July 20, 2011

Chris Evans Describes Capt America Workout Regimen + Richard Armitage at Captain America Premiere..sincere thx to RAnetdotcom(on twitter) + Biography RA Read Written by Authentic WWII Spy + Anne Boleyn at Capt America Premiere:)



Sadly, the sound is not such great quality for this one..

[Ricrar:  In a previous interview Richard mentioned the book he read while doing research on the Heinz Kruger character.  The interviewer above started one question with "you're known as a very detailed actor, what did you do to stay in character?"  RA replied he read the following book on set.  Reporter then commented "viewers are probably not aware that actors usually have a great deal of time to sit around on set between takes".  He said he didn't really mind the sitting around time because he read the Erich Gimpel book and observed interesting aspects of the filming of CA.

From book section, amazon.com website:.....What is it like to pass yourself off as an ordinary citizen in an enemy state for nefarious purposes? After September 11, the problem of "sleepers" has made this question all too urgent, which may be why Thomas Dunne is issuing the first U.S. edition of this riveting 1957 memoir. Gimpel's WWII mission in the U.S.-to learn about the Manhattan Project and, if necessary, destroy factories related to it-took place late in the war, when Germany's defeat looked increasingly inevitable. His co-infiltrator was an untrustworthy American Germanophile, William Colepaugh. Gimpel's "deliberately unsentimental" narrative is exemplary in its unfussy clarity (while also mirroring the amoral, cipherlike personality that permitted him to succeed so well at espionage). Much of the book makes for breathless reading-his plan to destroy the Panama Canal,his 46-day U-boat voyage across the Atlantic, his clandestine entry into the U.S., his suspicion-fraught dealings with the unreliable Colepaugh in New York, his furtive love affair with an American woman unaware of his true identity, right up to his arrest by the FBI. His account of interrogation, trial and incarceration is no less compelling. The passages describing his scheduled execution read like something out of Poe, and the most remarkable aspect of the book is perhaps the improbable deferral of his execution with only hours to go. His sentence commuted to life imprisonment, Gimpel was paroled in the 1950s and died in Germany in 1996. Anyone with the remotest interest in WWII or espionage should find this memoir exciting reading.

From Library Journal
It reads like an improbable Hollywood thriller: German spies are delivered to the East Coast via U-boat and there infiltrate wartime New York City, looking for atomic secrets. Yet this is exactly what happened in December 1944 as related by Gimpel, himself one of the spies. Captured and sentenced to hang by a U.S. military court, he was spared at the last moment by FDR's death and spent the next ten years in the Fort Leavenworth and Alcatraz prisons. Gimpel was eventually released on parole and repatriated to Germany, where he wrote this memoir (originally published in Great Britain in 1957 but never before published in America). With an air of a disillusioned realist, he still manages to play up the dramatic details of his unique spying career.
Agent 146: The True Story of a Nazi Spy in America [Hardcover]
Erich Gimpel
Richard while waiting for yet another interview at the premiere.  He's apparently enjoying a good laugh after a remark by his agent.
Chris Evans, Capt America, explains how being forcefed(almost to point of nausea) protein results in luscious looking muscles..frosting on the cake(probably was a forbidden fruit for him..very little protein) is watching RA again and hear him reply to Cap "da first of many!!" http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/news/a330834/chris-evans-captain-america-workout-made-me-want-to-vomit.html
Having recently watched The Tudors series,  the image of Natalie Dormer as tragic Anne Boleyn is still fresh in my mind.  Here she is on the Capt America red carpet...was it fortunate she and RA didn't stand side by side? *giggle* Our eyes might've rattled from her dress pattern along side his tie pattern.  As it was, individually, he looked handsome as ever wearing a spiffy tie, while she looked very elegant.  I'd checked her red carpet pix hoping possibly to spot a glimpse of RA in the background...didn't happen.



MsG said...

Deliciousness :) even with the facial hair! Super snaps mm mm mm mm mm. Right..now you lovely lot over there, you all look after him you hear!?

MsG said...

Mr Armitarrrge hahahahaha, bless him he didn't correct her.

RiCrAr said...

I know, msg, it's not as though we don't have a prominent American with the very same name. Ours is State Dept diplomat Richard Armitage, pronounced same as RA's - tige rhyming w/midge:) Although it seems to be a common phenomenon for Americans. As hubby & I started to view ep 1, StrikeBack 1 a year ago, Richard's name appeared - my dh, a newshound who is well aware of the American RA, said Armitaaaaage as well:) Happens in the best of families. *chuckles*

See latest RA pix in most recent post. He appeared at another CA event last night in NYC. These are even yummier than the last.