July 28, 2011

I HATE HEINZ KRUGER!! - Demonstrating What a Great Job RA Did as the Evil Baddie:) + "da first of many" in Spanish

The following mental images flashed by while watching Kruger on-screen. Those who have seen Captain America should get the inferences...those who have not should have nothing spoiled...

IMHO, RA did with the Heinz Kruger role exactly what was called for - He dripped with the anal retentive single-mindedness you would expect from someone who was determined to help evil incarnate conquer the world.  At one point I thought to myself "nasty sort that Heinz...go get 'em Cap!" ;)
Hubby and I agreed in our assessment of the film overall - despite the fact superhero movies are not our first choice in entertainment, we'd much rather the viewing public see this type of uplifting story than many of the other offerings emanating from most studios.  The leading character is definitely the type of role model we want our children to emulate.
As for RA's American accent, it sounded mid-western to me.  When I asked dh his impression he replied "I didn't even notice - so apparently it registered American for me."

Perhaps the next time, RA could fight side by side with Capt America...preferably not as a blonde..

Yet another language...hear RA say "da first of many" in Spanish..


Reg said...

Haven't seen the movie but was under the impression Heinz was German. RA did an "American" accent? I'm so confused.

Musa said...

Ricrar, if you hated Heinz Kruger, then Richard did his job well, but his time on screen goes by so fast!

Hi Reg - Kruger is a Nazi spy undercover as an American :)

RiCrAr said...

Hi Reg, yes - as Musa explained, Heinz masquerades as an American connected to the State Dept in order to get close to the top secret experiment. You hear him deliver a line in American English and then a short time later in his Kruger German when he says "da first of many."

Musa, after reading a truckload of comments about RA in CA during the past week, I'd expected to see him in one scene--one major shootout and then gone. Of course, his onscreen time isn't too much longer than that but the street scenes seemed like a bonus. And of course that final scene at the water reminded me so much of a RH3 scenario and *wink,wink* sheriff Vasey.

Hubby has watched Richard in RH, Spooks & Strikeback. When I asked him what he thought, he said "he was good as usual - I didn't expect to see him in specs." haha
Did you notice I added your fav Heinz pic above - when he makes a 'spectacle' of himself. *corny*

Laura said...

I'm going to see CA tomorrow night... I can't WAIT!!!

I have seen the preview trailer many times, and that shot of RA on the walkway thing (after they buff-out CA) always went by so quickly, I only recently wondered if it was actually him, or someone else. Now I know. I've heard some really good things about the movie. I'm really looking forward to it.

Laura said...

PS... Blonde??? Dear God, PLEASE, not blonde!! I love his dark hair!!

Laura said...

PPS... he looks like a Malfoy (Harry Potter reference) in that last picture. That should be argument enough against the blonde.

Anonymous said...

I like Heinz Kruger very,very much.

Sue said...

I watched a very long trailer for the CA film on a Manchester based channel called "Channel M" (which was first started by Salford University). There were loads of scenes with Richard. Pity they didn't get an interview with Richard as a fairly local boy to the channel (It only transmits in and around the Manchester region)and they have done loads of interviews and reviews for other films being released). After all parts of CA was filmed in Manchester and Liverpool quite a bit.