it. Wonder if Thorin will growl like Guy.

Hi MsG...yes, angie has her vid groove on again -- to paraphrase the song above..RA is sexy and we all know it:)

Isn't it glorious to have new interviews. We can gnaw on them for quite awhile. Hopefully there will be a surprise appearances before Richard returns to NZ.

MsG said...

Yep fingees crossed for Capt America premiere at the end of the month. Am away on hol so I won't be nipping up with my camera :(