April 21, 2013

Richard Armitage:Fabulous Friday + Narration--The Great Sperm Race + Thornton Hall Sale/Bronte Country(see links) + First 'The White Queen' Trailer + Rob Roy RA + Thornton Real Estate

Mother's Day quickly approaches, therefore the following RA narration seems especially appropriate..

Relevant real estate for sale:  Thornton Hall anyone? Appears at least one couple couldn't resist a walk through..
Soon we'll be back in PG13, consideration of young generation searching The Hobbit's Thorin mode, therefore this is the best window of opportunity to post:


Sue said...

I love the image above. It reminds me of how Richard would look as Uhtred in Lords of the North, along with the rather bleak northern countryside.

As for the piccy of Richard in his grey tweed suit, I think he looks rather smug in the one where he's showing a finely tuned (as well as ample) thigh. Those trousers don't give him much room to manoeuvre in mind you! I hope the stitching is good and strong! (Or maybe not!Richard wearing a pair of split pants, now that might be quite something to see, especially if he's not wearing any undies! Or even if he is!My goodness me, it must be Spring I can feel the old sap rising!)

Ricrar said...

Lol.."must be Spring..can feel the old sap rising" haha
Never heard it put quite that eloquently before Sue:D

I'm not certain whether that's a Scottish or Irish castle. I do know there are plenty of them that look very similar to it along the western coast of Ireland. The ubiquitous sheep in the background make me suspect that's the location of the one above.

I searched for a Scottish castle pic but the single result wasn't suitable to coordinate with above laird RA. He can definitely "take the high road, while we take the low road"---clever Scottish females must've promoted that strategy for those days the males would wear their kilts;D

Just over a week until we enjoy all the pics and audio/vid clips Aussie RA fans will no doubt manage to record of Richard's upcoming on-stage appearance.

Ricrar said...

Anyone in the market to buy Thornton Manor? Wonder if there's a mill on the property?


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! I absolutely LOVE the RA shot in front of the seemingly Irish castle (of unknown ethnic or national origin). Oh, man. Would I love to see him play a role like that.

The plaid suit works. The black sports coat and blue jeans with very fancy shoes works! The t-shirt works. The button-up works. Leathers. And of course, tails, too. Anything else? Oh, yes, the kilt and wool throw works. Only thing missing is the hand-made, primeval fur throw. Oh, yeah!!! :) :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are having a lovely Tuesday. Cheers!

Ricrar said...

Hey there Cleo!

IMO it's an Irish castle - that coastline looks similar to the one I virtually marinated in a few years ago.

Have only stayed overnight in one authentic castle but also visited Bunrattly for their medieval banquet during the same trip.

Following is website for Kinnity Castle in County Offaly, Ireland. Our room was on the third floor -- so high we could hear wings fluttering in the rafters as we awoke early the next morning. The sign at the demense entrance reads "welcoming visitors since 1208"...triggered an orgasmic moment for a history buff;D

Although only a portion of the castle's interior is part of the original - most of it was destroyed in a fire about 2 centuries ago, then rebuilt. A delicious evening meal was served in this dining room--then after dinner drinks along side a peat fire in the cozy green-leather furnished library:

cleopatraascreenplay said...

That is quite a castle, Ricrar!! Thanks for the pix/link. Very beautiful. In all my travels, for some reason, I have never been to Ireland or Scotland. Go figure. It looks truly gorgeous.

Still love the RA-in-medieval-looking-kilt! Any chances of RA-in-primeval-looking furs?? Wonder what he would look like as a caveman. Inquiring minds, you know.... :) :) :)

Ricrar said...

He's all yours Cleo...even monogrammed the pendant you're wearing. May I say you do appear to be working out daily - same as RA. (Reminds me of a character in Game of Thrones called the faceless man--you're caveman RA's faceless woman.

We have our Spring fling dates - the Scottish laird in kilt for me and of course the dReAm caveman for you. Now, how do you suggest we get them into a tux for the evening? - that could be quite a challenge;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...


I did used to look like that! :) :) Alas, middle age has arrived.... :) :) You even found something close to my hair! In an embrace with our fearless hero. Baby. He makes a nice caveman! :) :)

What a happy Wednesday :) :) Cheers, Ricrar! THANK YOU!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. I don't think that man's gonna do a tux. You know how grumpy guys get about that....bunch o' cavemen, I tell ya!

:) :) :)

Sue said...


Thought I'd update those RA fans across the pond of the never ending saga of where Richard III should be buried. It now seems his descendents have joined the fray and want Richard III to be buried in York. (I wonder if they would be prepared to foot the bill for said burial, me thinks not!) To be honest I think they're on a hiding to nowhere, as the licence Leicester University were granted was issued on the understanding that said King (if found) would be re-buried at Leicester cathedral, and it's usually the case that any re-interment must be at the nearest consecrated churchyard to the original site. Nobody seemed to give a tinker's cuss where the poor devil was buried before. Leicester put up the money and expertise to find the remains, I think that more than entitles them to the spoils don't you?



It also seems that the dig in Leicester will be extended to reveal more of the church where RIII was buried.



cleopatraascreenplay said...

Happy weekend, Ricrar! So sorry to see the RA caveman go :( :(. Wah.

Any news about Black Sky? Inquiring minds and so forth.....


Ricrar said...

Thanks for the link Sue.

I agree it seems only fair if Leicester made the financial investment, they are entitled to keep him buried there.

Maybe his wife and child can be moved there as well - reunite the family;D
Better not suggest that to the current locations - it might start a modern-day Civil War. Would you be a royalist or roundhead?

Ricrar said...

Hi Cleo, Hope you and your dau are enjoying the weekend.

I just returned from a family funeral - not exactly a happy way to spend Sat morning. It was an elderly uncle with many grandchildren. That was sad, but on the bright side - the weather is sunny and spring blossoms have burst forth in all their glory. Really beautiful.

p.s. I'll repost your caveman RA, if you want to make a copy. 3 more days and we'll get reports/pics of Richard's Aus appearance. Hooray!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hello, Ricrar. I am so sorry to hear about the family funeral and your elderly uncle. Those are always sad moments. I am sending my best and condolences.

Thank you for the RA caveman :) :). Really. Somehow I think RA himself probably doesn't mind the tuxes, but as I imagine RA-caveman, a tux is simply out of the question. (And probably the furs most of the time, too -- wait, I digress.....my imagination gets ahead of me sometimes....deep breath!)

Re: Monarchist or Other. Somehow in American context, the best way I have found to be in constant opposition is to be a Monarchist. So, here's to bringing the family back together! I think modernism has clearly failed (I am actually serious about that). So my solution is not only monarchy but a return to feudal Monarchy modeled on the diffuse rule of the Ottoman imperial state, characterized as it was by limited bureaucracy tied with communal self-rule. I am actually quite serious on this. :) :)

Sending all the best.

P.S. Looking forward to Australia pics!! Will it be recorded for those of us who are far away? (Hope, hope!)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, I've just noticed your post due to excitement earlier today in RAworld. New photos were published from Australia. See above. This is always a welcome phenomenon and caused quite a stir on twitter.

We're awaiting the publication of an interview as well - then Richard's live appearance on Wed. All in all this should be a very active week for all of us fangurls;D