June 7, 2011

Obscure Pix Thurs + John & Mgt Mentioned in Princeton Publication plus Other Drought Diversions + John Thornton and Guy of Gisborne Wed + Two New Fanvids

Did Sir Guy decorate Locksley Manor in a modernistic or traditional style?  Did he choose furniture with duel usage?  Perhaps a nightstand that doubled as his leather glove storage compartment..


Thx to bccmee for tweeting the following link.  North & South is included in Prineton's 'Town Topics' http://www.towntopics.com/jun0811/book.php


Adult blogthing - are you kinky?  Double dare you to take it and report your results :)

My result is 30% kinky - believe me..anything higher than that and hahahaha - well, we need to talk ;)  the test gets quite kinky e.g. do you enjoy pain at times? huh? that's masochism - no thanks.  Sheesh!  how boring must life be for some people when they consider physical pain as foreplay?  They definitely need to talk to someone who can give them far better suggestions - resulting in the direct opposite of pain....*laughing and shaking head in disbelief*


Carolynd1 said...
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Carolynd1 said...

LOL, I was 70% kinky! But have to admit that I was imagining some of the things with RA. But can't do pain or threesome!

MsG68 said...

60% ahahahaha!

Joanna said...

I was 35%kinky:]

RiCrAr said...

LOL...haha...it appears obvious Carolyn and MsG - you two are meant for ea other ;) and scoring that high on the test probably means neither of you find that suggestion the least bit icky...as do I. *giggling* Thoughts of 2 women together does nothing for me - my stirring thoughts & dreams are always w/the opposite sex.

There were quite a few things on the list that cancelled out romance as part of the equation. I needs me some romance - once that's provided....well, you just never know what might happen. *Might print these comments out and publish..can you say women's bestseller. *RA brings out the beast...of course, the romantic beast. Even Sir Guy was often tender with Marian;) I know Carolyn's a Guy gal...would wager Msg is as well.

Joanna, now you have me wondering about the 5% difference in our score...hope for your sake it wasn't the pain option. *ouch!* :) *wide grin*

MsG68 said...

Oh definitely a Guy-gal.... :P

Joanna said...

@RiCrAr-for sir Guy of Gizborne I will be 75%kinky:D:D..except pain option.

RiCrAr said...

hmmm, starting to get the impression Guy's gals feel he would require a high degree of kinkiness from his partner in the boudouir? Is that right?

Because, if it it, let me assure you - as a long-time married woman that even Sir Guy could be rendered a whimpering content puppy without the need to get excessively rough(quite the opposite) or the addition of another playmate(very selfish female I am when it comes to my mate--refuse to share the goodies:) Just know anyone of you ladies, could make even the dark & stormy prince of leather moan with delight - and all within the perimeters of 'normal sex'...which of course is a very broad category.

Thx for taking the dare - all of you are obviously fun feamles...that's another reason why I know manacles & a whip need not accompany you and that supple leather clad knight to his chambers, in order to achieve medieval fireworks:)

Don't miss pic links in latest post. *thud,thud*

Carolynd1 said...

Ok, will have to admit, when I saw 'threesome', I went ewww, no way! But I was picturing another woman..hahaha..I don't like to share either..BUT, if I could choose Guy and RA then I just might consider a threesome. LMAO!

Joanna said...

@RiCrAr-you are hilarious:)
I think that sir Guy is not very sophisticated:D
@Carolynd1-hihihi I agree with you,esp. with last sentence:D
(pssst..what do you think about..Monica Belluci?)

RiCrAr said...

Now you're talking carolyn - that type of 3some doesn't have any icky connotation, for some reason
;) teehee...won't tell you who the 3rd is with me and an RA character(other than to say I'm a very loyal woman:) Besides, I somewhat agree with a centuries old quote from Aphra Behn "love ceases to be a pleasure when it ceases to be a secret." As you no doubt know, she was a female playwright--author of a play often referred to by RA, 'The Rover'. IMO, he also finds some truth in her quote. Hence, his strong preference to guard the privacy of his personal life.

Joanne, as far as Guy not being very sophisticated - didn't his love for Marian trigger more empathy & sensitivity? At least for her, if for no one else...although he did tap brotherly love for Clive Standen's character in RH3, and told Robin "Marian, the love of my life...she was always yours." Ah, redemption:)

Sue said...


I notice on the piccy showing Richard being "touched up" (cosmetically speaking of course)by Hermione Norris that there appears to be a crossword book on RA's lap. Have we discovered something new about Richard? I think he may well be a crossword addict! Perhaps it's just a way of getting through a long flight?(I wonder if he's thought about becoming a member of the "Mile High" club?!!!)My mum used to get through endless crossword magazines and drive me mad asking how to spell something.

RiCrAr said...

You've got eyes like an eagle Sue:) Crossword puzzles would help make a flight go quicker. I thought they filmed a few shots of Lucas onboard the plane?

In a recent interview Richard said he often feels like swatting the makeup persons arm away - has to remind himself they're only doing their job.