April 9, 2013

Richard Armitage NEWS:Live,On-Stage Appearance in Australia, May 1(see link) + Hear His American Accent(see link) + North and South Revisited + How The Hobbit Should Have Ended + Quotes About Thorin Role + DaVinci's Demons

NEWS - RA will appear live,on-stage May 1 in Australia:

INTERVIEW:Hear a couple seconds of RA's American accent. And, that's all we want to hear of it Richard! ;D Our ears are filled with it 24/7 - humor us - choose only British roles in the future. haha (merely a jest). 

Thanks to the www.richardarmitagenet.com website for following quotes:
Richard on Thorin:
"I always imagine characters who are defined by their history. If it's not there then I will inevitably construct a detailed biography. For Thorin this was very easy...but I still needed to investigate a more domestic biography; 'What do Thorin and Dwalin "chew the fact about"?' or, 'What was Thorin's relationship with his sister Dis like?' I felt that might inform how Fili and Kili would feature in Thorin's life."
[From Wikipedia of Middle Earth's Dwarves website: 

Dís was a female Dwarf, daughter of Thráin II and sister of Thorin Oakenshield. She was the mother ofFíli and Kíli, and the only dwarf-woman ever named in the annals, in respect of the valiant deaths of her sons.]

Amy Hubbard, UK Casting Director:
"I know he won't mind me saying that Peter saw potential in Richard that hadn't been fully exploited before...His commitment to the films, pulling out of a sure-fire job (Strike Back) for the chance of appearing in a project that was 90% likely to go into production, but wasn't 100% green lit at the point of casting him, was an inspiration to all of us. And, I believe it was a much needed boost to the filmmakers' morale...Richard really deserves credit for that. He's a hero on screen and in life."
RA mentioned Thorin's sister Dis - one of the few females to garner attention in Tolkien's books. He also stated he'd love to be included in a scene with Cate Blanchette's character.  Obviously it's not within our power to make that happen on the big screen, but here they are side by side - from a poster designed in Japan.
It was a special thrill to see one of my English surnames on a storefront in N&S..
Week #4 Sean:dancing a waltz which is a good blend with the romance of N&S..

DaVinci's Demons starts this Fri, 10pm EST - I'm almost certain the director has taken his "playing with five undocumented years" of the artist's life in some  directions with which I'll disagree, BUT that will not keep me from advocating for  historical sagas. IMO, it's lightyears ahead of most modern drama in entertainment plus educational value, therefore deserves our support.



cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar! Love the N&S retrospective, as always. And the new N&S video. It just never fails!!! :)

The new interviews are also wonderful. Thank you for the links!! Love that tweeted photo from GoT, putting arms on one of the actors with cast hanging around. The more writing I do, the more I think it must be so difficult to take on these characters and make them so real -- out loud, rather than on paper!

Re: Boleyn Girl... I am a big fan of Johansson. Perhaps I will see it after all. I did finally see Anna Karenina...it was very interesting and postmodern, somehow, the way they had the characters living their lives as though their lives were constantly on a stage set. Strange and interesting message there, I think. I far prefer the messages in RA's love stories and/or heroic spy-men! Simpler message: love prevails and the bad guy loses! I like that a whole lot better. :) :) More power to him!!!

Can't wait for more RA photos! Cheers! :)

Ricrar said...

Which tweeted photo from GoT, Cleo? I must have missed it.

Are you referring to Ser Jorah touching Daenerys shoulder?

The different GoT twitter accounts seem to tweet dozens every day.

I found ep 2 much darker than the first and not nearly as exciting. Perhaps that's because we caught up with the youngest generation this time, while last week's focused on queen Cersei's incestuous twin and other adults.

There will be an episode that almost no one on the planet will not hear the exclamations of shock and awe. It's the centerpiece to Geo Martin's 7vol saga. Every reader I've encountered so far says vol 3, Storm of Swords is their fav.

Happy to hear you've enjoyed the N&S sojourn. It does have a special place in most RA fans hearts.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! I didn't mean GoT -- I meant the photo tweeted by the onering site. Oops!

Just LOVE the North and South retrospective. So many kisses, so little time!!!

The new John and Margaret video is wonderful -- "A Story of Love" -- hadn't seen that one before. Love the editing on some of these fanvids. They make some of the scenes extremely powerful!

Waiting, waiting, waiting for more RA in Black Sky and the Hobbit. I wonder if they will include more female characters this time (Hobbit)? You're right, it is an extraordinarily male cast. I'm not so anxious to see the dwarf women with beards -- perhaps more women elves, or a human woman here or there? :) :) Could happen! :) :) Maybe Thorin's heavy emotional load that RA has so kindly warned us of could be lightened significantly if he fell in love with some female....

Ricrar said...

Cleo, I was doing a little Spring cleaning in the photo gallery and came across two that made me think immediately of you.

First is RA as a Mid-eastern sheik. At the time, there was talk of a tv series in development focusing on a historical Arab leader and his politically powerful wife. I was inspired to see how Richard might look in the role. Believe you'll agree he'd look droolworthy;D Would definitely stuff my grape leaves or grind my hummus. haha I know they're Greek dishes, just not certain if they might be found in Mid-East as well. He could thread my kabob anytime he wished. teehee

Second photo is one from the very first NZ Hobbit press conference. It was our first look at Thorin's beard. After stumbling upon the painting of another sheik, whose beard looks very similar, I hung it behind Richard in above pic - even the color landscape seemed to blend very well.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, Ricrar, I don't even know what to say. Your generosity precedes you!!!!!! THANK YOU for the RA in Middle Eastern garb photos. BE STILL MY HEART. :) :) My first thought at RA in the black outfit was Lawrence of Arabia! Then, of course, the Persian Prince came to mind :) :). Either way, yes, droolworthy!!!!! Grape leaves, hummus, Greek, Latin, Armenian! You name it. It works just fine for me! I can't even think about kabob. I will be checking my tea leaves presently. Or my coffee grounds. Do you think he likes henna?? I am a big fan.... :) :) :)

That art piece – is it Persian? – is a remarkable likeness! :) :) Love it!!

Ricrar said...

Henna? Do you use it for body art or as a hair product?

Possibly it's an ingredient in RA's hair dye. I'm sure you've noticed coal black isn't his natural color - that started with John Thornton. Apparently he's described that way by Mrs Gaskell. Will need to check my copy of N&S for the entire physical description.

Do you ever have henna body art applied?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! Here's a link to some very nice henna work I had done at a local festival this past fall. pic.twitter.com/0h4KEUznru There are some real artists out there. I love it! I meant henna as painted rather than in hair. RA's hair doesn't have that red or golden tint to it that I would expect if he used henna for his hair.... (Although I'm sure he'd look gorgeous in it -- anything seems to work for him.) :) :)

Cheers. (I hope the link works!)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. If you notice, it has a lot of Lotus flowers in it. I asked her to put in as many Lotus flowers in as she could. I think she did a remarkable job! :)

Ricrar said...

That design is lovely, Cleo.
What's advertised as *henna tattoos* are very popular at beach resorts along the mid-Atlantic.

Our 21yr old niece has a sleeve of permanent tatts with a similar pattern. It developed over a 3 yr period, as she'd have one added every few mos. She chose delicate pastel tones, therefore it does resemble a cascading vine of flowers down her arm.

It has the effect on her generation of talking to a wall:) but I did explain it will cost a fortune in laser surgery to remove - if she ever grows tired of it. IMO whenever one feels compelled to use their bods as a canvas, hennas are the wise way to go.

Did you notice Richard will be appearing live on stage in Aus, May 1 for a Hobbit rescreening? It's not exactly the way we expected he'd next be on stage, but Aussie fans are thrilled.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Agree on henna or paint as an alternative to tattoos. My daughter and I head straight for the face paint, spray paint, or henna stands whenever we go to local festivals (which abound around here). The gal who did that design on me is a local painter I know who gives her time every year to do it at one of our local festivals for a local charity she co-founded. It's a non-denominational microfinance organization mostly for women established by several local Muslim women. Last year, she did an amazing Star of David on my daughter (just one of the designs they had available). They're really an amazing group. She is a wonderful painter and artist. I go back ever year! I only wish it lasted more than 10 days! :) Always makes me feel like I'm in Morocco for a few minutes while they're painting :) (that was the first place I ever had henna done).

I DID notice that RA will be on stage in Australia. How cool is that. I only wish I could jump on a plane and see it!! Could he tour -- and put North Florida on his schedule? :) :) :) I hope he will have fun with it. And if anyone in the audience asks him if the Hobbit is a kids' film, tell him to say his fans say no -- and will kick their %%#$#$ if they ask it again :) :) :) (Just kidding -- not).

Cheers! :) :) Happy Friday!!!