November 1, 2010

Richard Armitage The Old Vic Appearance + Spooks,Ep 8 Trailer + Life of Wylie Review + Table FINALLY Made It's Appearance + Spooks, Ep 7 - Memory Loss or Not?

Link below provides more details about The Old Vic event.  Three American actors are mentioned as having participated in the past(other than Artistic Director Kevin Spacey).  They are Vince Vaughn,  Brook Shields and Josh Hartnett.  The last is the only one of the 3 who has appeared in productions of a more serious nature.  Vaughn & Shields roles to date are almost without exception comedic.
 [Kevin Spacey runs The Old Vic?…who knew?…hmmm, never watch his movies - sincerely hope he has better management skills:]
RA news: (see below links) Excerpt: >The actors include Ronni Ancona, Richard Armitage, former History Boy Samuel Barnett, Niamh Cusack, Toby Jones, Paterson Joseph, Ralf Little, Lesley Manville, Tim Pigott-Smith, Rupert Evans of Hellboy fame, and Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens.

The event, which has a top ticket price of £250, helps support the venue's work with young people, new audiences and emerging talent. The Old Vic, which is run by Kevin Spacey, receives no government subsidy. Spacey said: “We are thrilled to be working with such a remarkable collection of artists again this year and that John Cleese has agreed to host this unique event. It's a high-adrenaline evening but every year some great work is born on that stage.”<
The story was originally reported at the website, where you can find pages of other RA information as well.
Wk 7 for Bristol & Mark.  Viewer votes have kept them in the competition.  In prep for next Mon they'll be told which dance they're expected to perform BUT not the music that will accompany it..yikes!! They must be prepared to do the dance to any tempo at the spur of the moment...who knew Dancin' w/Stars gets so cutting edge...haha...must get out more :) *wink*
Bristallion(her partner Mark's nickname for Bristol:) soldiers on...
from the website: 

11/3/10 -  The gossip sites are starting to wonder why Bristol Palin hasn’t been kicked off “Dancing with the Stars.” TMZ suggested on Tuesday that there might be some sort of conspiracy: “Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ despite the fact that some are unimpressed" the site said. Is it the power of Sarah Palin that’s behind her daughter’s popularity?  Or maybe it’s just that people really like Bristol Palin. Either way, the Alaskan isn’t going anywhere.

On Tuesday night’s elimination round, the “Bristallion” (as her dancing partner Mark Ballas has called her) started to show her frustration. She said that she is ready to go home. “I'm exhausted. This is week seven now. I've been away from home for two months. I'm tired. I want to go home. I want to see my son," Bristol said in her confessional. The tears started to rain down. "I'm just exhausted,” she said again as Ballas comforted her.

But “DWTS” voters want to keep Bristol in a ball gown. After a very long continuation of Monday night’s 200th show celebration—including performances by Taylor Swift and Rod Stewart—came the moment of truth: Bristol and her partner Mark stood on the chopping block along with Kyle Massey and Rick Fox.

While the tension built, the contestants talked about their stress levels and how they keep the nerves from getting the best of their waltzing legs.

“Bristol you were very emotional last night, how difficult is it to be away from home?” asked host Brooke Burke. “It’s extremely difficult. I love dancing and being out here, but it’s very difficult to be away from my family and just Alaska in general,” said Bristol. As for how she keeps her anxiety levels down, she said “right before I go out on stage, I just tell myself to be calm and take deep breaths…in a competition like this, you have to manage stress the right way, otherwise it could destroy you on the floor.”

Well whatever Bristol is doing, America’s “DWTS” voters like it. After much drum rolling, Bristol and Mark were declared safe. Mark leapt up like a frog in a tuxedo while Bristol covered her face.  A lot of hugging and spinning and OMGing followed.

In the end, it was the 6’ 7” Rick Fox whose dancing shoes were taken away. He graciously bid adieu to the stage and the five remaining couples.

Next week, the contestants will have to perform an instant dance, not finding out their music until they are live on air with “only minutes to polish their performance and take the floor.” As pro dancer Cheryl Burke said, “the instant dance could be an instant disaster.”<
Harry:  "You've been a verrrry baddd boy, Lu...John!"

Spoiler Alert: fascinating Life of Wylie review of final episode:

Oh my, this is a very show bizzy blog today.  While checking UK newspaper coverage of yesterday's US election results, found something I'd probably never see in the US.  Might be because I read daily news online;) although, I do believe the fact US show biz reporters are no longer interested in Michelle Pfeiffer also plays into the equation.  Nice to see her outandabout w/her long-time hubby.  Michelle put her film career on hold to raise a family.  Here's something for us to be grateful for - no one is usually waiting to take our pic after spilling part of our dinner on a lovely silk top (which happens to be a slightly lighter shade than our new car replacement)...
Celebrating the long-awaited arrival of what had to be the longest tease in tv history...THE  table.  Apparently Lucas's neighbors at the end of his garden were Chinese spies who enjoyed snapping pix of those next door in compromising positions - like 'getting it on' on a teensy weensy kitchen table without the benefit of any privacy whatsoever. (a true acrobatic stunt. hehehe)  Can't believe we've held our collective breath for this...:)

Noticed while watching Bristol's dance on Mon evening that there will be another rip-off UK show on US tv, it's Skating with the Stars which premieres on Nov 22.
Thought I'd never have any reason to watch it, until they showed photos of the first contestants.  Yep...found a TDH to watch....otherwise...meh..trying to jump in at just the right moment for one performer can be quite a juggling act...the TDH this time is Jonny Moseley, Olympic skier..


Anonymous said...

I don't care love Lucas/John forever bad or good

Ricrar said...

Hi there Anonymous,

Movies/tv are one thing, but it's wise not to carry that sentiment into real life. The truly bad boys are not worth the grief. They're made to look glamorous in movies/tv shows BUT reality is another story - they sadly lack the personal qualities necessary to share a happy life with another human being.

Of course, there can be extenuating circumstances - everyone is entitled to one mistake. It's the chronic bad boys who are not worth our time.

Appears to me as though Lucas will be redeemed. He isn't an incorrigible bad boy. Richard would probably find it unsatisfactory to live with the memory of a character he treated with TLC for 3 series - finally biting the dust as an unsalvageable soul.

The table made it's appearance - what an anti-climax!! That must've been the longest tease in history;)

Musa said...

The table was most definitely an anti-climax, though I'm glad it finally made an appearance.(Somewhere there is film footage of it though).
As for the rest, I have to digest what I just saw. I just viewed all the Lucas/John scenes for a second time. Question for me is whether Lucas (I can't think of him as John) is redeemable. I wonder whether to believe that what a man did in his 20's... if a man can change and for 15 years change to being a good man, a hero.
I'm sad right now...will have to watch it again.
But he looked beautiful as always. That made me even sadder. Deadly beauty like a panther.

Judith Johnson said...

All right, I haven't watched but a couple of episodes of S9. I simply don't care for Spooks kind of shows. Please spare me by answering this. What has he done that is so bad?

Ricrar said...


I don't want to spell it out specifically in consideration of those who plan to buy the S9 dvds.

In general Lucas, 15yrs previous, found himself beholden to Vaughn while both were in Dafur. I'm about to add a pic provided in ep7 of the real Lucas North.

While working to earn the funds to enable his return home to England, John(Lucas) was involved in the loss of innocent lives. He claims it was unknowingly, while Vaughn states the facts were otherwise. Who do we believe?

hmmmm, on the one hand we have a man who endured 8yrs in prison for his country and alternatively a man who has been blackmailing the first in order to obtain a top secret document for the Chinese?? Given that choice, I'd believe the first.

Ricrar said...


doesn't it look very much like a set up to keep John/Lucas on the run for S10 in hopes he will find the time to reappear for S11...assuming, of course, that the series manages to hold on in the meantime?

Judith Johnson said...

Gave in and watched e7, glad I did, Lucas and Harry were great together! Will have to rewatch this episode once it is available on disc. onder if RA knew about Hobbit gig sooner than we did?

Sue said...

I must admit the whole Lucas/John story is pretty implausible and is totaly inconsistent with what we have come to believe of Lucas. Obviously he's supposed to be in denial of the true events surrounding the bombing incident.As for the Maya/John storyline, all he seems to be doing is dragging the poor girl around like a ragdoll.

As for Richard appearing at the Old Vic, I think it's marvellous of him to take part. I have nothing but admiration for Kevin Spacey and I think only an American could take his kind of approach to the theatre. There is so much snobbery by the English regarding theatre going and I applaud him for what he's done at the Old Vic.

Here's a link to the Old Vic website:

I notice that some people are taking part in a silent auction, offering an hour of their time, alas Richard isn't one of them, drat!

Ricrar said...

judith, Chances are Richard knew he'd won the Thorin role even as long as a year ago. We know the Spooks crew was aware of the CA role last April/May--perhaps RA accepted the small Kruger role w/anticipation of it's mention for The Hobbit casting announcements...which is exactly what has happened.

Either RA himself has a fine business head on his shoulders or he has excellent career advisers. Perhaps a combination of both has lead to his excellent professional decisions.

Did you find The Old Vic info fascinating? Kevin Spacey as the Artistic Director?? That was a huge surprise - I've found his films to be downright boring...don't recall anything whatsoever along the lines of classic theater??

Then Brook Shields(!!?)participation in the '24 hour plays' events. She seems like a very pleasant person BUT, as we know, certainly was never considered an actress with any gravitas whatsoever. She does have a famous name, however - a carryover over from teen years when she was considered the most stunning US model..possibly even worldwide. IMHO, Brook's ego has always been kept in-check - even through those heady limelight days. Very few show biz types manage to retain that endearing personality trait. Fingers crossed that Richard does as well, once the spotlight grows ever hotter on the international stage.

Sue said...

Kevin Spacey is quite reknowned over here in England for his role at the Old Vic, he's really turned things around. Actually didn't it say the model Kelly Brook (who is British) not Brooke Shields? Richard has done something like this once before, way back when he was still unknown, not at this level, but acting out new writers plays.(An acting/writing workshop) It will prove useful enabling him to dip his toe back in the theatre waters so if he ever does go back to the stage it won't be such a shock to the system.

Ricrar said...

Sue, it sounds as though Spacey is attempting to apply a 'common touch' to The Old Vic. Is the consensus thinking that a more populist approach was necessary in order for the famous theater to survive?

IMO, Spacey really isn't considered an actor with anywhere near the professional recognition of a Tom Hanks or Clint Eastwood. He does appear to be in what might be considered the Hollywood 'in' crowd. Paradoxically most entertainers in that group without fail seem to make the most boring, trite films. They're treated like bright lights by their peers, but the viewing public usually avoids their movies like the plague.(others are Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, etc) Hollywood today stands apart from the American people(in a negative way)--that's why the average movie audience size is miniscule compared to 20yrs ago.

Doesn't it appear John Bateman will be on the run for S10, with plans of a possible return for S11?

I agree that the Lucas character, in S7&8, would never have chucked away his MI5 career and top secret national security considerations for a love affair. Suppose writers had to invent some excuse for his absence--doubt they've taken the quickest route(in ep8) of blowing him away in a "puff of smoke"(hehe...Hannah's line;)

Ricrar said...

Sue, if you read the article at the link above, you'll see Brook Shields name mentioned among those who've participated in the past '24hr plays' event. She, Josh Hartnett & ? Vaughn were the 3 Americans mentioned. Hartnett has appeared to date in a few worthwhile films, and given fine performances; but Vaughn & Brook are rarely given anything other than light comedic roles.

Sue said...


Yes, I've just seen the article and you're right Brooke Shields has taken part in the past.

I must admit I've only occasionally seen Kevin Spacey in a film and I don't rate him much as an actor. He is applying the common touch to the Old Vic though as you say. I'm glad Richard is taking part in the fundraising and it's good to see those actors who have managed to climb the greasy, slippery pole of success help those young and aspiring actors/writers of tomorrow. I think most theatres are going to have a rough time keeping going with all the austerity cutbacks here in England and not all of them will survive.

By the way in the piccy of the table top scene did you notice that not only did Lucas/John/Richard was without a shirt but without his tattoos as well? Those high heels Maya is wearing look very sharp and painful, hope they didn't do any damage to Richard's anatomy during filming!

Ricrar said...

teehee Sue...I noticed Maya's stiletto heels as well w/same concern for RA's 'safety':) Good catch w/the missing tatts--apparently they didn't expect anyone to magnify the pix. It's never wise to underestimate cyber-fans ways with ye ol' 'puter, is it.
(bit of personal trivia -- the color of our car replacement is cyber-grey,,,had to giggle when hubby mentioned it and thought "how appropriate is that!")

In his most recent interview, Richard stated he doesn't believe UK drama is currently in dire straits, but acknowledged there is far more financial investment in US tv programs,etc - which results of course in more employment opportunities.

IMO, simple demographics explain why that is so - the size of potential audiences. With a humungous 300M+ - and constantly growing population - the entertainment industry considers it makes good business sense to focus most of their energy here.

The only argument I have w/that premise is the narrow-minded decision to force most actors to give the illusion they're American born(accents/dialects). That's ridiculous. At least 35M-45M of the current population(legal & illegal combined) were born elsewhere - so, it seems silly to me for tv execs to pretend otherwise.

Sue said...

I hate it when British actors have to take on American accents and vice-versa. Americans never quite sound like true Brits and I'm sure the same goes for Brits trying to attempt American accents. Why employ a Brit to do an American accent anyway when they can easily employ the real thing. I actually cringe when I hear Americans trying to pull off an English accent, it usually ends up sounding like a cockney or very posh over the top Brit, neither being realistic of what a true Brit sounds like.