July 11, 2011

New Vid:That's The Way We Like It! uh huh! + Will Gollum Fans Find Him Sexy Enough in TH?? + Richard III Doll..Our Fav Richard is Definitely Cuter:) +Richard Armitage as Bad Boy - John Mulligan

Past Post:  Does Lucas North Want His Shirt Returned?:

Photo was released today of Aiden Turner's character...it's Fili or Kili..in The Hobbit.  His fans are swooning with delight.  Made me wonder about another prominent cast member, one of my favs - Gollum -  will his fans find his immense blue eyes, etc as sexy as ever?;)



Richard III Doll:  Almost as handsome as our fav Richard, isn't it ;)  *sarcasm central*

It gets better - Chas Brandon doll..almost looks like the real thing, doesn’t it *winks,snorts,sniggers*
ah well, it's better than I could do..some people design *historical* dolls, while others make fools of themselves with fangurl blogs *oooh rare moment of humility*  :) 



Only 87 wise celebrities in Hollywood.  Actually, I didn't realize there were that many.  This one really surprised me - comedian Adam Sandler...


Musa said...

Cute Richard III, maybe an attempt at giving the doll Gizzy's hair from Season 3 :)

RiCrAr said...

Agreed Musa, the fabric RichardIII is the better of the two. Poor Chas Brandon looks nothing like The Tudors version, does he;)

I must check Clive Standren's tweet re Camelot actors cast in GoT2. The actress who played Tudors Anne Boleyn has also been cast - do we know for which role? Might she be Melisandre w/a red wig? Her Anne was fiery...could easily match the red priestess's temptress profile.

grrm mentioned he'll soon start a new book tour - hopefully once he returns the usual casting clues will speed up.

MsG said...

Love the 3x3 piccies....ooo..mmm..dunno where to look!!

RiCrAr said...

Happy you enjoyed it, MsG. I can never decide which pix to include - so many gorgeous ones and so little space:)

Don't miss Angie's new vid(just added above) "That's The Way We Like It!uh huh! RA fanvid activity seems to be picking up. Allelulia!

Musa said...

Love Spooks Wed! Love Lucas!

GRRM needs to stop signing books and give us some casting clues already.
According to WiC Tudor's Anne Boleyn is cast as Margaery Tyrell in GoT. Poor thing, not very lucky in the husband department I fear.

Will Richard show up at the Captain America premiere in LA? When is the London premiere? We can see if his hair has grown back from The Hobbit haircut :)

MsG said...

He's not listed to show up in LA...at least so far. But reckon he'll be a VIP at the London one. No confirmed date as yet here, supposed to be within a week of US release tho'. Unfortunately can't do any RA stalking that week as am away on my hol in Turkey. Might have to rely on the many other RA stalkers that are handy with a camera ;-)

RiCrAr said...

It will be heavenly if Richard appears at one of them. *pretty please to powers that be*

The two men in my life - dh & our son - convinced me it wouldn't be wise to go to Capt America on opening day, Jul 22. They're anxious to see it, but not with wall to wall 12yr old boys throwing popcorn at each other:) When it dawned on me the kid noise might smother Heinz's
"da first of many" line, agreed with my guys - the following week will be fine.

Sue said...


I love Richard's reasoning behind playing Heinz. In early war films it was always from the prospective of goodies and baddies (Brits and Americans being the goodies of course and Germans/Japs being the baddies). Later films do away with this slanted view of things. The British were right to declare war on Hitler for what he was doing to Jews (and gypsies)in every sense but the Germans truly believed they were in the right. A bit like people holding different religious beliefs.

I wonder if Richard would be prepared to play Heinz Kruger in the prequel to the film if one ever gets the go ahead? That might be interesting from an acting point of view. Didn't they say he was married or his wife was killed or something, but believed in risking his life for the greater good? Yes I could see Richard delving deep into his imagination to create a man fighting his own demons and conscience. I'm sure he'd do it if asked (never known him to turn down work yet unless absolutely necessary!)