July 18, 2011

Premiere Pix Captured by Bccmee + Interview dialogue Caught by RAfandreamer + Welcome to USA, RA..WooHoo! LA Capt America Premiere + Reactions to Thorin's Newly Released Photo + RA's Gracious Thank You Note to Group of French Fans

There was a tweet before the premiere started stating Richard Armitage would be wearing the designer Tom Ford and photos would be made available. 

 Everything happened very quickly, therefore those who managed to capture pix and retain RA's brief  interview replies, are to be commended...

Evidently he was first asked how he felt about being in Captain America
RA's reply:  He was proud it was filmed in the UK---He also  made an observation of how hard Chris Evans worked in the CA role and the importance of the film's message.

Then RA was asked if he will enjoy the Olympics in London..
His reply was to the effect he would like to be in London, but at that time he will be on

the other side of world in NZ.
The female interviewer then told RA he looked so different and he replied "it’s the beard!!"

    You've come a long way baby since that guy with heavy stubble verging on a light beard...

Two different entertainment websites have RA's name listed as cast members appearing at the LA(Hollywood) premiere.  Marvel Comics will stream it live at this website...
Comments on Thorin Oakenshield's appearance in recently released photo:
EXCERPT:  "As I look into the eyes of the newly released Thorin Oakenshield staring daggers while perhaps mistaking the studio photographer for the Great Goblin, I see the determined, sometimes abrasive leader the character needs to be. I see his famed Goblin-slayer Orcrist with its own name etched into the details and nod. I can imagine Armitage’s booming voice and I can run through my own version of the book, and so to me ... he feels just right. I imagine I can see his damaged family legacy and his hatred and anger and need for revenge. I can relate to Bilbo Baggins being intimidated by the aggressive heir to the lost Dwarven kingdom.
                                                     So far, they got this one right.

Richard Armitage’s Thorin Oakenfield image: “a mighty and fierce warrior”

Following posted with permission from Laurette on Twitter.  It's RA's lovely thank you note to a group of his French fans...

Above:   Hot uncle & nephew duo..
The list of Captain America cast members who will attend the LA premiere, includes Anne Boleyn ;) who is of course British actress Natalie Dormer.  Here she takes us on a tour of Henry VIII's palace Hampton Court.  It originally belonged to Wolsey - Henry admired it and his advisor said "it's yours"

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@laurette75 That's wonderful, laurette..Did you receive the thank you note from RA? Believe he deserves title of Most Humble Celebrity :)   3 hours ago

laurette75 laure paganelli
@armitageblogger I received the letter through United Artists, oh yes he is very humble and adorable, they never forget her fans.


Musa said...

Should we welcome RA to the US tomorrow? Still time to get on that plane tomorrow and make it to the Red Carpet Ricrar! I'm game if you are - LOL? I'm sure he's probably here already, well, on the West Coast (couldn't they have the premiere in NYC?).

Joanna said...

Dear Ladies!
Please,don't scare the shy Englishman:):)

Sue said...

I'm glad Richard is attending the premiere in LA. It will be a great opportunity for him to mingle with the great movers and shakers of the film industry. Hope he gets a good reception from his American fans too!

There is also a charity premiere in Liverpool of CA on the 27th of July which is a way of raising money for charity. I wouldn't be surprised if Richard didn't attend that one too! Although he will probably wonder whether he's coming or going with all this jet setting he's doing lately!

Here's the link to the Liverpool Echo:


Maybe he will take the opportunity to visit the north west of England and pop in and see his mum and dad in Coventry at the same time? (He could always take his mum as his companion to the premiere as a treat!Little love!)

Love the note to his french fans, including the little drawing of a smiley face!

RiCrAr said...

Musa, definitely would accept your invitation if I could, but I'd really be pushing hubby's understanding, if I said "I'm off to LA for 24hrs honey bunny..be back soon." ;) *we'll have front row seats viewing online & tv*

Joanna, no need for you to worry about the *shy* Englishman - there are no doubt many American fans like me and I'm even shier than Richard in many situations. If ever I was in his company, my face would be beet red and legs ready to collapse. Knowing his consideration for others, he'd probably try to calm my obvious state of panic:) *wouldn't mind giving it a go though*

Sue, love your idea of Richard escorting his mum to the premiere. A few yrs ago Tom Cruise did that for one of his films. Believe he was between wives at the time. It seemed so sweet to see him with his mother on his arm, that my general assessment of Tom's personality improved. Still find him without sex appeal, but began to appreciate some of his charming boyish ways on film.

As I recall, Cruise's mom raised him and his 3-4 sisters alone. He said she constantly played her
1960-70s music during the day - that's why he often used it as background for many of his films. He added that his many sisters spoiled him, and taught him to be a gentleman with the opposite sex. If it wasn't for the artificial glare & pressures of his super-celebrity status, I believe we might've appreciated him more over the yrs.

That said, Tom is really only about 5'7" tall, therefore must have a mega-powered daily workout regimen to maintain a fit movie idol bod.

RE tonight's CA premiere. Remember all the excitement in RA world when reports of his appearance in Manchester and Liverpool began to roll in...haha...we bounced all over the internet tracking him down.

MsG said...

Goodness me...am away for a few days without my favourite RA blog site and so many things to look at and discuss! RA on your side of the pond?! I feel bereft! ;D We'll just have to share him now I guess...yes abandon hubby's girls, whip to LA tonight to get some snaps for the rest of us to drool over!
Oo and Thorin looks scary! But am sure as it's just one photo, the might of his acting ability will soften that initial image when we see him on screen. As we all know he does like to find the alternative deeper side to a character's first impression.

MsG said...

oo oo AND the mag shoot photos...missed those...yum yum! All moody tho'....do like his natural twinkle, they should have done a few crinkley shots too I think.

RiCrAr said...

Hi MsG, we'll expect a 'shimmy' report now that you're home from Turkey. *wink*

As for 'sharing' RA with his American fans - there's absolutely no need to worry. We promise to shower him (oooh, no pun intended by wibbly mental image:) with tender loving care and return him intact to your shores. Hope he manages to find some time to tour around a bit before returning home. Wonder if a 3000 mile trip across the country to east coast would be out of the question:) haha A girl can dream...

Yes, the new mag pix are so gorgeous - looking forward to the next one which should hit in a few days. *allelulia!*

MsG said...

Not gone to Turkey yet...next Mon v.early in morning!
Will do a 'shimmy' report when I return, promise.
Hoping Richie will be hanging about Gatwick when I'm there, after returning from your shores and on his way up to the Capt America premiere in Liverpool...can but hope ;)
Is the pic of him with his head down in a tan jacket/jumper (reflection in window), from the mag shoot too?

RiCrAr said...

Yes, MsG, the one where he's wearing the brown/gold combination is apparently from the same shoot..it was released with the others.

There's speculation about whether Richard will also visit ComicCon in San Diego - it's not far from LA. Capt America and The Hobbit will have a contingent at that humungous gathering of the entertainment community.

Sue said...

I love the suit he's wearing to the CA premiere. Not sure about the busy tie and striped shirt together, perhaps either the shirt or the tie could have been a plain colour with no pattern, but hey he looked HOT! I'm glad he took off his sunglasses to speak to the interviewer. So many stars keep these massive shades on and you can't see their eyes or expressions, I think it's rather ignorant of them to do so.

Was that his co-agent Duncan Millership I espied in the background? (Short sandy hair, dark suit, with a drink bottle)Remember he left United Agents in the UK and got a job in LA but UA agreed to let him co-represent some of his actors. Giving him a few pointers I guess in that media scrum.

Glad that his short haircut has meant all that black hair dye has finally disappeared. His own hair colour is a lovely auburn colour in the sun.

Here's hoping he can make the Liverpool premiere of CA. I know it's asking a little too much of Richard, but the fact that it would be raising funds for a cancer charity would make it just a little more special than the one in LA.

RiCrAr said...

He does look HOT, Sue. Hair has grown in a little since last pix. I do wish Richard would trim the long mustache hair above his top lip for current appearances--it would grow in by Sept 5 for his older Thorin look.

Perhaps if the other stars had gorgeous large deep blue eyes, they'd remove their shades. Isn't it more in keeping w/Richard's humble celebrity personna to remove them after a few shots. See latest post for the best quality pix from the premiere. His baby blues pop even though there seemed to be brilliant sunshine at that time of the afternoon.

I thought last night that the light haired man standing behind RA was his brother Christopher. Apparently there is some resemblance between him and his agent.

Heathra met Richard as he walked down the street to the after-premiere party. She said a handler was showing him the way, but otherwise there was no one with him. She walked up, introduced herself as the fan who designed the Guy of Gisborne rock tour some yrs back. RA's eyes lit up and he told her he still has the tshirt. Then he admired the camera she carried, which was her dad's professional one...it snaps 10pix per second. Of course, she asked for a pic with him and he circled her waist with his arm - she said she could not believe it. After 5yrs of RAfanship, she finally met him on her own turf...so sweet, a dream come true:)

MsG said...

lovely Heathra story! Lucky lucky woman! Lets hope she lets us all see the photos she took! Beg beg grovel grovel..

Sue said...

I love the grey suit that Richard is wearing to the NYC do. Is it me or does it looks suspiciously like Heinz Kruger's suit with a few minor alterations to bring it into the 21st century?

Apparently Heathra is going to share a report on her meeting with RA, so we will hold her to that won't we girls? I remember a certain piccy she manipulated of Guy and Marian in a very compromising position, it was awesome! She's very talented.


I must admit I did wonder about Richard's tash around his mouth. If he leaves it like that it's going to be full of bits of food and froth from those fancy American coffees if he doesn't watch out!

The premiere of The Hobbit will be much better for him, but he can use this as a dress rehearsal for the biggie! At least he will have all the cast members to keep him company and have a laugh with. James Nesbitt will keep the party going I'm sure with his Irish humour. Probably a more relaxed affair all round. Wonder where it will be held?

RiCrAr said...

I still have that Guy/Marian manip Sue...Heathra was determined he'd somehow get what he so desperately wanted. I was as hot for Lucas as any Guy gal was for him - doubt at that time I'd have deliberately placed another woman in the luscious spy's arms. Of course, there was no need - writers made certain there was a love interest(or Russian lap dancer:) for him every season.

IMO, the long moustache hair directly over his top lip is very aging. If RA had simply trimmed it back exposing his top lip, it would look neater and whenever he gives one of those adorable pouts of his..we'd see it:) The growth would return by the time filming resumes for Thorin. And as we discovered in PJ's new blog vid -- there are many scenes of an aged Thorin.

Good that we'll have the above two new batches of handsome pix to remind us what's under all that dwarf hair, isn't it. *once we hear Thorin's voice even that beard will look good to us*

RiCrAr said...

p.s. sue, I'll put a Kruger pic under the NYC pix...we can compare.

Sue said...


Looking at the two pics of Richard in his Heinze Kruger suit and the NYC photo of him in the grey suit, it definitely looks like the same suit to me, he's simply turned down his turn-ups (not sure that entirely makes sense!)Of course the costume designer for CA will have made a few of the same suits in case of accidents (such as the rip on his shoulder in one CA scene).

I'm beginning to think he's a bit of an old skinflint. He never seems to buy anything made for himself alone but pinches all his character's clothes! (Or models designer clothes for a red carpet event).