July 21, 2011

Do You Love Shoulders?(see below link) + Starstruck by RA(new vid) + New Thorin & Co Pic - Splendid blue coat for Thorin + Article on SB2 + MORE New Pix from RA's CA Appearance in NYC..Courtesy of RAnetdotcom on twitter + Game of Thrones at ComicCon

In article below, RA says he does not have a "nice-guy face"..really? hmmm

New interview provided courtesy of http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/

O.K.  The new look is not really all that far from...

Palace shakeup..this king is more to my liking ;) oooh, my two fav Brit actors together at last..


Do you enjoy a murder mystery?  PBS will air 'Zen' located in Rome.  You can watch online..


Sue suspect the suit above might be Heinz Kruger's with updated tailoring...let's take a look..

New Strike Back 2 article...

Here's a wonderful anatomy lesson focusing on male shoulders - RA's in particular - by artist Zelda Thornton.  See below my comment to her fascinating post...then notice(as if you wouldn't;) a fantastic example
of male shoulder structure demonstrated by RA's gym instructor character Lee in Coldfeet

Jul 23, 2011
Hi Zelda,
Just read your fascinating anatomy lesson. I love shoulders as well, male in particular:) Believe my personal life experience proves that fact. You see after dating my hubby for a few months many years ago, found myself talking to myself at the end of one evening as we said good night to each other. My personal conversation went something like this…”hmmm, he’s such a nice person..so thoughtful, kind and interesting AND look at those broad shoulders *thud*…believe I’m definitely in love.”

That was it, the dear man’s broad shoulders, the frosting on his lovable personality cake, had sealed the deal and we were married one year later. After two children and many ups and downs since then, I’m happy to report that my appreciation of that other lovely man with masculine shoulders – Richard Armitage – has had a very positive effect on our long-time marriage. In fact, hubby has watched and enjoyed all RA’s roles with me starting with Guy in Robin Hood II right up to this coming Thursday, when we’ll see Captain America together.

Your drawings are beautiful and the above details about human anatomy certainly demonstrates how thorough you are as an artist.

p.s. hope you don’t mind if I post a link to your wonderful anatomy lesson at my blog.


Comic-Con 2011: 'Game of Thrones'
Panel discussion included following remarks July 21, 2011
Thursday's Game of Thrones panel in Ballroom 20 felt more like a comedy than the fantasy period drama that it is as the cast, executive producers and author George R.R. Martin toyed with their favorite moments from Season 1 to how they envision the series ultimately ending.
Excerpts from THR's COVERAGE: Comic-Con 2011
-- Executive producer David Benioff noted that he was initially intimidated by length of the novels when the first four books showed up on his doorstep. "I thought, 'Wow, I don't know how I'll get into these.' But when Bran gets pushed out the window, I was hooked. It's like crack on paper."
-- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was a good sport when Martin, who moderated the session, asked if he was prepared for his nose to become a source of Internet discussion. The actor, who plays Jamie Lannister, shared a story where a lighting designer he worked with on a film approached him, drunk, and said, " 'When I saw that nose I thought, shit, I'm in trouble.' "
-- When a fan asked the panelists how they envisioned the series ending, almost everyone threw their two cents out, but it was a stoic Peter Dinklage, who had the best response: "Dance number," he deadpanned. Not to be outmatched, Martin joked that the new book "is called A Dance With Dragons."
-- The session's loudest screams came for Kit Harington, who plays Ned Stark's (Sean Bean) bastard son Jon Snow, when he suggested the series end with Snow on the throne. "I want Jon Snow to be on the throne, definitely," he said. "That's the brilliant thing about the series – who knows who's going to be dead or alive."
-- Emmy talk: Martin acknowledged Dinklage's supporting actor in a drama series nomination as he introduced the actor and later noted that "Sean Bean was robbed; he should be up for best actor."

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Past Post - April 2011...
Seems to be a consensus we really like white open collared shirts...


MsG said...

Oh God, your right Ricrar...sigh...it's that white open neck shirt thing....maybe you should have white open-neck shirt Friday! N&S flashbacks....mm mm mm

MsG said...

sorry bad grammar...you're not your..

RiCrAr said...

lol...you lucked out, msg, we're not deducting grammar points today:)

Thx for the open collar white shirt idea. Yes, it includes JT at train station plus a couple pix from yrs ago that never grow stale -- remember the BTS promotion pix when Richard wore a handsome suit with white shirt completely open down the front. Still causes major drool, dribble, guhhhs. *ah memories*

Laura said...

I will have sweet dreams tonight, thanks to the Open Shirt pics. Thank you so much for those!!

On another topic, I love how (in the pics, at least), they've managed to take a tall, lean, lanky, 6-foot something guy, and make him look SHORT and stocky!! I never thought they could do it. It remains to be seen, of course, if he looks that way in the movie, and I know pics can be manipulated, but so far, it's pretty dang cool.

onemorelurker1 said...

I didn't realize his coat was blue, I can't wait to see him in action, I bet it will make his eyes shine.

OML :)

RiCrAr said...

Morning ladies,
report back on those sweet dreams, Laura, we're all ears and anxious to hear every detail;) *naughty grin*

Hi OML, yes, I was happily surprised to see yesterday's Thorin pic. It seems the dark one from a few days ago was actually a photoshopped composite by a staff member at the onering website. The one above with Thorin wearing that gorgeous blue coat, and looking a great deal more like handsome Richard, is the official pic from PJ.

Have you read today's new interview? In it RA says he doesn't have a nice guy face. Now isn't that far from the truth? as usual, he's being far too humble. As we know, he has an adorable face, warm dazzling smile in RL and whenever a script calls for it. We just need to see a few more nice guy roles in his portfolio to offset all the morally conflicted choices he's made in the past.

Not that we'd ever disagree that Guy of Gisborne was a smart choice and fun journey over the 3yr series. Perhaps Lucas9's downward spiral served to persuade Richard he's more of a natural bad guy on screen. If that's the case, beg to differ with him. He simply needs to choose a role next time that's lighter, more romantic to balance out all the scowls from GoG, LN and currently from growling, commanding Thorin.
*sign..can hardly wait to see Richard do a comedy..he causes heart flutters as a romantic lead*

Sue said...

To say that he doesn't have a nice-guy face is completely untrue! As soon as he smiles he looks like one big softie and as daft as a brush! Let's face it he's played some nice characters in his time, such as my favourite John Standring (now he really was daft as a brush!) Then VOD's beloved and groom (daft as a brush again!)and as Claude Monet in The Impressionists, (that scene where he is singing and playing with his son in the train carriage with his wife was so soft and gentle), no bad guy there either! No, as we say in the north of England, "he's as soft as muck" (cleaned the last bit up by the way).

I don't think I could have done those underwater scenes for CA. Like Richard I can swim, but catch me jumping or diving into the water, no way! I always feel short of breath when I hit the water and scared as hell!The last time I jumped into the deep end like that my swimming teacher at school had to bribe me and a group of other girls with sweets to take the plunge!

RiCrAr said...

Sue, didn't RA relate more than once that he rolled into a pond in his baby stroller and never recovered from the trauma. That alone makes his Capt America underwater scene a remarkable achievement on his part. He said he was reassured that every precaution was taken before they started filming BUT "the brain" panics anyway.

I'm the same way in a plane. Hubby assures me I'm in more danger daily while driving the car but my brain keeps warning "you're 20,000ft in the air with nothing between you and oblivion other than a thin metal sheet and a little insulation."

BTW, when RA gets home if you & MsG have difficulty removing the lipstick stains from his shirt collar...*sorry:)* ...the rip in his shirt wasn't my fault *hand up to God* teehee *li'l fantasy trip*

He's probably back on your continent by now...we haven't had any RAlerts over here in past 24hrs.

Musa said...

So RA ssys he doesn't have a nice guy face, and in the Lucas photo they selected for the article he looks like an angel :)

I was just thinking tonight that he must be back home since CA has now opened in all theaters around the country and probably no more red carpet events here. Sigh... He was so near and yet so far. Wonder if he'll be at the charity premiere in Liverpool on July 27?

Laura said...

I'm afraid if I go into too much detail about those dreams, they'll go away. Suffice it to say, the neck plays a very important role... ;)

MsG said...

Well, I guess you looked after him Ricrar...I shall have to put up with the lipstick and ripped shirt hmm...
Looks like Heathra (see RichardArmitagenet.com) was a very very lucky girl indeed! Even got an arm circling the waist moment! So jealous.
Yes am guessing RA off up to Liverpool soon...still hoping to bump into him Mon am at Gatwick, as I'm off to 'shimmy'! :)

MsG said...

re.nice guy face....still keeping fingers crossed for the 'all about love' film that both RA and Richard Curtis mentioned in separate interviews. That would be good!

Sue said...

I've a sneaky suspicion that Richard might just turn up for the red carpet premiere of CA in Liverpool. But to be honest if he does after all his recent globe trotting his head will be in a spin! He won't know whether he's coming or going and may well feel the need to pinch himself to prove he's not dreaming!Do you think that he ever dreamed that one day he would be treading the red carpet with film stars and be attending premieres in LA wearing designer suits?Mind you if he's going to be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in Hollywood I'm afraid he's going to have to dig deep in those lovely pockets of his and buy a couple of decent designer suits. He might get away with nicking his characters clothes in England but in America you have to maintain a certain image. Even though some of the stars are probably on their uppers they still dress and act like millionaires and if he doesn't want them to look down their surgically enhanced noses at him I'm afraid he's going to have to spend some serious money on clothes. He really must get a good fashion designer to give him the once over (bagsy measuring his inside leg please!)

Laura said...

"6 feet of granite and stubble." A fitting description. Here's hoping he doesn't get his wish from the end of the article - I'd hate for that granite to go away.

RiCrAr said...

First of all ladies..be sure to take a look at Zelda Thornton's intriguing blog post on 'shoulders' - she uses RA as her model. *hears the shuffling of fingers on keyboards swiftly accessing the anatomy lesson;)*

Musa & everyone, have you read another fans description of meeting Richard at the CA premiere. She yelled to him "look back at me!" He turned and laughed. Then he walked to an exit from the red carpet, when a guard stopped him and RA said something to him while pointing at the fan. Guard released the rope and Richard walked right up to her and her husband - gave her a hug.*thud*
She said "my Mr Thornton" and he replied "with a beard".

Laura, definitely wouldn't want those dreams to go away;) Your neck remark stirred enough interesting images. Yes, the "over 6' of granite and stubbe' remark by the reporter caused me to think "it must be a female writing this article".

MsG, wonder if RA would have enough time during Hobbit filming breaks to do the Richard Curtis "all about love" film...we really need an injection of new RA between now and Dec 2012, don't we:)

Sue, I'd rather if RA just remains himself and ignores the other Hollywood actors/tresses. Most of them are terribly jaded by celebrity. They need to take lessons from him on how to be appreciative of the public and not believe your own press. The powers that be in LA offices, producers, directors need to be more selective of the type of material they choose to film. Richard's long-time yearning for a remake of RichardIII would be a good first step in that direction. We've seen enough nonsense on our screens over the last decade.

p.s. Are you still convinced he wore the Heinz Kruger suit to the premiere with modern detailing? You could be right about that - the slacks were not nearly as tapered to the ankle as those he wore when appearing in public during the Lucas North/John Porter period. Wonder what he'll wear if he appears at Liverpool?? Oooh, just remembered we have the Recognize Mag pix etc to look forward to this week.

MsG said...

sadly I doubt he has time to breathe while filming the Hobbit! It would be something fun for him to do when he's finished next year though?
Yes we are grasping at every crumb of info and candid photos while we can, in this void of onscreen loveliness. And you do a fine job of filling the gap :)
And no, I missed the other story of fan shouting 'look back at me' ....brilliant. Where was that printed??

DEZMOND said...

love the colour of his bluish dwarfish costume :)
And we love Henry Cavill with or without costume any time and all the time!

RiCrAr said...

Agreed Dez, Richard & Henry with or without shirt are sublime.

MsG, as I recall - believe it was bccmee who posted a link on twitter to the woman's remarks.

Will this week bring Recognize Mag's vid of their RA photoshoot? fingers crossed.

Sue said...


Yes I'm convinced that grey suit was Heinz Krugers. The reason the trousers were too long at the bottom were because he'd let the turn-ups down. (Lazy devil couldn't he have got someone to sew a hem on them?)

Is it me or has Richard put on quite a bit of bulk lately? I've looked at some photographs taken by a fan at the LA premiere and his legs look like tree trunks!(Do you think that he's put on weight for his role as Thorin - or is he just getting "old and fat"?)

The RichardArmitatgeNet website have uploaded another interview by Richard today (25th July)and I love how he describes his face as a "slapped arse". It's a saying I use myself quite often when describing someone who is miserable. Somehow when he comes out with phrases like that I'm always surprised as he looks like such a well-spoken kind of guy and then out come these northern swear words and sayings that I use myself (frequently) and it makes him seem so endearing and down to earth. (As I'm sure you're aware by now I'm not anti-swearing or a prude by any means!Far from it!)

Joanna said...

Hallo Girls!
"Fat and old"with bushy beard-is this "dreams come true" for our dear Richard?:);)

Joanna said...

Hallo Girls!
"Fat and old"with bushy beard-is this "dreams come true" for our dear Richard?:);)

RiCrAr said...

haha Joanna, he definitely has a bushy beard these days, although not nearly fat and old. We'll still be here when that finally happens;)

Hubby had coal black hair when we met and yes, was a few pounds lighter - would still love the dear man even if he shrunk from 6'4" to 5'4"(wouldn't need to stand on my tippy toes any longer to kiss him;) Men of integrity are keepers no matter how old or fat they might become. Their hearts and intelligence are always their most attractive assets and those last for eternity. In other words, it will be *RA forever*...do you agree?

See latest post for discussion of RA's most recent interview.

Joanna said...

O YES dear RiCrAr:)
*RA forever*!