July 7, 2011

New PJ Video--See RA + New TV Series: The Vikings + Richard Mentioned in Today's Hobbit in 5 + *Back* to the Future Fri + The Tudors Michael Hirst Interviews

Thorin Oakenshield Case: A review of the evidence, my dear Watson...

Will Thorin at times wear a hood?...

hmmm...these side braids are looking fine...
Is Sir Guy wondering if he's about to lose his title 'hottest thing in leather'...

Hiked around one of our fav locations today - a beautiful lake.  My talented photographer hubby snapped these lovely lilies...

Past Post Oct 2010:

THE VIKINGS are coming! The Vikings are coming! This could be promising--as long as it's not 90% slash and burn like the recent Spartacus series...Read from bottom up..

Can the Team Behind 'Tudors' and 'Camelot' Make Vikings Sexy Too?

24 May 2011 2:58 PM, PDT   -   UGO TV
If you're a TV writer these days looking for the next great story, you must be asking yourself, "What periods have yet to be exploited? We've got pirates, the '60s and Romans, has anyone tapped 'sexy cavemen' yet? Is that a thing?"

Well, get ready to add Vikings to the list. Deadline reports that the creative minds behind both The Tudors and Camelot are pillaging history once more to bring forth a sexy new period drama, titled simply (for now) Vikings. Developed with MGM in their first major move post-bankruptcy, the new series from creators Michael Hirst and Morgan o'Sullivan as of yet lacks a channel to call home (like a real nomad!), but is expected to settle down on one of the pay-cable networks, as with its predecessors.
According to the report, the series will "chronicle the Vikings' exploits as warriors, explorers, builders, merchants, pirates and mercenaries through »
"Camelot" Creators Sail For "Vikings"
24 May 2011 1:35 PM, PDT
"The Tudors" creator Michael Hirst and his "Camelot" co-creator Morgan O'Sullivan are teaming with MGM for the 10-episode big budget drama series "Vikings" says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story will revolve around the famed Scandinavian warriors who ruled the North Seas from the late-8th to the mid-11th century. The story specifically centers on Ragnar Lodbrok, a commander who briefly ruled Denmark and Sweden and had affairs with both shieldmaidens and a queen.

Hirst is working on a bible for the series and is expected to write most or all episodes, Hirst famously penned every single episode of "The Tudors".

The Irish-Canadian co-production, using a mold akin to "The Tudors" and "Camelot", will be the studio’s first original TV programming since it emerged from bankruptcy last year.   - Garth Franklin
MGM Television Partners With The Team Behind 'The Tudors' For Viking Series
24 May 2011 12:20 PM, PDT  -  Deadline TV
Exclusive: In one of the highest-profile TV projects to come out of post-bankruptcy MGM, the studio has teamed with The Tudors and Camelot masterminds Michael Hirst and Morgan O'Sullivan for Vikings (working title), a drama series about the famous Scandinavian warriors. Hirst, creator of Showtime's The Tudors and co-creator of Starz's Camelot, created Vikings and will executive produce with Irish-based producer O'Sullivan and producers/managers Sherry Marsh and Alan Gasmer. The series is eyed to begin production on a 10-episode first season next year at O'Sullivan's soon-to-open studio facility in Ireland. It will be an Ireland-Canada co-production in the mold of O'Sullivan's production model for The Tudors and Camelot. MGM, which has been involved in the development of the project, will finance 100% of the cost outside of Canada and Ireland and will distribute the series in the U.S. and internationally. Vikings is considered better suited for cable...  - NELLIE ANDREEVA

Looking Viking-esque...

Hobbit in 5 Mentionhttp://youtu.be/WwusXQrmOsQ

Almost his back...

Look back at me...


Writer Michael Hirsts Projects in Development:

Production Company Notes
MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS Working Title Film
THE ROYAL PHYSICIAN'S VISIT Nordisk Film From the book by Per Olov Enquist
THE PRIVATE LIFE OF CHAIRMAN MAO Based on the book by Dr Li Zhisui

The Tudors costume designer..


There were about 1400 costumes - some were recycled...
Recycled costumes…


Here's my fav American movie star - Channing Tatum...it's another case of far more than eye candy beneath the handsome surface..his films always have a moving message and are usually above average in many other ways as well.  IMO, two other American actors who are worth our viewing time are TV stars Jeffrey Donovan and Matt Bahmer.  Their hit shows are Burn Notice and White Collar.


MsG said...

Oo I squealed with delight and ran off into another room away from the family and any disturbances to fully take in the new video from Hobbit-land and RA with new haircut (back to probably his natural brown with flecks of grey, lovely lovely) and the news he's now off from NZ until the beginning of Sept! Longer than I thought....altho' he does say that he's having 4 weeks off, so that takes him up 'til nearing the end of this month...and then I'm guessing he's 'back at work' promoting Capt America and possibly attending premiere's here and maybe over in the States? How exciting! :)

MsG said...

...and celebrating the Big 4-0 in August before heading back to NZ!

RiCrAr said...

Yes, MsG, the new vid was very welcome. By this time next year we'll be very accustomed to the slow release of Hobbit information.

What's you opinion why Richard's hair was cut so short in the new vid?...to accommodate a wig seems to be the consensus of opinion.

Richard looks to me as though he's lost weight - his roles are always so physically demanding it must really be difficult to maintain an ideal weight. Let's hope he's enjoying many fine meals during his hiatus -- get that 6'2" frame filled out and ready to slay dragons..well, at least one dragon:)

MsG said...

Yes probably to accommodate a wig. He does lose weight easily doesn't he, let's hope his Mum fills him up with a good few Yorkshire hotpots if he goes up to see her :) Thought he was actually looking older in that vid, well...his age, but it's probably because he's shattered! And the grey flecks in hair/beard added to that.
In the magazine photoshoot pics recently though, he looked darker again? Maybe the hair/beard dye had been used since arriving back in uk?

Sue said...

Whoops! Where did all Richard's lovely dark locks disappear to? It's took me quite a while to get used to Lucas North and John Porter's short back and sides after those dark flowing curls of Sir Guy, but oh no, never will I get used to that brillo pad look! Let's hope it grows quickly back, wig or no wig! I'm wondering if that new look may have something to do with a new acting role (or old one - John Porter). I remember Richard saying he would have liked Lucas North to have had his head shaved when he first appeared in Spooks after his time spent in a Russian prison, could Richard get his wish in the shape of John Porter spending time in a prison in Pakistan instead? Also, why regrow the beard again? No somethin's definitely up here, I smell something fishy (and it's not those kippers I had for breakfast!)

I see he was wearing his trusty leather jacket in the video. Not sure whether he's lost weight or not, but I definitely prefer him slimline (like the tonic), compared to chunky John Porter.

MsG said...

@Sue....maybe the beard is a good disguise now he's back home, so he can run the streets of East Dulwich without getting mobbed?
Slimline, chunky...all good in my book ;) it is Richard after all! Though if I had to choose, the heavier GoG figure is my preference.

Sue said...


I see you have a new poll on Richard's weight/figure. I like him slim, more his natural weight but I think Richard looked rather ill and drawn when he appeared in series 7 of Spooks. He was really underweight and it didn't look good at all. I don't believe that drawn looking face was entirely down to make-up in Spooks. Glad he filled out a bit later. Personally I think Richard found it difficult to bulk up for his role as John Porter. He must have had to spend relentless hours at the gym to hone those pecs! I think he looks younger when he's slim. More boyish!

negativeangel said...

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