July 9, 2011

bbcA is on a Roll - Couple Shows Worth Viewing : The Tudors AND Rupert Penry Jones in Whitechapel


I can tell from the show's description as a crime drama that it's similar to hubby's fav shows.  And I can tell as well from the fact RPJ is in it, that's it's also my idea of worthwhile programming...*eye candy never hurts* ;) in the same way frosting on a cake completes a yummy feast.  If we want ugly, we need only visit a shopping mall any day of the week;)  IMO, the more ways our mind and senses are engaged the better quality entertainment we've found. [Update:  yucky, yucky, yucky...just watched the entire vid and realize my eyes will be closed for the gruesome bloody scenes...how do I diplomatically get dh to alert me when RPJ is back on the screen...haha...that one will be a challenge]


Whitechapel doesn't start until Oct - in the meantime Chas Brandon has two more seasons to go in The Tudors..




MsG suggested RA could do with a few hotpots during his filming hiatus.  I'd heard of the dish before and found a few recipes that look really yummy.  Although the recipe that really caught my eye was Beef & Ale Pie...showed the pic to hubby and now I am committed to give this one a try.  How can you go wrong with beef, veggies, gravy encased in a crispy crust....making myself hungry haha...

Recipe w/mustard & nutmeg added:


Steak & ale pie--hubby would love this one - 2 of his fav things in the world in one dish…

In the US, meat pies were once a popular dish. They can still be found in supermarket frozen food aisles - those cannot compare with “made from scratch.” My mother-in-law makes a to die for meatpie.  Will post her recipe asap..   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meat_pie

Another 'can the world get any smaller' discovery...the designs for The Tudors series are much too ornate for my taste, but was very pleased to learn about the jewelry designers for that 4-season series.  They're a family-run PA business located only a 40mi drive from our home. The mother and daughters business owners use antique designs for inspiration..

Pieces worn in 4th season of The Tudors..
Modern designs:  http://www.sorrelli.com/

Filed under The Never-ending Circle called World History:  [actor Henry Cavill was born on the island of Jersey]

JERSEY--Channel Island (like the Isle of Man it's a British Crown Dependency): EXCERPTS from Wikipedia …."In recognition for help given to him during his exile in Jersey in the 1640s, Charles II gave George Carteret, bailiff and governor, a large grant of land in the American colonies in between the Hudson and Delaware rivers which he promptly named New Jersey. It is now a state in the United States of America."

…"The source of milk on the island is Jersey cattle, a small breed of cow that has also been acknowledged for the quality of its meat. The Jersey cow has more widely been known for its rich milk and cream. It is said the first immigrants to America (who settled in Virginia) brought the Jersey Cow along with them. Nowadays, visiting the Isle of Jersey, many local businesses support and thrive on the export of "Jersey Cow" milk, cream and fudge."     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey
EXCERPT from Entertainment Weekly:….."From 2007 to 2010, Henry Cavill had a leading role in Showtime's television series The Tudors as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. The series was well-received: it was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2007 and won an Emmy in 2008. Cavill credits the show to bolstering his career: "It’s done the most for me to date. . . . Now that there's an audience somewhere in America that’s aware of who I am, I have more sell-ability, because of The Tudors." Entertainment Weekly named him the "Most Dashing Duke" and praised his work on The Tudors for displaying "charm, depth and a killer bod".

Here she is - lucky girl. She's an equestrian. Her and Henry were dating for a year when she joined him in May at a Hollywood hotel to celebrate his birthday. He had called her dad and asked permission...ahhhh..earlier in the day and then proposed. She tells the story on her website. http://www.ellenwhitaker.com/welcome.html

Henry grew up on the island of Jersey in the English Channel. The founder of the state of New Jersey was the governor of Henry's birthplace, Jersey, during the English Civil War. While fleeing parliament, the king(was it Charles or James?) took refuge on the isle of Jersey. Years later, when he was restored to the throne, he awarded Jersey’s Governor, George Carteret, land in colonial America.  Today it's the state of New Jersey.
All the above because I agree with Entertainment Weekly when it stated Henry Cavill gave a charming and deep performance in The Tudors. EW added he also has a killer bod. *chuckles* It must be a cultural thing for Americans to worship at the altar of hot bods...LOL...*ahem* as long, that is, as the person inside the bod deserves the fuss.  *Saint Ricrar ;) genuflection*


Sue said...


I hope you enjoy RPJ in Whitechapel. It's already been shown over here in England. I have watched the odd episode but I'm sorry to say I didn't like to much. It couldn't seem to make up its mind which era it was in. My review for RPJ is: good effort, could do better.

By the way I've been watching Camelot and I must admit I'm hooked! Could do with a bit more eye candy though, Clive Standen's not bad in it.

Jo said...

For those in the US you can stream Whitechapel- NOW- through amazon instant movies- $1.99 per epi or $3.99 for a whole season--

RiCrAr said...

Happy Sun, Sue and Joe. Thx for the Whitechapel information.

Sorry to hear you were disappointed in WC Sue...if the tangle of evidence is tantalizing enough to trigger a 'who dunnit' challenge, we'll enjoy it. I might miss half the show however if there are non-stop gruesome scenes. My crime solver-in-chief partner usually realizes he needs to tell me "ok..open your eyes" whenever the realistic looking blood stops squirting in every direction.

We really enjoyed Camelot and were disappointed to hear it hasn't been renewed:( Hopefully Michael Hirst's(wrote all 38 eps of The Tudors) new series called 'Vikings' will be a good replacement.

p.s. Peter Mooney(Arthur's bro Kay) is my fav in Cam...Clive Standen was awesome as well. He was asked to do a 'skin' shoot for the Starz series in hopes it would rev up more interest in another season...to no avail. I've been told Clive sent copies of the shirtless pic to some followers on twitter. I've seen the pic and yum,yum!! Female viewers alone should've crashed the Starz website with demands for more Kay & Gawain. I wonder if a different actor had been chosen to play Arthur, if we'd be looking forward to S2. Not to be unkind, but Jamie didn't have the acting chops, charisma, physique or face to attract viewers. Wasn't a vampire role considered his professional credentials? *unbelievable*

Are you enjoying Eva Green as Morgan, Fiennes's Merlin and Hannah Thornton*grin* - IMHO, they were really good.

Sue said...


Yes I noticed Mrs Thornton was player a nun, very good she is too! The series doesn't believe in going by the history books does it? Still who cares if there's a nude scene somewhere!

Just bought a copy of The Sunne in Splendour. Had a quick flick through it and it looks just my type of book. Seems an odd type of book for a teenage lad to be reading. He certainly doesn't seem to have been the type of boy to be out kicking a football around the streets does he? Up in his bedroom reading all day/night? What a waste!

RiCrAr said...

hahaha...Morgan provided most of the nude scenes, didn't she. The first one w/Purefoy was a sizzler. Never noticed him before--that scene caught my attention.

Philip Winchester was asked what it was like to work w/Eva as Morgan. He said the male cast members were in awe of her - they tended to get very quiet when she was on set. She definitely revealed her all in more ways than one. Perhaps her Bond girl status was one of the reasons they were so impressed.

Did Richard say he read the TSinS when he was a teen? I thought the group of female bbc web crashers (after N&S)introduced him to that book. I remember one of the many times he was asked about his on-line fans, he replied they had helped him with Richard III research. He also mentioned Tolkien's books as favorites in his younger years.

He said many hours of reading, during quiet childhood days, helped develop his imagination and eventual love for acting. Isn't his thoughtful intelligence one of the reasons we find him to be an unusual celebrity?

Jo said...

oh my yes Clive sent a very delightful pic to those who follow him on twitter and I got it!! he's really very nice I love twitting with him. After I stared at the picture for 10 min I needed a pool full of ice. LOL

Sue said...


Richard was introduced to the book "The Sunne in Splendour" by his dad, who had apparently read it as he is fascinated by Richard III, which is why RA is I believe. I think he said he read it as a child, but as it wasn't printed until 1984 I'm guessing he was in his early teens perhaps.

Richard seems to attribute his interest in acting to quite a few things when he was young. He once mentioned being took to see a play in Stratford-upon-Avon which sparked the acting bug. I must admit I would have found it difficult to live in at the stage school at only 14. I know it was only a stones throw away from his home in Coventry, but still, it must have been a bit of a wrench. (Or perhaps he was able to get away with some naughties away from mum and dad!)

Sue said...

By the way I think you are getting Lancashire mixed up with Yorkshire (that will never do, remember the War of the Roses!). Hotpot is "Lancashire Hotpot", Yorkshire have lovely puddings named after them, lovely with best roast beef and roast potatoes, real gravy (not that granules stuff mind). Yes that should put a few hairs on his chest and stick to his ribs!

Richard in his last picture looked a little sunburnt, a bit red and sore looking on his face. (What you could see of it for the beard that is). I'm available to rub a bit of suntan lotion into that milky white skin any day!(I'm guessing I'm not the only one either!)

RiCrAr said...

Jo, if they'd written a few shirtless scenes for Clive's Gawain, we might've seen a series2 for Camelot. Suppose we could still be surprised that it will be a go. I didn't realize it was still playing in the UK. Maybe they were waiting to see the numbers there before making that decision.

Sue, I'd forgotten Richard's dad had instilled the RichardIII bug in his son. Yes, that was a sober topic for a early teen. Although, I remember searing through every medieval novel I could get my hands on at that time. Suppose boys of that age are as taken with knights, armor, jousting, fencing, etc as girls are with the pomp & circumstance of that era. I remember wearing a princess costume every Halloween for at least 5yrs in a row.

Jumping into hot pots & puddings *slurp..burp..oops..excuse me:)*

MsG mentioned a few of his mum's hot pots would put some needed padding on Richard. I didn't know if that dish remained local to Lanc or spread elsewhere as recipes tended to do in US. Many ethnic dishes went national or at least regional after awhile. Everyone in my area of PA enjoys Penna Dutch dishes such as pork & sauerkraut, shoo-fly pie, chicken pot pie(sort of a stew w/noodles), Polish bleenies(sauteed potato cakes), Polish kielbassi(spicy sausage)

Puddings in US are strictly a dessert...rice, tapioca, chocolate, butterscotch--also bread pudding...most are heavily laced w/nutmeg & vanilla flavoring.

Did you notice Henry Cavill is engaged to a lovely equestrian from Yorkshire. Her last name is Whitaker. A Whitaker family emigrated from England in mid1800s to my hometown. Learned these tidbits while doing family tree research. After you've read the 1870 census for the same community about 10Xs, you start to remember all the family names:)

p.s. don't miss the newly designed Richard III & Chas Brandon 'historical' dolls in the most recent post...funny:)

MsG said...

Yes I was meaning 'hotpots' in general, as you are right Ricrar they have spread elsewhere. A hotpot is basically a one-pot meal, aka stew or casserole. Only added the Yorkshire bit...well...for obvious reasons. Maybe I should have put Yorkshire puds to save the extra discussion about meals! :D

Sue said...


You're right there are different variations of "hotpots". In Liverpool they call it "Scouse", which is just basically cheap cuts of meat and vegetables (anything you can get - or afford - it was a cheap dish to make for our ancestors. Usually the meat was omitted or a bone with scraps of meat left on were used)

My mum, although from the Wirral across the mersey from Liverpool always referred to scouse as a casserole, never stew, but it was exactly the same, just that the nosh sounded posh! I used to love bread and butter pudding too! Cheap but tasty to make! As for cheese, how about a bit of "Red Leicester"?


I notice that you've given us the option of choosing one of Richard's characters to rub the suntan lotion in. Of course I wouldn't mind choosing Sir Guy, with the strict instructions to remove all his leathers first (it's a good as excuse as any don't you think?)

By the way saw Keith Allen in a British series called "New Tricks" last night (which is very good). He was playing a dodgy private investigator and tried to leg it out of a window at the first opportunity! (Still playing the same old roles then!)

RiCrAr said...

I enjoy the food discussions. Remembering my grdmother's description of an elderly greatuncle's diet(he died at 97) He descended on paternal side from original emigrants from Notts, and lived with her for last decade of his life. She told me he'd fry mackeral every Sun morning..ate something called pickled pigs feet. Most unusual dish she described was called milk toast. It was literally buttered toast chunks soaked in hot milk. Those dishes faded away many yrs ago...reminders of a time when use was made of every morsel of meat and other food staples.

New poll inspiration: this is the time of year we must take precautions in the hot summer sun. I've often seen fan reaction to the thought of RA characters needing an application of sunscreen.

Amazing how quickly they queue up volunteering for that pleasure. *don't want to miss any important areas...extra dose on that handsome nose,,,across those broad shoulders...behind the knees & biceps are often forgotten -- not this time! Last but not least, ladies, we'll need to rub the protective lotion all over those rugged chest muscles..including between 6pack abs & pecs. Haven't mentioned thighs, but we'd never neglect that important area, would we?* hahaha

A little insurance that one day we'll again be treated to a shirtless scene. *WE WISH* ;)

Sue said...


Don't forget to plaster sunscreen on RA's nether regions too! Those white bits are very important to protect.

My dad always used to have kippers for breakfast every Sunday morning. I remember mum cooking what was called "Gypsy toast", which sounds a bit like your milk toast, only it was eggs and milk it was dipped in then fried. Yum, yum!Ever heard of "bubble and squeak" (No not the sound of RA as fans descend on his chest). Sort of burgers made out of left overs such as mashed potato, cabbage, etc. then fried. (Not sure our diet was entirely healthy back then!)