July 26, 2011

RA Filming CA in Manchester + Brief Visit from the Phantom of the Night?? Many thx to RA Central for Project Clips

1500 medieval churches: http://www.gotik-romanik.de/
Some interiors:
Mention of a medieval church and who comes to mind...


                          Rick Steves List of five most spiritual places in Europe...

and from The Tudors...Henry takes sacred vows...again...*snigger* She was indeed his last wife, but only because he died not long afterward...

Harry married a minister...might he be drinking altar wine? ;)
[sheesh!...all because lovely ancient church pix popped up on twitter]

                                                                    What a tease



Ahhh, memories...I was reading real time commentary during the following episode of Spooks 8, when the thoughtful fan who was providing the frame by frame commentary said "her naughty hand is moving under the blanket" hahahahaha  laughed so hard I couldn't read any further for a couple minutes....teehee...sincere thank you to whomever provided such a kind service to those of us who would have no idea what was happening otherwise.  Thx also for the great laugh...still chuckle whenever I think of those words:)


alfie said...

NICE. Love the vids :-)

RiCrAr said...

Thx alfie, isn't RA thoroughly a thespian? He acted out the photoshoot by first removing the hood and then replacing it - the whole time looking darkly mysterious. hehe he never fails to entertain whenever possible and we appreciate every moment of it, don't we;)

Laura said...

Sigh. I've just finished watching ep. 3 of MI:5/Spooks 9. And the whole time I'm thinking, "No, Lucas! Don't do it!" because I know this whole Maya/Vaughn thing is just going to take him out. I don't know what will happen, exactly... but I've read enough of the clues here (and tried to avoid others) It's agony!!

But I'm more in love with that black jacket he wears than ever!

Musa said...

Laura - Lucas is my favorite, but I'm still in denial over Season 9! But he does look good in that black jacket!

Well, RA didn't show up in Liverpool, so is there another premiere in London for Captain America? Haven't seen anything about it, just wondering. Or is he still in the US doing some meet and greet with Hollywood producers and directors? Hopefully he's doing something fun, but from the latest interview he seems to be working on his research for Thorin. I'm curious as to what he's reading and what he's finding out about Middle Earth, would be great if he would let us know :)

RiCrAr said...

Laura, I've seen surprising remarks from fans saying they were amazed by RA's comments re what he knew and when he knew it while filming Spooks9. Will look for that particular interview and post it.

Musa, your inference that Richard might still be in LA triggered the thought "might he be using the hiatus break freetime for an audition or two??" Perhaps a role he could manage when the hobbit's next on break. Hope springs eternal...:)

p.s. Today's the day I'll finally get to see RA on the bigscreen. Yippee! Will of course report my reaction asap.

Sue said...

Well RiCrAr it seems that only a few minor celebrities turned up for the premiere of CA last night (what a disappointment)at Liverpool. Mind you if they had they probably wouldn't have understood a word people were saying anyhow (I have family in Liverpool and even I don't understand 'em, so please don't shoot the messenger!) There doesn't seem to have been much media coverage (if any), what a shame as it was also supporting a childrens cancer charity too! (Shame on you!) I bet if it had been held in London they'd have fallen over themselves to get there.

Here's the link to the Echo newspaper if you're interested:


RiCrAr said...

Thx for the link Sue. It's ashame for the charity's sake, that not more of a fuss was made over that premiere.

I saw CA today and for a split second I can honestly say that I did indeed hate Heinz Kruger. That's how good Richard is at playing a ruthless ideologue.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of time he's onscreen. Of course, you do have to keep your eyes glued to him(as if any of us need to be reminded), because half the time he's looking sinister in the background as the scientific experiment is underway.

Once Heinz pulls his Bondesque cig lighter from his pocket all hell breaks loose and he's the primary reason why. There's one scene that caused a flashback for me to RH3 - His last few frames were reminders of Sheriff Vasey of all people:) Won't spoil the most memorable moment, but it did bring a Lucas Spooks situation to mind as well.

Sue said...


When Richard was describing his preparation for the role as Heinz Kruger and said he did not want to view him as a baddie I thought of the many bombings during WW2 by the British intent on destroying new inventions that could badly effect how the war was going from our point of view. I remember a certain rocket for one. If there was any chance of the Germans inventing something that could give them an advantage over us we had no qualms of bombing and destroying it just as Heinz Kruger tried to do to Captain America.

I won't be going to see CA, not really my thing, I will probably wait until it is released on DVD. (Amazon are already gearing up to sell the DVD on their UK website).

RiCrAr said...

Sue, CA is definitely the type of action film that could never adequately have the same effect on the small screen. There are many scenes showing British crowds and their reaction to war events. And the red skull character - the most evil & menacing spy - is played by the same British actor who is the elven leader in LOTR. The movie is filled with an American-Brit stew of actors & setting locations. Anne Boleyn(Natalie Dormer) has a scintillating scene with a rather shy with females Capt America--it's so cute:) Of course, his main love interest is played by Hayley Atwell. You don't want to miss her 'commanding' character with a group of American GI's. haha She puts some manners on an aggressive wolf.

Unless your TV screen is one of those almost as large as a movie screen, I'd recommend seeing it in a theater for the full effect. The surround sound is spectacular when heard in the setting it was designed for. Besides, you'd be experiencing RA's first bigscreen appearance in the same way he did at the premiere. That was one of the thoughts running through my head -- "what a thrill it must've been for him to see himself as part of the #1 boxoffice film for 2011". TV trailers have included that fact for seducing even more viewers into movie complexes.

We observed a wide range of ages in the viewing audience. As we were walking out of the theater, hubby noticed a young boy about 8yrs old leaving as well, he said to him "what did you think of the movie, buddy?" The cute little guy said with a wide smile "it was great!"

Sue said...


As much as I'm certain Richard will look great on the big screen, I'm not sure I could sit through all that stuff just for a brief glimpse of RA now and again. (I'm soft but I ain't that soft!)If it was the type of film I'd normally watch I'd be there like a shot, but otherwise, no. Besides I hate sitting in cinemas with a load of people, shuffling about and eating all the time, (but at least there's no smoking allowed these days). I have just got a new telly which is great by the way, so I think I'll just wait and see it on the box or something. The Hobbit now, may well be a different thing because although it's mainly for kids it sounds fab, a bit like RH with some fighting and a bit of comedy. I think I'll wait for the biggie (as the actress said to the vicar!)

It was interesting to hear Richard mention that we Brits didn't have any big comic book heroes like the Americans did. He's right, although as kids I remember we imported characters like Batman and Robin, Superman and Spiderman (were they in comics, can't remember?)Perhaps if Richard were to play a British comic book character the most fitting one for him would be "Desperate Dan" and he could always have a love interest with "Minnie the Minx" (Nothing to do with Minnie Mouse by the way). Yes I can just see him all whiskery and tucking into a great big cow pie!