November 10, 2010

Unexpected Personal Dilemma Yikes! + Old Vic Link(Thx to Sue) + Richard's 'to the very edge' remark: Spooks 9 + Thorin's 'Good Looks':) + Capt America + The Walking Dead, etc.

Old Vic event link - provided by Sue:
If we had hindsight whenever RA has given an interview in preparation for the launch of his newest project, evidently we would have many additional chuckles.  We need to return once the series has ended to enjoy the laugh..
Prior to Spooks 9, ep 1 - Richard was asked..
>Vaughn turns up from Lucas's past. What does he want? How does it affect Lucas?

RA's reply:   "It's been 15 years since Lucas last saw Vaughn and, when they meet, Vaughn has a suitcase which contains an assortment of material from Lucas's life prior to joining MI5. Lucas finds a photograph of a girl, Maya – his old girlfriend. It is the beginning of a journey which Vaughn will control and it takes Lucas to the very edge."<
[hahaha....and so it did;) literally....(and then he escaped IMO*wink*]
                                    It's not that he wasn't extremely angry with Harry...
Personal dilemma dept:  Yikes!  I'd not foreseen this development during the past couple yrs in RA fandom.  Now that he is included in Hollywood news, I'm torn - betwixt & between.  I've avoided the vast majority of crap coming out of Hollywood (sorry, but that is the situation and honest Americans admit it to themselves and everyone else) for years.  Today, for the first time RA's name & photo are included in a show biz newsreel...What to do, what to do? Don’t want to promote all the truly trashy, nonsensical Hollywood fare along w/RA news ….
But, it seems there will be times when it is unavoidable not to do so. This is one of those times. If you want to skip immediately to the blurb about & photo of Richard cast as Thorin (it‘s amusing--they apply a beard to his pic:), go to around 3:00 on the following vid…
Could the world get any smaller? it's starting to get downright scary:)  The following radio station's hdqts is in Philadelphia, PA..less that 135mi from here AND the topic they are discussing is the..quote:  "very good actor"..whose.."good looks are going to shine through"  That's right - judging from those few words you no doubt know exactly who the two men are discussing - actor Richard Armitage cast as Thorin Oakinshield.
You can listen to the entire interesting conversation here...
First man said "Many a lass enjoyed Lord of the Rings because of fact there are more female fans of that movie..breakdown is about 60% female-40% male"
Next guy remarked "It never hurts to have a heart throb in your film.  Thorin will be one of the major sources of conflict - cantankerous at times - a big, big part of this movie will depend on the Thorin role."
#1 speaker:  "Thorin will be played by British actor Richard Armitage (Ricrar comment:  don't ask me why he dragged out the 'tage' ending to rhyme with mon'tage', because there's a well-known US statesman with the exact same name, and he pronounces it the same way as RA.  The speaker would have had to live under a rock for the past 5yrs to not have often heard our politician's name mentioned on tv/radio.) 
Anyhoo...#2 speaker piped in.."Yes, and he's a very good actor. (agreement from #1)  One of the joys of following the production will be to see how they'll transform him into a dwarf.  This is the character a female would be drawn to - you want them to be appealing.  Not that women are shallow...there's nothing wrong with that - it's how the world is."
[Ricrar:   These two guys need to have a talk with a certain number of females who act like mental contortionists trying to explain away why they're interested in Richard for intellectual reasons..nothing as mundane as the fact he's a deliciously hot man who tips the attraction scales immediately in his favor because he can also act circles around almost every other actor on the planet today, and quite a few from yesterday as well.  Can't wait to see him matched w/an actor like Tom Hanks.  trying to think of another w/the same type of gravitas...there has to be at least one more...hmmm, will get back to you on that.  I'd ignored all actors and movies for a decade, so must admit I'm not exactly an expert on them.  Tom is really the only one I've found interesting enough to watch for 2hrs straight without getting very bored - that is, until you know who came along.  In fact, I believe Richard has many traits in common with Tom - both men have warm personalities, are unpretentious about themselves, and perfectionists when it comes to their craft - assuring the sterling quality of the final product.
[p.s. Clint Eastwood is another admirable Hollywood star.  For me, that list is unbelievably brief.  His name didn't come immediately to mind because Clint's earlier movies were much too violent - that's not my idea of entertainment. His movie choices are rarely my cup of tea -  it's his personal attributes that I most admire.  He has enough common sense(and courage) to be politically conservative - that's almost unheard of in LalaLand where touchy-feely, unrealistic liberalism abounds] 
 Following Musa's ringing endorsement of Clint Eastwood, recalled watching two movies of his within the past 6mos.  The first was already my favorite from his lonnng list of films - he played a member of the Secret Service, protecting the POTUS.  But the second film had flown under my radar until we'd taken a subscription to a couple premium movie channels.  I've no idea why this early Eastwood film never caught my attention before, because it's definitely a more intriguing storyline and setting than his usual violent western or 'dirty harry' movies. 
No longer considered a heart throb but holder of that honorary title for many yrs, Clint was indeed at the peak of his male sex symbol days when he played a wounded Union soldier - held captive in an all-female school during the Civil War.  The Southern belles might've started out ladies, but by the time their rugged, handsome guest had cast a dreamy spell, they were almost scratching each others eyes out w/jealousy(including the school principal).  Quite a steamy movie for it's day--you can watch the original trailer here...

                              because indeed he was---he tried to pull the trigger...

 But, in the end, he simply could not do it - instead, he lowered the gun..and...??... IMO, escaped in order to possibly return one day as yet again the complex spook who comes in from the cold...

New comment from JOE JOHNSTON re RA: "The submarine was built by Paul Corbould's team of special effects technicians. It can actually dive and resurface, travels at 12 knots, has a watertight compartment for the actor, Richard Armitage, who plays a very convincingly evil spy, Heinz Kruger."
From Hollywood Spy website: After the amazing premiere and a great second episode, the new zombie show THE WALKING DEAD has been renewed for the second season as well! Since it has broken records with the highest ratings in the history of cable television, AMC has ordered 13 episodes for the second season. What's also interesting is that THE WALKING DEAD is one of the rare shows which was released simultaneously worldwide scoring a huge success around the planet.

[Richard’s co-star in Strike Back 1 plays the sheriff in The Walking Dead. (Sorry, the actor's name escapes me at the moment - maybe someone could help;)   Appears it was a wise career choice for him - first awareness that the program was released simultaneously worldwide, which is a rarity for tv shows.  Steam is emanating from Dezz‘s site - where does he find so many hottt pics:] haha (not referring to RA's SB co-star...don't want anyone to be disappointed.  It's other almost nekked men.) Dezz's site could be called 'hot bod central'...not that we'd notice. *cough*

Following is their instant dance - they were told which dance was expected but not the music..


Musa said...

Reading your post I'm thinking Richard must have a great time coming up with all these clues about what he's doing that we obviously never get!
I certainly had no doubt Richard would be a "convincingly evil spy"-LOL

Ricrar said...

Hi Musa,

Have you listened to the radio conversation between two men in Phila discussing Richard? It's really interesting - they both agree he's a fine actor. Then they get into his good looks & remarked it never hurts to have a heart throb in your film. One said LOTR had more female fans than male due to Viggio.

They said they think RA's good looks will shine through, and his character Thorin will be responsible for carrying much of the drama for the film. That discussion has me far more interested in The Hobbit. As the poster at a fantasy website said "as if dwarves weren't already hot & sexy." haha :)

Musa said...

Hi RicRAr - thanks for posting the interview with the guys talking about Richard and Thorin. I think that's marvelous that LOTR and fantasy fans are starting to talk about him already! Especially the men-LOL. Do you think Richard will be at Comic Con once they start PR for the film late next year or in 2012? California is a stretch, but I can certainly make it to NYC Comic Con! I'll start saving my pennies.
I think Clint Eastwood is a very good director, and it would be great if he would make a movie with Richard. I think they would have a few things in common, both musicians and also both known for action roles (and for being heartthrobs).
Well, no doubt that all of us are attracted to RA initially for his physical beauty, not to mention that voice. But he also comes across in interviews as an intelligent and engaged man who thinks deeply about his roles, and who loves music and literature - and also has a wicked sense of humor. I think that's what keeps "intellectual" women attracted to him as a man and as a person. I think he's unique in that way also, not many actors are able to talk about their profession in such an eloquent way. Yet he's still such a sweet and down-to-earth kind of guy. A "deadly" combination for any woman don't you think?

Ricrar said...

Yes, Musa, agree wholeheartedly w/your lovely tribute to Richard's many fine qualities - including as choice eye candy:)

I've just included the link to a show biz newsreel. Hesitated for quite awhile before posting it, because so much Hollywood garbage is included with the one valuable snippet of Hobbit casting news. They applied a bear to one of Richard's pix - so funny. hahaha

Of course, ultimately I've realized there's no way we can totally avoid the other trashy entertainment news(although I've managed it for years, until now;)as long as RA is mentioned. You would not believe the inner turmoil before making the decision. Final though was: "sincerely hope he manages, even in a small way, to raise their low standards for entertainment - instead of the other way around." Amen:)

Ricrar said...

Virtual blogger edit button:

Make that 'beard' and 'thought' please.

Musa said...

Yes, I too hope he doesn't go "Hollywood" on us :)

Sue said...


I don't think there's much danger of RA going "Hollywood" on us, not after his comments about cars. I mean how many Hollywood actors would be happy to drive around in an "old banger"? It will be all flash cars with them and here's Richard being embarrassed and hiding his BMW behind the trailer at the Spooks set. He wants to enjoy his new car and not bother whether anyone thinks he's flash, let's face it he's earned it!

Ricrar said...

There should soon be more information about The Old Vic event. Their website describes a glittery party for participants wh - called the 25th hour gala. Will RA arrive in an old banger? ;) Doubt that very much - his BMW serves it's purpose as a quiet statement that he's earned his professional stripes, so to speak. Worked his way up through the ranks and now deserves to choose between the plum roles. Hopefully, that will be the immediate result of carrying the prominent Thorin role.

Wondering how long the flight is from the UK to NZ?? It's about 22hrs from east coast usa to Aus. I get jittery on a 6hr flight - can't imagine spending almost a full day on-board.

Didn't need today's headline - re Rolls Royce taking responsibility for the recent Quantas mid-flight engine failure. Believe my heart would've stopped--white knuckle flyer that I am;)

Sue said...

I hope RA enjoys the Old Vic after party, hope we get a few pics of the event too!

I wonder if Richard flies business class or first class or whatever. With his long legs I bet he gets a bit cramped in those seats. I bet his knees are tucked up under his chin most of the time!!!Space is at a premium on planes and are more suited to Thorin than 6'2" giants!

Ricrar said...

Maybe he'll take advantage of Air New Zealand's new 'snuggle class', Sue. Seriously, there's a news blurb here somewhere describing a cozy bench area where couples or parents & children can snuggle during the flight. All the flight attendants would scramble to volunteer to 'assist' if Richard didn't have anyone to snuggle. Something tells me that's almost a non-existant circumstance;)

Perhaps RA will take someone to the Old Vic after party - other than his agent or brother, that is.

Can you imagine the on-line clamor that would entail? hehe