November 19, 2010

Additional PIX..Wibble:) + RA 24 Hour Plays Photo(thx again Ms Musa;) + Hottest Chef's Aide on TV + RANet 24hr Plays Tweet + Capt America Merchandise +Two Sides:Guy&Marian by CarrowGray + Sexiest Men Alive!! RANet Tweet - Hooray!

Appears restrictions only apply in UK...
LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 21: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 48 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME. MANDATORY CREDIT PHOTO BY DAVE M. BENETT/GETTY IMAGES REQUIRED) Actor Richard Armitage attends an after party for The 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala 2010 in aid of Old Vic New Voices at St Martins Lane on November 21, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

                     Some details of RA's '24 Hour Plays' performance from various sources:
 Richard played a formerly overweight, balding man named Dennis. He and his wife bought a Christmas tree with magical powers. They each made a wish and Dennis wanted to look like RA:) His wish had just come true & he was enjoying his sexy new body.

RA(Dennis) then danced around the stage with his wife - a very heavy-set woman. She was thrilled with his new look(what a surprise:) - touched him all over just short of turning it into a very adult play. *dribble* ;)
He mentioned at one point that he had just felt his pecs and took a Lucas stance with gun in hand.
Tim Piggot-Smith was mentioned as a participant - wasn’t he Mr Hale in N&S? Wonder which part Miranda Raison played?--perhaps Dennis’ wife wished to be her?..did anyone else read that she was part of RA's group?

Read somewhere as well that one fan sat close to Richard on the shuttle bus to the post event party -  he asked her "how are you?"      ...hugging a fan during recent radio interview...
p.s.  Love the style of above topcoat on RA.  He says he's not into clothes, if true he must have someone who makes certain he's in sartorial splendor;) Need to ID the designer..

More details of play:  The Third Wish

Playwright: Stephen Beresford    Director: Charlie Westenra   Asst. Director: Natasha Nixon

Dennis: Richard Armitage
Debbie: Debbie Chazen
Niamh: Niamh Cusack
Miranda: Miranda Raison

A fan on twitter recently gave the advice to remain calm and think of Lucas that even possible?:)

Wording w/the above pic:
>Richard Armitage:    You Americans may not know Richard Armitage now [Ricrar: His name does sound vaguely familiar, doesn't it?;] but this British actor is quickly becoming THE IT ACTOR in England. And you’ll be seeing him soon in some very high profile films — playing a Nazi in Captain America, and then the leader of the dwarves in The Hobbit. A Nazi and a dwarf? Where do I sign? Also I’ve seen him in person and he is staggeringly handsome. Let’s all try to make him super famous.<
Tweet below announces the great news that Mr Richard Armitage is included on the list of Sexiest Men's about time they and the rest of the world caught up, isn't it?;) Photo above seems to be chosen quite often for this type of spread - isn't it from PR for Cold Feet?  (is Best Week Ever a British or US mag?)
[pssssst!..Richard is by far the hottest man on the list.  The only other one who comes close is a 'young' Michael Caine. Believe the above pic was used years ago when RA said in the accompanying interview that his mum felt embarrassed by the publicity for Cold Feet]

TWEET:  >RAnetdotcom RichardArmitageNet

Richard Armitage is in this list - good taste! RT @BWEtv's Smart Girl’s Guide To The Sexiest Men Alive (via @michcoll)           29 minutes ago

RAnetdotcom RichardArmitageNet

>The Independent on the 24 hour plays gala - Richard Armitage, Natascha McElhone, Paterson Joseph, etc<

TWEETED..7 minutes ago

Stars take on 24 Hour Plays gala challenge

By Rob Sharp, Arts Correspondent, The Independent

Sunday, 21 November 2010

EXCERPT: >Dan Stevens and Kelly Brook rehearse their lines on stage for the play 'Late At Night'

Some of the biggest names in theatre descended on London’s Old Vic this weekend to write and perform six plays from scratch as part of the theatre’s seventh “24 Hour Plays” celebrity gala.

The charity event, hosted by former Python John Cleese, saw stars including Natascha McElhone, Ronni Ancona, Richard Armitage, Kelly Brook and Paterson Joseph perform material penned in under a day by the likes of Richard Curtis, Spaced’s Jessica Hynes, award-winning playwright Alexi Kaye Campbell and Scottish writer DC Jackson. Writers convened on Saturday night to write their work in time for rehearsals beginning this morning.

Within an hour of arriving the actors were up to speed.<
By request:

Well...upon checking Capt America merchandise, just could not seem to find items to suit our interest in the new film; therefore,  tweaked here & there and Voila!..

A Poster - Expresses more accurately our sentiments:)
In the brevity is the soul of discretion department -  your significant other won't object to wearing these will he;)

Is one of the men wearing suits, in the last frame of this Capt America comic page, Heinz Kruger?

The travelling bard of Westeros, Geo Martin, is finally home.  Recent journal post...

>Nov. 16th, 2010 at 5:52 PM

Back in Santa Fe again.     And tomorrow, back in Westeros.

The road goes ever on and on ... but there's no place like home.<

Meanwhile his upcoming piece de resistance 'Game of Thrones' was featured in Entertainment Weekly photos....a sampling including Sean Bean as Eddard Stark...


Two sides to Every Story:Guy & Marian by CarrowGray..


Musa said...

Let's all join in the celebration of Richard getting such wonderful US press coverage even before we see him in CA!!!!!!!!!
Not only THE sexiest man alive, but the most beautiful man on the inside as well.(From RAOnline about his audio tribute to his old teacher at the memorial today:
Great GoT photos, can't wait to see this now. Love the costumes, reminds me of RH3's costumes, of course, even more perfect if RA is cast as Stannis (couldn't resist saying that).

Ricrar said...

Thx as always for the link, Musa:)

So The Smart Woman's Guide to the Sexiest Men is a US magazine? It's difficult to tell from the list - combination of Americans & Brits.

Yes, the GoT costumes are stunning. Tyrion exactly fits my mental image of him. Did you see a recent tweet saying it might be April before it premieres? Was hoping for early in Mar.

Off to check the link. Hope you have a good night's sleep & extra snooze time in the morning:)

Anonymous said...

NO SB2?I want my John Porter.

Judith Johnson said...

Found this wonderful Youtube vid of Richard cooking (well chopping anyhow). He is so cute when he eats the hot chili pepper *_*

Sue said...

All I can assume after looking at the Smart Woman's Guide to the Sexiest Men is that there is a serious shortage of hunks! (Or does that mean I'm just thick and not a "Smart Woman"?)I mean some of those listed are just plain plug ugly!!! (Although that one in the nuddie caught my eye, but then I wasn't looking at his face!)As for the photo used of Richard, taken way, way, back, from his Cold Feet days is that it may be cheaper for them to use. They have to pay photographers for the photo's they use. Why they use that one who knows! I think he looks good, but very boyish, and has improved (can that be possible?)with age!

Ricrar said...

If I'd any weakness at all for alternative universe scenarios, I'd be convinced it's the Dorian Grey syndrome we're observing w/RA. Does he have a painting in an attic of himself that's aging while he improves as yrs go by. Could it be all that breakfast oatmeal he eats? or salmon? I like both..will double my usual intake and hope for the best;) haha

Agree about the list of 'sexiest men' Sue. Other than the young Michael Caine & Richard they look like duds. Even w/those horrible thick framed eyeglasses - as long as you saw his early performances - you know Caine's a sexy man. Grey-haired today, but he still comes across in his frequent US tv interviews as a hot man. To me, it really is the brain that confers that aura about a male...when you discover one that not only emanates it but deliciously looks the part - you simply cannot ignore him.

Say to myself constantly while watching another attractive actor - "he certainly is good looking, why doesn't he have the same effect on you as RA?" Interesting phenomenon isn't it? Decided long ago - why fight the feeling...go w/the flow and enjoy! :)

Ricrar said...

Almost forgot -- Sue, a gentleman interested in gardening posted a comment today at the blog's Oct 12 post entitled 'Dutiful Gardener Spy w/Plant Springkler'. He commented on the pics of Lucas' garden.

Hubby is my gardener, so can't say I'm well versed in that field like you. The person commenting evidently owns the website entitled Mylar sheets for the garden? Have you heard of them? Just thought I'd let you know about him, in case you'd like to reply to his comment. *wink*

Ricrar said...


I've really enjoyed that vid of RA's appearance in the pink kitchen. He was adorable chopping veggies.

Will again post it here asap.

Judith Johnson said...

OMG, wish he was chopping cilantro in my kitchen right now (and everyday for rest of my life). I just love the way he licks his fingers!

I rewatched VoD with a friend last nite and I was struck about the improvements in his looks over time. Maybe the adoration of his fans is the secret to his ever increasing beauty *_*

Musa said...

RA chopping cilantro is quite impressive I must say :)

Ricrar said...


Richard has remarked in interviews that for many yrs he read almost everything about him on line. IMO, he has a director's eye and decided to fulfill fans ooohs & aaahs over his stubble..JT's sideburns..his & Guy's coal-black hair. Even wardrobe pieces that received the most squees were repeated...snug-fitting tshirts, custom-tailored jeans, etc.

Believe he enjoys perfecting all aspects of a performance - both the visual & auditory(voice range) and, of course, including the smolder talent that launched him into the spotlight in 1994 w/North and South.

Will be interesting to hear about his '24hr play' appearance. Have heard of at least two fans who'd planned to be there and at the post event gala.

Had the thought that learning lines within a few hrs is nothing new to RA - he often remarked that Spooks imposed those circumstances on the actors which often caused frustration for him. Apparently not so much that he wasn't anxious to return to that same feeling at least one more time.

Ricrar said... the two of you have me so anxious to see Richard again in the pink to grab him for the blog. hmmmm, like the sound of those few last words;) Was taught to share, but he'll need to go through security screening first...wouldn't want all the heat he generates to cause a malfunction in goggler software.hehe

Sue said...


I must check out the "Dutiful Gardener Spy w/Plant Springkler" comment. Trust a man to have something to do with his hosepipe included in his name tag!Typical!

Musa said...

RicRAr, thanks for posting the kitchen vid again :) He should have a cooking show, a true "Kitchen Confidential", and maybe play his cello at the end-LOL
Well he once said he would never appear in a reality show, or appear as himself, and I do respect that, and understand why he wouldn't be comfortable.
He's sweet and smart to want to please his fans and look good for us. We do appreciate it much, don't we?
I was re-reading the messages he sent to fans after N&S a few days ago, he was very aware of what fans were saying...wonder if, despite what he says publicly now, he still is?

Musa said...

Oh, forgot to say, love your Captain America merchandise-LOL

Ricrar said...

As you said, Richard has stated in recent interviews that he prefers to leave us to our own devices these days, BUT usually within the same interview he'll state some concern over keeping his career moving forward. Therefore, it does pose the question whether he ever bothers (in his few spare moments) to check on his peeps reactions, so to speak.

Of course, with the CA & TH breakthrough movie roles, he might be living in a far different stratosphere where mere fans seem far, far away. An on-line community of followers is only one google search away for entertainers today. Being human, their curiosity probably does get the better of them on occasion;)

Musa, were the messages you recently re-read those RA sent to the BBC board before it crashed - due to the heavy volume of hits it received in response to North and South? If so, care to share his comments you found most interesting? I've never stumbled upon those particular posts, only the thank you messages he'd sent for gifts received yrs ago.

Musa said...

Photos of Richard at the 24 Hour Old Vic gala now on Getty Images:

Ricrar said...

Merci beaucoup Musa. I'm about to post some details for RA's play. Thought I'd read somewhere that Miranda Raison participated with his group??

The play sounds hilarious.

Musa said...

Yes, that's what I read. Miranda Raison also in same play Richard was in.

Musa said...

Back again - LOL

You asked my comments about the messages from Richard that I re-read recently, I'm not sure, but I think at least one of the messages I read was one posted on the original BBC N&S board. He starts out by being very polite and thanking everyone and feeling bad that the BBC is closing the board. Very clear that he really appreciates the support and is enjoying sharing the experience with everyone. Like a friend really. But the funniest and best part of the message for me is when he comments on things said about him - I guess some people on the board mentioned he had a big nose, and crooked teeth, and walked with a limp in N&S!!!! That's when he said that was all added on for N&S and that in real life he looks like Brad Pitt. (In real life Brad Pitt should wish to look like Richard Armitage!).

My favorites also, there's a bunch of funny and short messages he wrote as a "Spooksperson" for RA, when he was I guess in Spooks, but filming RH. He makes fun of himself there also,writing as though he's an assistant to RA, and funny comments about the all leather costume, and the intense heat. Hilarious! He really should write a comedy for stage or screen.

Anyway, I'm sure others have read those messages, maybe in real time when they were received, and could comment more about how they felt at the time.

Not surprising that he chose to appear in a play making fun of the image of "Richard Armitage" - I'm sure he had more fun than anyone there finally acting in a comedy tonight.

Ricrar said...

Thx for the message details, Musa.

I have read his thank yous for gifts and those when he called himself agent A. Very endearing. It's ashame some supporters became so demanding, and even tried to involve him in petty squabbles between various fan factions. That's most likely what triggered his decision to keep a further distance from his fanbase. IMO, it was a wise decision.

RA always manages to send coy messages to his followers anyway. Remember Lucas complaining after the journalist walked away - "Bloody internet!!"...could almost hear the collective chuckle in the ethernet;)

Miranda must've played one of the sisters Dennis' wife invited to their home. Richard and Miranda seem to enjoy toying with my emotions, don't they? *giggles* Been wishing they would become a RL couple since

Would really like to know if she's involved w/someone else at the moment. Know she has been divorced. Their personalities seem to be sympatico w/each other. Have often heard that the best marriages are between those who've first been good friends.

Not exactly an expert on that theory, since we knew ea other 4mos when he proposed(first Christmas) and 14mos when married. Nine mos later our son was born....honest;) hehe We were teased non-stop by family & friends for the extremely narrow timeframe. haha

Sue said...

It looks like Richard had a whale of a time sending himself up and shows his sense of humour. Pity the writer didn't dress him head to foot in leather though!

One day I will get to meet this man and swoon in his presence!

Anonymous said...

From the reports I've read (, Miranda was one of the Debby's sisters, I think the younger one.

I'm soo envious of those who could go. RA certainly can do comedy and he *danced* *swoon*

Lucky ladies!
OML :)