June 30, 2011

ahhh, Be Careful Lest You Develop a "Passion" for Pilsner + Sign Petition Supporting Richard III Production + RA Reads TS Eliot + Two Quotes from 2 Magazines in Reference to RA

Sign the Petition in support of the Richard III production here:

Brief but fascinating comments re RA from two publications:

Empire Mag quote: "Especially Armitage exudes a steely conviction; there are hints here of the intensity Viggo Mortenson lent Aragorn."

Sincere thanks to http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/latestnews.html for providing the article.
Comment on facebook page of Recognize Magazine reads:

"Recognise Mag: This will be Richard Armitage like you will have never seen him before...."

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The Pilgrimage of Grace forms much of the backdrop to Season 3 of the television series The Tudors. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilgrimage_of_Grace

THE TUDORS:Writer & Executive Producer--Michael Hirst..Born in UK,1952

QUOTE: "I know I am sometimes taken to task for “inventing” things, but believe me the general rule of thumb is that the more extraordinary and unbelievable a scene is, the more likely it is to be based on historical “fact”. I simply could not make up the story of Henry wrestling, virtually naked, with the King of France; or the “orgy” that followed the birth of his bastard son; or the fact that the King fell head first into the mud and nearly drowned trying to vault over a ditch"

QUOTE: “In movies, the writer is, beyond a certain point, incidental and a bit of a nuisance. But in series TV, the writer is God. And given the choice, I prefer to be God.”
[Ricrar Observation: Imagine living in a society where the government dictates what you can and cannot wear. Actually - if the current political party(liberal Democrats) remain in power much longer in the US, they are capable of going to such ridiculous lengths to control what citizens can and cannot do. In liberal regions of the country, they’re already setting laws in place to control what the population can and cannot eat as well as which vehicles they may drive with government approval. You see, to their way of thinking, their perception of themselves as  possessing far more brilliance than the average American deigns them worthy of setting such rules for everyone else. That’s not far from the Tudor age’s restrictions on who were deemed worthy enough to wear velvet and silk.]             http://tudorswiki.sho.com/page/chart+of+Tudor+Sumptuary+laws

Anne Arundell - Lady Baltimore - Her and her husband Cecil Calvert funded the founding of the state of Maryland (colony at that time).  Her father had been imprisoned several times for refusing to reject his religion.  Her great grandmother was a cousin of
Henry VIII's.  Upon Anne's death in 1649 the Maryland Assembly(state government) named the most recently formed division of land -  'Anne Arundel County'.  The couple never visited Maryland but were very interested in it's development.  Their drawing room ceiling was decorated with paintings of the Ark and the Covenant - two ships that delivered the first settlers to Maryland.    Their family home was Hook House, Wiltshire, England.

Founder of Pennsylvania: William Penn...


Excerpt:    PENN, William, founder of Pennsylvania, born in London, England, 14 October, 1644; died in Ruscombe, Berkshire, 30 July, 1718. He was descended from an ancient family that had lived in Buckinghamshire for many generations. A branch settled in Wiltshire, near Mintyre, and from this was descended Admiral William Penn, the father of the founder, who was born in Bristol in 1621. He joined a vessel early in life under his father's command, and became a captain before he was twenty years of age. In 1643 he married Margaret Jasper, daughter of a rich merchant of Rotterdam, and then settled in London. After a year of fashionable life he returned to active service, and was given command of the frigate "Fellowship." With unusual rapidity he attained the ranks of rear-admiral and vice-admiral of Ireland, and in 1652 he was vice-admiral of England. He served as general in the first Dutch war, and in 1664 he was chosen great captain-commander under the Duke of York, afterward James II., and was knighted. He died at his home in Wanstead, Essex, on 16 September, 1670. (See "Memorials of the Professional Life of Admiral Sir William Penn," by Granville Penn, London, 1833.)


Musa said...

That was a great comment in Empire Mag wasn't it? good to see him mentioned. No one can do steely like RA!
I think Viggo is a good actor, but Armitage is a great actor and we all know he's perfect for Thorin :)

RiCrAr said...

That's so true, Musa. I was really tempted to post my Aragon-like pic after reading Empire's comment and reconsidered - Richard's unique talents and powerful on-screen presence will set an even higher standard for Jackson's Tolkien films.

Agreed the director found the perfect actor to play Thorin. Steely conviction, great gravitas and a gentlleman all combined in one glorious package. *smiling* Just remembered...the last words were included in my inaugural post when this blog opened about 18mos ago.

Musa said...

Ricrar, did you see the other quote in Empire about RA glowing in the dark? We know he does glow :)

Thanks for the history on Anne Arundel, there's a Calvert County in Maryland also. Wonder how many residents of Anne Arundel County know their own history,

Sue said...


Love Richard reading "Prelude", is this something new he's done? Not heard it before.


Did you see the quote that Richard's dad used to take him on holiday visiting nuclear power stations? Blimey and I thought my dad was an old skinflint! (To think I used to complain that my dad used to spend all his time fishing when he took us on holiday). Mind you couldn't go around doing that nowadays (visiting nuclear power stations, not fishing that is), you'd likely get arrested on terrorism charges.

Musa said...

Hi Sue,

I did see that about Richard and his dad and had to laugh. Can't imagine those vacations, and you're right about being arrested today. Isn't his dad an engineer? Probably why RA is a bit of a workaholic since his dad couldn't let go of his work, even on vacation! I think fishing with your dad Sue was much more interesting :)

RiCrAr said...

No, Musa, I missed the quote saying he glows. Did they mention which scene it might be?

Sue, it looks as though 'Prelude' was uploaded to youtube by the same organization that provided Richard's WWII poems, etc.

What is the quote from RA's father? - missed it. Is it from a new interview? I know exactly what you mean about extremely heavy security at nuclear power plants - and don't we sleep more soundly knowing that fact;)

Musa said...


I was part of the Empire Mag issue, see link below:

Quote is about nuclear power plant holidays as explanation of why RA glows in the dark - LOL

Sue said...

I have a theory that maybe during school holidays his dad may have taken him with him if visiting nuclear power plants as part of his job. Can't see how anyone would go on holiday just to look at them can you? Wonder which ones he went to? Maybe Cumbria me thinks. There was a story not too long ago about someone selling a lovely little cottage out in the wilds in Seascale, Cumbria, with nobody as a neighbour but the great big nuclear power plant next to it. Oddly enough it quite appealed to me, all that lovely countryside!(By the way the power plant used to be called Windscale until they renamed it Sellafield under a new branding exercise due to nuclear accidents there).

RiCrAr said...

Sue, you might want to give that a 2nd/3rd/4th thought - that is, living close to a nclear power plant. If there's a radiation leak, by the time it's discovered, it would probably be too late for anyone living that close to the facility. Maybe they need to take a daily dose of..hmmm..is it iodine? tablets as a preventative measure.

Sue said...


To be honest I think I'd rather take my chances living next to a nuclear power plant if it meant all that lovely solitude and wildlife. I can't fathom out activists these days though,coal powered plants are now their number one enemy, because they leave a high carbon footprint. Would they really rather be full of radiation than coal dust? England was built on the backs of the mining industry. The nuclear plants are having to bury all the radioactive waste in layers of cement and even wanted to put them down disused Cornish tin mines! A ticking time bomb or not! No give me a lung full of coal dust any day, at least it evolved naturally. I think we should be having more wind farms not building more nuclear power plants, clean energy that's what England needs!

Have you seen the latest interviews for Captain America? There's a short clip of Richard being interviewed. It's on the RichardArmitageNet website.

RiCrAr said...

Sue, the carbon footprint nonsense is a scam. It was fabricated by the same elitists who lied about global warming statistics. They deleted any results that didn't support there arguments. Why would they pull such a scam on western nations? Answer: In order to funnel a larger portion of more advanced countries wealth into the third world.

That sounds commendable, but when they're willing to lie to us in order to achieve their global social engineering, we have to ask ourselves what other questionable 'facts' they're willing to lie about. The mindset of Sarah in Spooks 8 was very similar to those who believe they should and can manipulate western nations population behavior in order to speed up third world development.

Liberal socialist, Pres Obama, is currently doing everything he can to destroy the coal industry in the US. If he succeeds tens of thousands more Americans will be unemployed. He doesn't have a clue what measure to take to help private companies create more jobs - his only expertise is using class warfare and higher taxes to sap all the strength out of the nations economy. Democrats are all theory once in power - no practical experience. That's why there policies never work - they only servie to exacerbate problems.

Yes, wind farms and solar energy sound like clean, safe alternative sources of energy. Eventually we'll deplete the earth's depositis of oil and be forced to find other fuels.

Maybe we should run for office LOL...do you want to be Prime Minister or her right hand woman? *chuckle*:) BTW, see above for the new snippet of RA commenting on Capt America.

Sue said...


I think us women should take over the world, we'd sort the buggers out!

Margaret Thatcher brought the British mining industry to its knees (with a little help from unionists such as Arthur Scargill - my dad's favourite icon - God the endless rows we had on that subject!)Now we have to import our coal from Russia! Complete madness!

People are against building windfarms (no I don't mean growing mass quantities of brussel sprouts and consuming them, with the inevitable consequences!)It seems the public would rather we build more nuclear power plants instead, which is the only other option.

Wonder what side of the fence our Richie sits on, knowing that his dad is fascinated by nuclear fuel?