July 29, 2011

Come One, Come All and VOTE! RA Needs Your Support - bbcA started a Brit Actor 2011 Contest

RA's ballot is on page 8  http://blogs.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2011/07/29/vote-in-the-anglo-fan-favorites-tournament-the-men-of-2011/8/#photo  Richard's up against Matthew MacFadyen.  I started to watch the latter in Pillars of the Earth but his acting didn't hold my attention the way RA's  does.  Following copied from the bbcA website...
"I’m sure they’ve been up for the same roles at least once or twice (both MI-5 alums, both costume drama heartthrobs, both currently conquering Hollywood). What’s one more little skirmish?"

WooHoo to you wonderful RA fans--your votes overnight have made quite a difference--keep recruiting votes, MM's fans will be back:)  ..the contest is over Thurs at 11am..then round 2 elimination begins..Results as of UPDATE: Sun evening..

Richard Armitage 51.88% (2,898 votes)

Matthew Macfadyen 48.12% (2,688 votes



Sue said...


Just voted for Richard on BBC America and RA is slightly in the lead by just SIX votes! RA has 1,236 as opposed to MM 1,230! Keep voting folks!

By the way have you seen the old photograph of Richard on the Star Wars autograph collecting site? He looks extremely serious in it. Maybe he's mellowed with age but I prefer how he looks these days don't you? (Writing is still the same though!)

Here's the link:


RiCrAr said...

I just peeked Sue and Richard is ahead by 50 at the moment. MM's fans will be back so we need to keep posting the link wherever RA supporters can be found. His supporters on twitter expressed the wish it was a lighter looking RA pic. He's in a stern Lucas mode.

Adm at RAnetdotcome on twitter tweeted that her interest in CA waned at the end. I said IMO it's an action filled film, therefore appeals more to males. Although anyone who enjoyed WWII films would find CA to have a very similar feeling.

You would probably really enjoy seeing RA's Heinz careening down Manchester streets. One of the most enjoyable scenes for me(besides rivetting RA's) was seeing the actress I've just watched employing her feminine wiles(as instructed by her dad:) to keep HenryVIII on a sexual tether for as long as possible. Natalie Dormer uses equally seductive charms to back guileless Capt America into a corner to have her way with him. Of course, it was a "best laid plans of mice & men situation" when Haley Atwell's character interrupted them with seathing anger in her eyes.

Is Hugo Weaving?? the Brit actor who was elfen leader in LOTR? He's the Red Skull--Kruger's boss and the baddie you love to hate. Actor did a fantastic job - the red face covering he wore for most of the film was truly ugly as befits an evil baddie.

Laura said...

I saw CA last night, too. And loved it... up until the very end. I won't say what happened, just that I was disappointed. I understand why it ended that way... I just didn't like it.

Meanwhile, I was thrilled with RA's part. Yes, it was minor, but it was important, and longer than I expected. And he didn't look 'geeky' for long!

Musa said...

Yes, Hugo Weaving plays Elrond in Lord of the Rings and now The Hobbit. I know they had no scenes together in CA, but wonder if he and RA talked about it when they worked together in The Hobbit.

RiCrAr said...

Agreed about the end Laura. Voiced my puzzlement about it to our son and he replied "they're setting the storyline up for next year's 'The Avenger'. Did you wait for all credits to scroll by for the preview of next yr's movie? We did because of comments I'd seen on twitter and could not believe the army of people it took to create Captain America. It seemed as though the names would never end.

Musa, not only could RA have an interesting conversation with Weaving about their common experience with director Jackson, but there's also the opportunity for him to finally meet Cate Blanchett. Remember when he was asked which actress he would most like to mee - he mentioned her name. Must be truly thrilling for him to be part of the same production with the others.

Laura said...

[CA Spoiler Ahead]

I missed the trailer at the end, but as my friend and I were leaving, we DID wonder at the number of people who stayed behind. We didn't know about it.

Next day, I griped to my nephew, a huge Marvel Comics fan, about the ending, and he said essentially the same thing as your son, that it was a setup for The Avengers.

My reply... "What the heck is Captain America doing with the Avengers?? They're ENGLISH!!!"

of course, I was thinking of the '60s/'70s TV show, with the miniskirts and gogo boots. He had NO clue what I was talking about - (I shall never forgive him for making me feel old!) But now we have it all sorted. But I still think the hero should get the girl.

RiCrAr said...

I don't know if next yr's The Avengers will be set during WWII or in modern times. IMO, if it's a contemporary setting, Capt America might indeed end up with his romantic interest in the form of her grd-daughter..wasn't he found in the Arctic 70yrs forward to today?

I'm in no way a comic expert, but I believe The Avengers team will be comprised of all the comic heroes: CA(the very first avenger), IronmanRobt Downey..meh), Spiderman(Brit actor), Superman(another Brit--Henry Cavill in tights *wibble*, and possibly the one called Union Jack? he was indeed part of the Marvel comic superheroes during WWII.

Laura said...

Hmmm... I don't know how I feel about the grand-daughter twist. Part of me says poetic, the other part says eew...

And yeah, my expert-nephew sent me the Wiki link for the Avengers (the Marvel ones), and it's a bunch of super heroes. I'm guessing it will be modern-day. I can't imagine they'd take it back. That just doesn't make sense. (then again, this IS hollywood we're discussing...)

Hey! Maybe Kruger got cryogenic'd, too! ... Ok, yeah, too farfetched, even for comics.