June 23, 2011

New Guy Marian Vid +The pic-tease Continues with Photo #2 + Recognize Mag Pic Tease + New Capt America Trailer + New Thorin Pic in EW Mag + Stannis Baratheon Past Post + Anne Boleyn in Capt America & Game of Thrones 2 :)


Their caption:   Richard Armitage, our editor and the photographer spot a cute mouse in the studio. They think it was the mouse from The Green Mile as it almost ran right up to them. Fortunately, Richard was there to protect them both :)

Their caption:  A quick ‘behind the scenes’ image of our photo shoot with one of the stars of the upcoming Captain America movie, and next year’s super-blockbuster Hobbit movies. Full interview and photo shoot with England’s next action hero, RICHARD ARMITAGE, in issue 9 of RECOGNISE

Thank you Musa for the heads up :)  Ah so,,,Thorin's beard is the real thing..very nice! I reiterate--there's nothing like the real thing..why mess with mother nature's handiwork *know everyone agrees* Beard is the only feature that's perfectly clear - no doubt deliberate :) 

Hobbit' First Look: 3 pics with Peter Jackson's comments#20980349

Past Poll from Feb 2010: http://allthingsrarmitage.blogspot.com/2010/02/post-holiday-santa-poll.html

Anne Boleyn(Natalie Dormer) in Capt America & latest addition to Game of Thrones 2 - many recently enjoyed drama characters are starting to merge into the same movies...

Now I'm officially into The Tudors with relish.  Today during dinner I whined a bit to hubby that the fine tv series we'd watched together had ended (Camelot, Game of Thrones) the only shows remaining that we both enjoy will be the last two eps of the Sharpe series, which was his gift from me for Father's Day.  Then I added that at least I still had The Tudors - it's currently playing on bbcA.  To my very great surprise dh said "I'm going to watch The Tudors with you." *jaw almost fell open*  I'd assumed it wasn't really his type of entertainment.  Upon reflection, he is a history buff - although his preferred genre is usually more along the lines of the US Civil War and other military conflicts.  The lovely serendipity solved another dilemma for me - The Tudors dvd set(4 seasons = 38eps) fills the bill as my gift to him for his birthday, which arrives in two wks.    Can't wait to start watching it with my honey bunny.  hehehe don't usually gush so much, but his remark really made for a pleasant turn of events - Game of Thrones already has him prepared for all the anatomy lessons:) 

From Amazon.com website: 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb television, but where are the blu-ray and CC?, January 15, 2011

By Dennis Brandt (Red Lion, PA United States)  [Ricrar:  I became curious about the location of Red Lion and after checking an online map smiled to see it's near the communities of Lancaster and Shrewsbury in York County, PA]

This review is from: The Tudors: The Complete Series (DVD)

I thoroughly enjoyed this series and wished it had continued on through Edward's and Mary's reigns. (There are many films on Elizabeth's tenure as queen.) Excellent costuming, fine performances, and close enough to historical fact to make it a good teaching tool (although not for high school given the nudity and excessive, if not historically inaccurate, use of the "F" word, particularly in the early episodes). It was a cruel and despotic era, and the series well depicts it within the confines of what is, despite the series' length, a short period of time. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was incredibly good. Hard to believe he was the same man who portrayed Elvis Presley.

Those who criticize the series for historical inaccuracies all have valid points. As a historian, I can tell you that the mounting of the cannon depicted during the siege of Boulogne was absurd. Some pieces recoiled; others didn't. They were all mounted on an uphill slope, which means that recoil from firing round one would have sent them careening back down the slope, requiring hours of struggle to remount them for - well, one more shot that would have repeated the process. The proper procedure would have been to construct an upward slope behind the piece so it rolled back into position after firing. I was also annoyed that, given that the aged Henry VIII's obese form is so familiar, the film makers did not gradually fatten Rhys-Meyers. The 1970 BBC series Six Wives of Henry VIII did an effective job of growing actor Keith Michell from a lean, mean lovin' machine to a candidate for a fat farm. On the other hand, if you want to teach a non-historian why America's founding fathers insisted their new government have no established religion, have them watch The Tudors.

Of course, no serious historian would tap Hollywood and the like as a valid source. Gods and Generals, for example, made a strong effort to be a historically accurate film but insufficient effort to be a good film. Glory, on the other hand, presented a variety of historical errors, but it was an excellent film. All historically-based movies make factual errors, some through ignorance, others in the interest of story-telling, and some, especially old Hollywood films, are a joke (e.g., They Died with their Boots On or Santa Fe Trail). As long as film makers make a reasonable effort toward accuracy, I am not overly concerned. Historical drama can generate interest in a period or event and prompt the viewer to further study, as The Tudors did for me.
Richard, Richard what have you done to me...lol...I'm blaming him for dragging me kicking and screaming back into the entertainment world that I was able to ignore for a decade:)  Read the review of The Tudors series above and was absolutely amazed to learn that the star of that series also played Elvis Presley.  More amazement on my part that a movie had been made about old blue suede shoes himself - didn't have a clue until now about the movie or Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  His HenryVIII was my first introduction to him as an actor; therefore, hearing his Irish brogue blew me away during this press conference...


It's always nice to use some historical artifacts to decorate your surroundings.  Will hang these  reproduction portraits of historical figures for our art appreciation and perusal: Guy of Gisborne - Chas Brandon - RA as Roman Soldier


        Good quality of entire Robin Hood Series 1 eps have recently been uploaded at youtube...



Musa said...

YES! First photo of RA as Thorin. I'm rushing out to buy EW tomorrow when it hits the newstands-LOL

Love the fact they've kept his hair and beard dark, that we can still see his eyes, and that he's not bald!

I think PJ has found the perfect look for Thorin that should appease the Tokien purists, and please us as well.

What a way to end the week, right ladies :)

MsG said...

Absolutely! How lovely to get a glimpse...mmm...all in black again lovely :) hairy, yet not disguising his face does indeed make us all v.happy.
Oooo can't wait!

RiCrAr said...

Agreed the black hair/beard is a relief to see, but I'm not very fond of the braid (if that's what they are) on either side of his face. I'm certain once we hear RA's rivetting voice and see his swashbuckling swordplay, the excess locks will suddenly become more attractive:)

We've purchased a larger plasma flat screen, and last evening Fellowship of Ring came on. Enjoyed the lovely Rivendell scenes in a more panoramic view.

Musa won't be surprised to hear that Sean Bean looked even more handsome:)and Aragorn...*thud*

I'm always struck when watching one of the Ring movies by the way Peter Jackson uses the cast members large blue eyes. He's literally raised it to an artform - no doubt we'll be treated to many closeups of intense expression from Thorin's deep blue windows to the soul.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Ricrar: I totally agree with you in the way PJ uses the cast's eyes. I remember seeing in the extras how he highlighted Viggo's eyes in the final scene with Boromir in the Fellowship.

Can't wait to see Richard's eyes get the same treatment!

Have a nice weekend!!

RiCrAr said...

Hi BEG, hope you have a great wkend as well.

Don't miss pic-tease #2 posted above, from Recognize Magazine. Believe the twitter account person is enjoying all the female attention he receives with each new pic. At this rate, we just might squeeze every last one of them out of him before Aug edition is published;) *tweetlove replaces fluttering eyelashes*

Carolynd1 said...

I love the way he is standing in pic2 for the magazine. His stance does something to my insides! LOL

Lovely pic of Henry Cavill..hot! I blame it on you RiCrAr that I am noticing men other than Richard.LOL

I think that I like Jonathan Rhys Meyers better after seeing him at that press conference.

Sue said...

I can't quite understand why he had a beard at the news conference about the Hobbit, which then seemed to disappear for a while and now in the Recognise mag seems to have regrown! Could these be old photographs and Richard is now clean shaven with a falsie?

The braids they've given him look a little like Vikings used to wear and make him look more severe, (probably the intention), his hair has been swept back from his forehead too, but at least we can get a better glimpse of those crinkles (no botox please Richard).

RiCrAr said...

My pleasure, Carolyn...believe me - reallly my pleasure :) Cavill probably doesn't live up to the personal qualities we all prefer in our fantasy crushes, but he certainly does have the physical attributes we've come to expect in an actor.

Carolyn, did we have any RA pix after the NZ press conference when his beard was shaved? Don't care for the braids either - certain that will change when we see Thorin in action exuding the 'noble' qualities Tolkien described. He'll no doubt growl like Guy whenever an obstacle presents itself on their journey. Can't wait to read the upcoming interview and see the mag's better quality pix.

RiCrAr said...

Second paragraphy should be addressed to Sue :) I was trying to remember photos of RA without the beard after the press conference, and became distracted. Sorry...hope everyone is enjoying the wkend. It's a bit humid here..otherwise a nice sunny day.

Laura said...

I think the photo of him at the Earthquake Fundraiser was taken after the "bearded" press conference, no? In that one, he was clean-shaven.

RiCrAr said...

Thx for refreshing my memory Laura. Yes, we were surprised to see him without the beard he sported during the dwarves press conference.

Apparently Richard's beard is a quick grower. No doubt it's more convenient and comfortable to grow your own rather than have an artificial one applied daily with what could easily be an irritating adhesive.

Sue said...


In one of those photo's of Richard with the photographer and editor of the Recognise mag there seems to be a dog chewing on RA's leg! (Lucky dog!)

I notice that you have uploaded a piccy of Richard in his Roman attire. I remember that film with Timothy Dalton (ex James Bond), it was truly awful. This was before I discovered the merits of Richard of course. I watched about 20 minutes of it and turned over. I don't think I could watch the entire film even for a brief glimpse of Richard's lovely thighs!(Yes it was that bad!)

Laura said...

I wonder if they have "beard" extensions for men like they have hair extensions for women? I've never worn them, but I've heard that the more hair you have the easier they are to apply. Perhaps it's the same for men? The guys grow some natural, and the extensions look more real than the costume beards. And might be more comfy, as well. Just a thought.

RiCrAr said...

Sue, I thought it was a dog as well in the mag pic, but then realized, after seeing a wider shot - it's a computer and some other gadget - giving the impression of a dog's head. *woof, woof* :) The Dalton drama must've been truly bad, if you wouldn't even watch to get a glimpse of RA's knees & thighs. Love the Roman style haircut on him.

RiCrAr said...

Laura, could you tell the length of Thorin's beard in the EW photo? Suppose it's rather long if the side braids are the same length. The beard blended into black costume - difficult to tell the length. It does make sense that adding extensions to a natural beard is less tedious than applying a full artificial beard directly to the skin.

Laura said...

Actually, looking close, the beard looks rather short. Cut differently than his own, though. Or maybe it's just better groomed, and darkened a bit. His natural beard seems much lighter than the jet black of Thorin. The length, as I can see, seems a bit longer than his natural, but certainly not long enough to reach his chest.

I still prefer him clean shaven... well, maybe a little scruffy.

RiCrAr said...

Now we're getting down to the crucial issues - clean shaven or stubble;) Don't know how many times in past 2.5yrs I've voted for stubble - medium to heavy with an asterisk. **stubble looks great but only on males who we know we'll never actually come in contact with..facial chafing to our tender skin from stubble can be really ouchy

*let's admit the sad truth*:) I know, I know...it's worth it, but in a married situation the brillo-pad-textured stubble quickly loses it's charm :) Hate to burst a romantic bubble. I still find it divine on Richard--oh yeah! drool,drool

Sue said...

I loved how Richard looked for his role in Captain America. The very short haircut and clean shaven look made him appear so young! I'm not keen on stubble. I wonder what Richard prefers himself? Stubble or not to stubble that is the question! Probably like most men he prefers not to shave. It must be a real pain having to shave each day.


I notice you included a piccy of Richard looking under the bonnet (hood) of a car, taken from Strike Back, which made me wonder if RA knows anything about cars? I seem to remember him mentioning that his dad used to service his car at one time. He also mentioned that his dad was a nuclear engineer, which had me guessing that daddy might just have worked in the car industry, Coventry is widely known for its car manufacturing in England. I remember my own dad spending hours changing the oil and tinkering around with his old banger. He even dug an inspection pit in the garden so that he could inspect it from underneath. There used to be old biscuit tins full of old oil left in the garage. Mind you the car engines these days are so damn complicated you probably need to be a nuclear engineer to understand them!

RiCrAr said...

First, before I forget to mention it - there's a lovely quote today about RA from one of the stuntmen who worked with him on Strike Back. It's included in latest post.

lol..Shakespearean Sue says "to stubble or not to stubble, that is the question" :)

Ya know, IMO, Richard enjoys breaking long-time patterns..get out of a rut, so to speak. Remember how clean shaven he was in his first appearance on tv after returning from filming SB? Even his sideburns were cut very short. His hair was longer as well - wasn't he promoting Spooks series 9 at the time? The look didn't appeal to me but as always his charming demeanor blew me away. This was the interview when the lovely hostess asked him if Lucas's tatts were real and he, with a very seductive tone to his voice, said "why don't you come over and find out." *heart flutter*

Sue, I doubt RA has much knowledge about cars..believe he'd rather work on his skiing/dancing/stage combat/workout than on a car. It would surprise me if he is interested in them, and as you said, today's motors are computerized and he recently said he can barely manage email.

Sue said...


I agree with you about the cars. If his dad serviced his old banger for him (before he bought his new flash BMW)he must have been hopeless. Catch my dad doing that for me! Perhaps he lets his dad use his new car while he's away in NZ, or is it tucked safely away somewhere out of harms way?

I loved how he looked in that interview, very young and boyish.