June 13, 2011

More Photog Shoot Tweets + New Fanvid + Twitter Burps(RA & Sean Bean) + Sideburn Tuesday + New Fan Show Reel Vid

Jacob Kamara

@jacobkamara London

Fashion Journalist who mostly writes about unconventional menswear. Fashion Assistant at Pigeons and Peacocks magazine http://www.jacobkamara.wordpress.com/.
Read from bottom up:

*jacobkamara Jacob Kamara
..... I will let you know details of when it's published. I will say he's Soooooooo nice in person.
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*jacobkamara Jacob Kamara
Richard Armitage fans: sorry just seen all your tweets. The whole shoot was filmed so I will post a link when it's uploaded. Also.....
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*jacobkamara Jacob Kamara
Arghhhhhh... I'm so late!
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*jacobkamara Jacob Kamara
Had great fun shooting Richard Armitage yesterday. Busy busy day today.
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All sorts of both RA and Sean Bean blips on twitter today..

The ghost of Ned Stark rumbles :) Sean's name is currently trending worldwide on twitter.  Hopefully it's in recognition of his fine Game of Thrones performance, but more likely it's due to following..


A London photographer known for taking celebrity photos tweeted that RA was in his studio..who knows if it was authentic ;)

There was also a tweet a couple days ago saying preparations were in full swing for an RA interview in this mag.  Again, we'll need to patiently wait in order to find out whether the tweet is credible.

Joffrey & Tyrion - Nothing quite as satisying as justice speedily served...

GoT viewers are hoping for a spinoff with Tyrion & Bronn...


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love the sideburns!

OML :)

Anonymous said...

Forgot... the new poll should include and 'All the above' option, I can't just choose one.

OML ;o)

RiCrAr said...

Ah, OML, that's what makes being an RA fan so delicious...now & then we have to narrow down our choices at his delicious feast for the mind, ears & eyes ;)...don't we?

Sue said...


Seeing that piccy of Richard in his top hat reminded me of a comment RA once made in an interview.

Apparently while appearing in a musical theatre show where all the men had to wear top hat and tails in a dance sequence they had to make his top hat slightly shorter than the rest so that he didn't appear taller than the other dancers (which of course he was)so that they all looked of equal height. Pity there aren't any pics of those, although I do remember a photo of RA and Sophia Myles together on stage and Richard was wearing top hat and tails. (I wonder if that was the theatre show he was talking about?)I reckon he must be pretty sprightly on the old pins don't you?

RiCrAr said...

hmmm, the mental image Sue...tall, dark, handsome in tux & top hat. There've been so many times during a scene in Spooks or Strike Back when my mind flashed "that move was so smooth & elegant".

e.g. there's a scene in SB when the teen Porter saved as a child is holding a gun on him. RA was on the floor after fighting off the boy's terrorist uncle. Richard didn't simply jump up from the floor...he very slowly rose in a very dance-like move while continuing to ooze his character's tough guy persona.

A London photographer today tweeted that RA was in his studio. Evidently the man usually takes mens' fashion pix. If true, would that be the type of article printed in Recognize Mag? Guessing we won't know for some time whether there's truth to either or both tweets.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why a photographer or journalist should lie about a photoshot?

RiCrAr said...

That would be true almost anywhere but twitter. He could(and did) gain more followers due to the RA tweet. For a commercial site, increased follow numbers could translate into new business.

Hopefully it was authentic and we'll soon see the pic on the cover of Recognize Mag or some other publication.

Someone else tweeted a short time later saying they were taking a video of RA:) Devilishness was probably the reason - the first one had caused a flurry of activity.

MsG68 said...

Oo how exciting! He's back on home turf again...and only 30 miles away :)
Will study pics when back on laptop, too slow loading on phone. Sound lovely as usual Ricrar. I have a lot to catch up on it seems!

RiCrAr said...

Hi MsG, Yes...latest photographer tweets say he'll inform fans when the article will be published. He also added the entire shoot was filmed. Sounds yummy *YooHoo!*

Sue said...

Sorry, did I miss something? (Probably). Is Richard back in blighty? If he is doing interviews and photo shoots (which may be true, as you rightly say RiCrAr, it's good for the photographer's business, but there is always a mischievous element out there on twitter)Richard might be doing some publicity for the Captain America film. I know Chris Evans is the lead actor, but unfortunately he's not all that well known over here in England, where our Richard, well, nuff said!

As for Sean Bean and his recent escapade in Camden, all I can say is "there's no fool like an old fool". Although to be fair I think it was probably just a drunk ogling at his companion for the evening, the said 22 year old glamour model (which means she's likely to be all boobs and lip gloss)which ended in a bit of fisticuffs. Sounds like SB put him straight.

Sue said...

Me again!

Just had a peek at your link to the London photographer on the fashionbeans website. My goodness I do hope Richard hasn't gone in for the "drop crotch trousers" look. Heaven forbid that he should spoil the effect of such a lovely bum! (He has, after all, been so generous in letting us see that lovely bum on many occasions, unclothed and clothed!)Long may the tight jeans look continue. As for the punk look, gosh where've those designers been for the last 30 years? (Okay they probably weren't actually born). As for grunge, well forget it! Give me RA in his tux and short back and sides any day!(With or without trousers, but definitely with no drop crotches please!!!!)

MsG68 said...

@Sue....just assumed that as it was a London photographer and he was in his studio, that he was back for a few weeks, as he did say in his email a couple of weeks ago that he was about to leave NZ for a short break.
Yes I too thought he might be back for Capt America promotion, and perhaps make an appearance at the UK premiere in July!? Here's hoping eh?
Are you anywhere near with a camera?? :)

MsG68 said...

Re.trousers...yes please God let him keep his normal bum-pleasing togs!
Over a certain age it just looks ridiculous that drop-crotch look....even over 30's pop stars (Robbie Williams take note!) look like mutton dressed as lamb.

RiCrAr said...

LOL..Sue & MsG, Have to say the dropped crotch really doesn't sound like RA's style, does it? That's why a review of the twitter photog's comments might help shed some light on the photoshoot.

First one said to the effect "I've just picked up suits for the Richard Armitage shoot" Next, a couple days later "suits are pressed and Armitage is here."

Hopefuly it's not suits w/said dropped crotch area:)

Today, as you can see in tweets copied above...he said he'll post a link at twitter to the shoot video and inform us when the article will be published. I too was suspicious in beginning, but the guy sounds sincere. Time will tell if it's just a hoax.

Have you heard anything about RA attending a London play? There was a tweet to that effect by a woman who said she's located in Brighton. Saw a couple snarky tweets hinting only the naive would expect he might've been at a play in Brighton.

Did the two of you ever notice there's a certain small fraction of RA's fan base who truly can be labeled as flaming bi*ches:) Those were the ones making references to the ignorance of some unsophisticated RA followers who would ever assume he attended a play anywhere other than London. *chuckles* If only we could all be as nasty and pretentious as they..wouldn't the world be a much better place, my dears. *snigger*
There numbers are very few, therefore easy to ignore.*poof*:)

As you mentioned, there's still the possibility Richard will attend the CA premiere. His name is prominent enough on the poster below to warrant it. Wouldn't that be a lovely treat. Of course, if he has obligations to finish SB2 filming in Hungary, we can forget about the red carpet event.

MsG said...

No I hadn't heard that he is/was attending a play? In Brighton or London? I don't Twitter so I miss things...thanks for all info Ricrar.
I know he has friend(s) in Brighton as I recall him going to something there ages ago, I've got a feeling it was the woman who wrote that book about 'me and my celebrity boyfriend(s)' can't remember her name or the proper title of the book....but all you gals know what I'm talking about I'm sure ;)
I'm adopting my new shortened name to MsG, as it saves me adding the extra numbers, thanx Ricrar.
Suits!!! Lovely! Just we wanted :)

RiCrAr said...

Oooh, interesting MsG, there is an interesting connection between him and Brighton.

I do remember that book now that you mention it. It has the tiger print cover and a pic of Richard playing air guitar, am I right? Didn't realize the location was Brighton - that would definitely explain his sleevless vest/tank/muscle shirt? attire due to warm Summer weather and casual beachwear atmosphere.

MsG said...

:D you do know Brighton's in the UK? ;)
Warm summer weather?! What's that then? Tee hee.
Well...not sure whether it was the same woman that had a link in Brighton...but he has definitely attended a play or something before down there with friends, just can't recall where I read it? If I find it will report back....

MsG said...

Ok am back with research... Yes, Liza Franks was the author of said book. She met him when she was a stage manager years ago and have remained friends since and yes she lives in Brighton. RA also attended some BBC 'do' in Brighton in 2009. So, there we are... being a popular guy I'm sure he has more than one friend there, but that is the only published record of a link to Brighton.
It's a wonder I get any real work done ;D

RiCrAr said...

LOL MsG...you do realize, don't you;) that your RA 'research' is more important than anything else you could possibly accomplish? *cough,cough*

We appreciate the fine RA sleuthing. We should award a peach to anyone who finds valuable nuggets of info such as the Brighton details. Eventually the best detectives would have a row of silver peaches across their chests. *wide grin*

Feeling silly w/the mental image of Richard basking in the sun on a beach wearing his Lee speedo*Yowza!..thud* Unfortunately, sounds as tho he'd need a coverup as well once the sun started to go down.

Sue said...

Yes I remember Liza Franks and that she mentioned she lived in Brighton. He would probably turn up to see an old friend and any project she was interested in, especially if his appearance there could get any extra publicity for the play. I don't think he is likely to be sniffy about attending theatres outside London, why should he? To be honest most London theatres cater mainly for tourists (such as Americans). Actually many debuts are now taking place at Manchester, which then go on to London, so there you snotty gits out there! Richard did appear in many regional theatres close to his Midland routes in the early years and I'm sure he doesn't feel it's below him to catch up with what's happening out in the sticks. Didn't he mention that he would like to pop in and see a new theatre in Birmingham or Leicestershire at one time? (Wonder if he did?)

MsG said...

:D hahahahaha! Love the peach-awards idea! *snorting loud chuckling from my kitchen while cooking tea* kids are coming in to find out whether I've gone insane...

RiCrAr said...

:) RA peaches & cReAm

Now the woman from Brighton is starting to sound, to put it nicely, a little strange.

An RA fan replied to her tweet - that said she had seen RA in the audience of the play - asking if she would elaborate.

She responded that it was the second time she 'met' him, first time was at the Old Vic event. Then she added "not friendly".
Huh? she considers seeing him twice in a crowd of people as meeting him? What did she expect from him...perhaps that he'd run up and give her a hug? :)
See above for copies of both her tweets.

MsG said...

The play '1 man 2 governers' is on in London at the National, so she must've seen him there...but she may be from Brighton?
So Richie's still in town and hasn't ventured down to the seaside in his Lee speedos...oops! Did I say that out loud?!

Sue said...

I hope the play "1 man 2 governers" isn't Richard's normal theatre fare, it sounds quite boring and dreary, not what I would choose to go and see myself. It sounds more plausible that he attended the National in London though. To be honest I would suspect he's suffering from jet-lag.


As you rightly spotted Richard didn't wear his leather jacket at the Old Vic but a type of overcoat (prefer the jacket).

Isn't Richard a patron of the Globe Theatre too? If so surely he should pop in from time to time and see a play.

Sue said...

I take back all of the above about "one man two governers". Just found this:


I've just remembered seeing James Cordon who stars in this play doing an interview recently to promote it. I love James Cordon (see Gavin and Stacy series). Also remember him having a recent spat with Sir Ian McKellan too, which got quite nasty at times.

Note that it says "open now for Cast Members, Priority Members and Advance Members" (Wonder which category Richard comes under? Or Twitter follower for that matter!