July 2, 2011

Today's Blog FIREWORKS: A New Interview Preview + Empire Magazine Quotes

A pic of Guy of Gisborne wielding his powerful sword (no pun intended *winks*)
accompanies the following interview preview:

Today's Fireworks :)  Preview of new RA interview byTotal Film Magazine and a website quote(see below link)…

“Is your Hobbit excitement reaching dangerous levels? Think Armitage will make a good dwarf king? Tell us!”
Richard Armitage talks The Hobbit TotalFilm.com

Sincere thanks to Maria_Lovelock on Twitter (Tweets mentioning @armitageblogger from Maria_Lovelock) and http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/latestnews.html for the above news.

RA glow-worms(not really:) are buzzing about a quote from Aug's edition of Empire Magazine in which a reference is made to RA's childhood trips with his engineer father to nuclear power plants.
These are the results of my studious search for any pix emitting a distinct glow. *wide grin*

Quote:  "..Jackson couldn't fathom portraying 13 irresistible dwarves with the exception of stoic leader Thorin.."

Quote: "Head dwarf Thorin had a helmet that sprouted antlers." (a reference to the former director's vision..not Jackson's)

"Covered by 2 cameras, the scene has moved to the cool chambers of Rivendell's library when Thorin (Richard Armitage) reluctantly hands over a secret map for Elrond to peruse....the moment is bathed in silvery moonlight.  Jackson requires a number of takes, bouncing up, out of his seat, to give notes.  He's satisfyingly particular.  Catching tiny details, trying new things, subtly insistent.  The cast responsive to his needs.  Armitage's Thorin especially exudes a steely conviction; there are hints here of the intensity Viggo Mortensen lent to Aragorn."

Past Post: Dec 2010:

                ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)    ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ღ    ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ღ    ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ღ    ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ღ   ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ღ                                         

                                        Founder of Pennsylvania: William Penn...
PENN, William, founder of Pennsylvania, born in London, England, 14 October, 1644; died in Ruscombe, Berkshire, 30 July, 1718. He was descended from an ancient family that had lived in Buckinghamshire for many generations. A branch settled in Wiltshire, near Mintyre, and from this was descended Admiral William Penn, the father of the founder, who was born in Bristol in 1621. He joined a vessel early in life under his father's command, and became a captain before he was twenty years of age. In 1643 he married Margaret Jasper, daughter of a rich merchant of Rotterdam, and then settled in London. After a year of fashionable life he returned to active service, and was given command of the frigate "Fellowship." With unusual rapidity he attained the ranks of rear-admiral and vice-admiral of Ireland, and in 1652 he was vice-admiral of England. He served as general in the first Dutch war, and in 1664 he was chosen great captain-commander under the Duke of York, afterward James II., and was knighted. He died at his home in Wanstead, Essex, on 16 September, 1670. (See "Memorials of the Professional Life of Admiral Sir William Penn," by Granville Penn, London, 1833.)

Bucks County, PA: one of first 3 counties formed in Pennsylvania by founder Wm Penn.  He named it after his family's ancient roots in Buckinghamshire, UK.  This webmaster voices alarm at the swift rate of development in the county.  It's adjacent to the Philadelphia area.

This photo caption reads "friendship between 2 babydolls"(explanation below)

Ahhh, so sweet..see photos of miniature sheep… “original group of shepherds that formed the Olde English Miniature Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association and Registry”

The breeding farm is located in Buckingham Twp, Bucks Co, PA

Imagine these 2 gentlemen co-starring in a movie..screen might evaporate from the heat ;)


Sue said...

Sounds like Thorin is going to be awesome!

I remember Richard describing his dad as a "nuclear engineer", although no further details were given and I assumed (wrongly I believe now) that his dad may have moved to Coventry as he'd something to do with perhaps the design or speed in car manufacturing. Now with the latest quote where Richard was taken on holidays around nuclear power plants all becomes clear (as mud!)Now we know where RA gets his brains from. (By the way did his older brother Christopher go with Richard and his dad on these jaunts too? No mention of him, perhaps he managed to wriggle out of these visits by feigning illness!)

RiCrAr said...

So true, Sue, about where Richard gets his brains - altho I'm sure his mum is a brainy woman as well. Afterall, she managed to catch a nuclear engineer:)

The few times hubby has had reason to say "you're clever!" my usual way of returning the kind words are "married you, didn't I" - our li'l joke..emphasis on li'l.

As for RA going w/his dad to inspect nuclear power plants, couldn't you imagine him as a young boy all eyes and ears as they move through such a gadget rich environment? We're very fortunate he didn't decide to walk in his dad's footsteps. Then again, perhaps his school math scores made the final decision for him - it was definitely always my least fav class. My younger bro must've inherited all the math genes--in fact, his youngest dau currently works as an engineer for a pharmaceutical company.

p.s.(wow..my feigned humility in next to last paragraph didn't come off half bad that time*chuckle*:)

Today's interview preview - RA says Thorin wields a stunning sword.. *evil grin* haha

Joanna said...

O good,so I'm VERY clever too:):)

RiCrAr said...

Hi Joanna, are you saying you're married to a nuclear engineer or that you are one? Either way, we know you're clever. You're an RA admirer -- all very clever women! :)