July 15, 2011

New Captain America Interview + Beardiful New Pix & Interview from Project Magazine + Hobbit in 5 THORIN Character Study

      Sincere thanks to  http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/  website for providing these handsome pix...

Sue suggested that RA reminded her of a Russian naval officer w/his Thorin beard and dark coat.  The original Mr Bond himself, Sean Connery,  came to my mind.  Of course, RA is much younger, therefore he could play Sean's son in a remake of The Hunt for Red October. (Connery played a Rusky nuclear-sub captain)


That's right big boy...take it off...take it all off...hahaha..silly Fri mood...



Season 1, Episode 1: Title - In Cold Blood

King Henry VIII, the young and ambitious monarch of England, prepares for war with France but is dissuaded by the diplomatic manipulation of his powerful Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey, who proposes that the King sponsor a "Treaty of Universal Peace." The harmony of the King's domestic affairs is threatened, however, when he discovers that Elizabeth Blount, the young and beautiful lady-in-waiting to his Queen, Katherine of Aragon, is pregnant with his child.

[Ricrar Note:....Last evening hubby & I watched the above ep and half of ep 2.  Within the first few scenes, we're introduced to the fact this series is definitely "for adult audiences" only, when we become voyeurs at young Henry's romp with his wife's lady-in-waiting, Mrs Blount.  As in the entire series, almost nothing whatsoever is left to your imagination during most sex scenes.  Of course, Mrs Blount in a future ep becomes the mother of Henry's illegitimate son, Henry FitzRoy.  Therefore, I alerted DH(who's entirely new to the show) that it's important to keep in mind this particular liaison of the king's.  Hubby's reaction was "then I'd better look at her face."  hahaha :)
Season 1, Episode 2: Simply Henry:  Henry and his court look to sign the treaty with France, though tempers of both kings flare up at the summit. Meanwhile, Henry takes on a new mistress named Mary Boleyn...

[Ricrar note:...So far, dh has only seen 1.5 eps of the long-running series, but I was so curious to know his initial reaction that I asked if he's interested in viewing the remaining 36.5 eps and he replied.."yes, if they're as good as these first two.  I'm really impressed with the quality of the cinematography (he's a photographer) and enjoying the cut-throat palace politics."]

Fun photos from behind the scene moments of period costume dramas...

Court candles being lighted with a modern blow torch :)

MOUSE CHALLENGE:  Bet you can't put your mouse on this guy's head (that's not code for something naughty;)


Musa said...

What a day! I am giddy!

The photos are incredible. I'm sorry I don't have an iPad and can't see the video that goes along with it - I envy everyone with an iPad today :) He looks more amazing in every photo lately, I may need oxygen once we get the Thorin photo!

I'm actually watching Spooks Season 7 right now! Just had to.

RiCrAr said...

Musa, I just read the caption by Project Mag to one of the pix. They refer to RA as a heart throb, which is true - but then as 'a dandy':O Where did that one come from? Why do they consider him a dandy? Might they be referring to his Lovelace narration.

Isn't there a technical capability for an iPad owner to upload the vid to youtube? If it's possible, we'll probably see it within the next few days. There are many RA fans who are authentic techie nerds and love that type of challenge.

We appreciate their efforts and find their talents awesome. Hope one is reading this right now...lol..little buttering up never hurts;) We LOVE RA fans who find ways to help the entire community enjoy all the RA goodness, don't we;)

Let's count the upcoming ways we'll be treated to more RA--PJ's Thorin photo...Recognize Mag vid, then shoot & interview..perhaps his appearance for CA premiere. The long wait is finally over for awhile. Today was certainly a Freakingly Fine Friday.

Musa said...

Good reminder Ricrar, I'm sure a brilliant techie in RA Land is working on it now, and we'll have the vid soon somewhere thanks to their skills.I have total faith.

I also wondered about the dandy reference, because RA the person is not at all a dandy. Having read Clarissa I don't think of Lovelace as a dandy as much as a rake and seducer, but you are probably right since I can't think of another role that would fit that description.

Did you notice they also mentioned the circus thing!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!! Just drives me nuts they can't let it go - LOL

Christmas in July!

Laura said...

I still prefer Scruffy Richard to Bearded Richard. But I'm loving these pics.

I have a question I'd like to put to the gallery... without stirring up anything, I hope. Please look at the pic of him in the Camel Coat, and also at the last in the series, wearing the black suit and walking past the window. And then look at the ring finger of the left hand. Is it a play of light, that there's a tan-line there?

Joanna said...

Actually I do that mental slap nearly everytime when I staaare on Richard:):)

RiCrAr said...

Morning everyone...first, want to assure you, Laura, that no one is hovering over your shoulder at this blog waiting to swoop in and chastize mature females as though they're still in grade school. Making references to the possibility RA might've worn an engagement or wedding ring would trigger that scenario at certain sites. That, of course, is a reference to the sometimes heavy-handed mod situation at a couple RA websites. Here, we talk amongst ourselves freely & openly like the mature women we all are.

Now, I'm ready to report back after making a thorough inspection of Richard's ring finger in the above pix:) Agreed there appears to be a line on it in the very last pic, but if you look at the very first photo (which is a much closer vantage point) I'd have to say no - can't see a line of any sort on that sometimes revealing finger. Never would've thought to even look for that clue, detective Laura, without your interesting suggestion;) Of course, you are correct that filming in the hot NZ sun could've caused a tan line, but then again, wouldn't RA be required to remove all personal jewelry while thundering & growling on set as Thorin?

Musa, I'm so used to the circus question didn't even give it a second thought this time.

Joanna, are you slapping yourself out of the trance triggered by the above new pix? I find Richard to be ruggedly handsome with his Thorin beard, but would prefer slightly longer hair. No doubt the latter was severely cut back in order to make wearing a wig a more comfy, cooler daily work condition.

His hair did grow out a bit after the PJ hiatus vid. I've started to think of that single pic as what RA referred to in one interview as his elephant man stage*chuckle* It must be the only unattractive photo he's ever taken - the handsome pix above prove the dark lighting had caused a crazy visual effect in the wrap-up vid. If this was RA's first interview on his return home, then his hair length should be even longer in Recognize Mag. Of course, it will be 'hair today...gone tomorrow' heehee Obviously yesterday's silly mood still hasn't worn off:)

Sue said...


I don't think RA has any marks on his ring finger, it's just a play of the light.

Just watched the new advert for a smart phone with Richard doing the voiceover. Now he will have to use a smart phone (if he doesn't already)if he is going to advertise them. Busy, busy, busy, yet again Richard!

I love the camel coat Richard's wearing, it looks much better on him than that dark grey coat he wore when he was doing the 24 hour play at the Old Vic, suits him much better. It looks lovely and cosy and warm too, just right for the British winters over here! Is it me or does Richard have the look of some kind of Russian naval character in those photo's? Looks like an old sea dog with his hair and beard.

The interviews seem to be coming thick and fast now. Can't wait to see what the character of Thorin actually looks like, I suppose Peter Jackson his keeping the best dwarf until the last!I wonder what they will sound like? There is a broad range of accents there amongst the actors, Irish, Scottish, Kiwi, etc., surely they'll have to have some continuity of dialect? Northern perhaps, or won't it really matter?In the radio dramatisation by the BBC of The Hobbit they sounded all upper class, and it sounded terrible!As long as they don't sound like that I don't care!

Musa said...

Hi Laura - that was an interesting observation. I didn't notice, but I'm glad Ricrar researched thoroughly for the answer :)

Sue, great observation about looking like a Russian naval character. I thought when I read your comment about an old film, that was later a TV series, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", now I'm not for remakes, but I can see Richard in the Captain role - Rex Harrison played the role in the classic film - in this romantic fantasy, "all about love".

RiCrAr said...

First Russian naval officer that jumped into my mind was Mr Bond (Sean Connery) himself masquerading as Rusky sub captain in Hunt for Red Oct. I'll find one of Sean and post it above.

Richard proves yet again, w/the camel topcoat, that he could've made a living as an upscale male model - if he had not decided he had more cerebral career ambitions.

Laura said...

Fshew! on *both* counts! I didn't think I'd be mobbed here (although I've had to hold my own at other sites), I really just didn't want to dash any hopes for anyone (grin)! Also, I was hoping that it would be a play of light. I compared with the first pic, too, but then I just did a bit for my blog on Photoshop, and how easy it is to alter reality, that I was afraid that, well, maybe... and that it was missed in the other pics, because those fingers are smaller and more easily missed.

I'm happy to agree with all of y'all that it's a play of light. Because I'd hate to think I was lusting after a married man!!

Sue said...


Strangely enough I did think of Sean Connery in Red October! Obviously poor old Sean had lost his hair by the time that film was made and had to wear a wig. (Just imagine half way through the throws of passion you end up with a handful of hair - and it's not even his own!Oh dear me no!)

I don't think Richard looks all that comfortable being a male model. Were they trying to advertise those clothes he was wearing? I wonder what was running through his mind as he had to look all serious. (Probably "God the things I have to do to earn some brass").


There is always the chance that RA had been filming Strike Back before the photographs and JP did wear a ring on his left hand didn't he?

Sue said...

Oh dear! I'm afraid I'm not entirely a happy bunny at the moment. I've just seen the piccy of what Thorin will look like. Not exactly a thing of beauty. In fact he looks a little fierce and may well shout alot! Well he wished it all on himself didn't he? He didn't like being called a heart throb and so he aint no more! Those prosthetics people have had a field day and made his nose look even bigger (I know, it's hard to believe isn't it?)I'm sure those soul full eyes and honey sounding voice will save the day (I certainly hope so anyhow).

You can view the piccy on the following link:


I must say a big thank you to the RichardArmitageNet website for steering me in the right direction, as always first with news!

RiCrAr said...

Sue, the new Thorin pic is in the latest posts. I've lightened it somewhat and he still looks fierce but not with dark circles around his eyes. I don't know why the pic on TheOneRing looks so dark.

Take a look at the one in my latest post. Tolkien did describe Thorin as a strong warrior - commanding leader of the dwarfs. Doesn't the penetrating stare and fierce pose convey that about his character?

I'm liking the long, dark flowing mane. It must be hotter than Hades to work in each day(explains cropped hair) but compared to the buzz cut ;) it suits me just fine.

As Musa said on twitter, we're looking forward to a full-bodied Thorin. I told her it sounded like a new brand of middle earth ale. ;) We're curious to see how PJ managed to compact that tall body into 4ft. Suppose we'll need to wait awhile longer for a long shot.

There's a more thorough reaction of mine described in the newest post. Tell me if you can see a difference in the quality of the new Thorin pic.

Carolynd1 said...

These pics of RA are gorgeous! That man just can't look bad!

Sue said...


The pics that you have altered are much better. I've downloaded the wallpaper of Thorin and the other dwarves on my computer screen, it looks wonderful!

Can't wait to see Thorin how moves and sounds now, that will make all the difference to how he is perceived by the audience. This character is nothing like any other role Richard has played, no wonder he said that if it were to be his last role he ever did he would be happy. It's a magnificent part for him!