June 15, 2011

There's Nothing Like the Real Thing Fri + Robin Hood Soundtrack Blew RA Away + Strike Back Ep 1 Thursday


Answer to Recent poll: It asked what RA said blew him away about Robin Hood Series 1..Correct answer is the music.  his comment was included in a message to fans during lead up to first episode. (see poll results in sidebar)


Tweet trivia: Latest is from the same woman who originally tweeted she'd just seen RA in the audience at a play she attended.  A fan asked her to elaborate and I'm not sure what she expected from him but doubt very much Richard's attitude towards the public could every be described as unfriendly.  Maybe she expected a warm hug...if so, can't blame for that, can we;)
Come to think of it...RA didn't wear a leather jacket to the Old Vic appearance, did he?  It was a handsome overcoat.  She says "second time she met him" huh?  Seeing someone in a crowd of people does not translate to meeting them..

Carryonsmiling Rachel Griffin

@leesy121 It's the 2nd time I've met him, first at Old Vic in Nov last year. Looked hot, leather jacket and designer stubble, not friendly.
2 hours ago

11 Jun Favorite Retweet Reply

*Carryonsmiling Rachel Griffin

So excited, just saw '1Man 2 Governors', v v funny, Richard Armitage in audience, then went to see Paul McGann, watched naked bike ride!
Apparently the tweeter was there due to a Brighton connection in the play.  She identifies herself as from Brighton on her twitter profile.  Description follows of the play they enjoyed in London at The National Theatre.  See playwright Bean's plays listed on left..click on 'One Man, Two Guvnors'..


bettielee said...

Sometimes... it sucks being American. :( Why can't we watch this delicious show with the tall, dark, handsome Richard in it? We luv tall dark and handsome here. We luv war. We dropped bombs on Iraq long before other countries thought it was cool. Dammit. *shakes fist at lack of American distributorship of Strike Back*

RiCrAr said...

Hi Bettielee, Actually you can easily watch Strike Back. All you need do is download the VideoLan software. Google it. It's a free all region player.(we're region 1, UK region 2) If you prefer you can buy an all-region player at amazon..they're very reasonably priced.

With the VideoLan(VLN)you must watch the region 2 dvds on your laptop. That works great. Also gives you the opportunity to collect Richard's other projects.

The Strike Back dvd set can be bought at amazon.uk website(only takes 2wks for delivery) OR if you belong to one of the RA forums, they usually have a website store with all Richard's work.

Hope that helps. In the meantime, I'll try to post more Strike Back fanvids and check whether there are excerpts to help fill your *yearning* :) to see the series.

SB 2 will air this August. We're not sure how much screentime RA will have, but we do know he'll be in it.

RiCrAr said...

Bettielea, I was in such a hurry to help you see SB that I just now re-read the second half of your remarks w/great surprise.

We love war? hahaha...there's a big difference between 'loving' war and being willing to do what is necessary to keep evil people from killing innocents.

Wholeheartedly agree with you that we love tall, dark and handsome. Many of our TDHs are the very same guys willing to put their lives on the line to keep not only Americans, but all less courageous inhabitants of this planet safe from terrorists of all sort.

And as far as Iraq, the British were there if not as early as us..not very long afterwards. They steadfastly fought in Basra provence to keep the heartless jihadists in check. It's only been in the last couple yrs that they've withdrawn under political pressure from their people.

European populations in general are far more unrealistic about what it takes to keep the evil, greedy factions on the globe tamped down. Our occupation of Europe after WWII made most of those nations feel secure & assured that the US military will take action worldwide to defend freedom & defang murdering monsters when it's necessary.

We often get criticized for doing just that, but noblesse oblige :) Those are the facts and big picture of today's geopolitical situation as far as the US/Brits/other European nations and Iraq. The Brits were there early and like us, lost many brave soldiers.

Second thought about SB - you might get a little annoyed when you discover it's the US military hunting down John Porter, and the CIA liaison seems like a rather snotty American..haha..just keep in mind it's only drama. Writers take a story wherever they believe it will have the most impact.

Laura said...

BettieLee... I was able to watch all but about 15 min of Strike Back through YouTube... and that extra 15 min. might be there by now. Someone uploaded all of the episodes, and all you have to do is open each one in a separate tab. When one ends, start the next... it's kinda like having commercial breaks!

I was a bit surprised by the second part of your comment, as well. I agree that we love our Tall, Dark and Handsome men, but I don't think we love war. We tend to glamourize it, because it's part of our heritage. We understand that freedom is worth fighting for. The rest, RiCrAr said better than I ever could.

On another note... RiCrAr, I'm Back! Went on a vacation with the family, and endured nearly two weeks of RA Withdrawal!!! I'm so glad to be getting a nice dose of remedy in the delicious form of John Porter!

bettielee said...

Please understand that I was not being serious in the 2nd half of my post - I was just employing hyperbole... I'm sorry if everyone thought I was serious.

Also, I have a mac. I don't know if that software will work - but thank you for pointing me in that direction. I'll check it out.

Joanna said...

Yes-I love this TDAH men:)
Yes-I love American People:)
Yes-our goverment are like President Obama's cheerleader:)

RiCrAr said...

bettielee...hyperbole, I see:) Suppose I'm slightly sensitive about the topic. The very first time I accessed a European forum online it was an Irish one. Didn't take long to discover many of the members had the opinion Americans are warmongers. Spent some time explaining to them why it was easy for them to take the 'idealist' utopian view of world affairs - "can't we all just get along." No one has ever expected them to make the difficult decisions when there are incidents of ethnic cleansing, etc. in some hotspot. In retrospect, knowing the Irish penchant for debate, politicial in particular, they might've deliberately egged me on just to keep the conversation lively:)

As for mac and VideoLan--I'd be very surprised if it's not available for download. Good luck with it.

Welcome back Laura. Hope you had good weather for your vacation. Ours is planned for Aug...uh oh, it had better not be same week as SB2!!:)

IMO, it's mostly Hollywood that makes it appear Americans glamorize war. And as we know LaLaLand doesn't represent us by any means---it's more like a teeny strange community separate from the American culture. As someone who has had many family members serve, it's been my experience that the majority of the population are realistic about military action as a necessary but always sad event. And yes, as you say, our roots made defending freedom an integral part of our national psyche.

We love the Polish people Joanna:) That is your homeland, isn't it? You might be interested in knowing the bloom is off the rose so to speak when it comes to Pres Obama and US voters. Many of the independent and college age voters responsible for his election are today disappointed with his policies. Trillions of tax dollars spent and none of the promised jobs have materialized. Don't be surprised if he's a one term President. But, that's what freedom is all about - voters will make that decision. Who knows what might happen between now and Nov 2012. Perhaps shining some light on the political situation for Pres Obama will help you understand future headlines about the campaign & election. Things are starting to get gradually more heated as new candidates step forward to run for the office of Chief Executive.

Sue said...


Yes I was surprised to see a news report that so many Americans had lost faith in Obama and his policies. The same thing is true of Cameron over here. His policies are ill thought out and affect mainly the poor and vulnerable in society not the bankers. His sidekick Clegg is no better either - off with their heads I say!!!

It looks like SB2 has finished filming if it's appearing on TV in August, as they will have to do some editing etc. to the finished article and then a trailer. Perhaps Richard will make an appearance to promote SB2 soon?

RiCrAr said...

That's true, Sue, it does take an extended period of time for editing, adding music score, etc. RA is probably enjoying some much deserved R&R until his return to NZ. If the photoshoot tweets were authentic, he is taking steps to keep his image out there between projects. We encourage as much of that as possible, don't we:) New pix get his fanbase re-energized....*keep 'em coming baby* (this addict never gets enough;)

oooh, Sue, you and I could have a great political discussion:) While of course keeping it amicable and civilized *ahem*..*yeah right* haha
Hubby and I argued politics on our first date. Next morning said to my mother "he'll never call back..opened my big mouth again." Happily I was wrong - he called and we've been discussing politics ever since. Only difference is today we're almost on the same page.

Our Democrats use class warfare as well to divide citizens. The private sector and government need to work together for the greater good of their people. But of course politicians' personal ambition gets in the way of that happening. They demagogue to voters in order to get one group angry with the other, with the sole selfish purpose of procuring votes for their own elections/re-elections.

As we learned from your promoters of the free enterprize system - the original industrial capitalists - the less government bureaucrats/politicians have to do with our lives and the running of businesses, the more freedom and good fortune everyone enjoys. And the other positive fallout is a more robust economy accompanied by benefits to every strata of society. When government resists attempting to run our lives and the business sector, a natural chain of events occurs that results in plentiful jobs, increased company profits(to pay salaries) and other improved circumstances for the general welfare. That topic of debate will be one of the most prominent during the upcoming US presidential dog fight.

Pres Obama is currently positioning himself more to the middle of the political spectrum in order to capture as many votes as possible. If he wins re-election, he'll immediately revert to his extreme socialistic, anti-private business policies that have resulted in nil job creation, and ever growing size of the already over-bloated federal government. For Democrats the gov is never too large because there's always another friend or family member looking for a job with that gov.

RiCrAr said...

Smog..perhaps fog is more appropriate:) is slowly lifting and all is becoming clear...

It seems the woman from Brighton who tweeted she saw RA at the play 'One Man, Two Guvnors', was there because there's a Brighton connection in the play.

It's by playright Richard Bean and tells the story of a man named Francis who is unemployed and becomes minder to a small time East End Hood. The latter is in Brighton to collect 6000 pounds from his fiancee's dad. Many twists & turns...basically to prevent discovery Francis must keep his two guvnors apart.

Not nearly as romantic as we'd imagined, although I doubt RA was there alone..if you know what I mean;) *always an interesting angle*

RiCrAr said...

MsG, thx for the play information. The link is above to a more thorough play description. Believe you've already merited 2 RA peaches...oooh, that sounds naughty, doesn't it ;)

MsG said...

smashing! I am indeed honoured to receive the 2-peaches award! :P
what a shame it's not the actual 2 peaches ;D

Sue said...

I remember some time ago Richard was supposedly spotted wearing a bandanna at a Madonna concert. I don't know Richard's music tastes but I can't see him sporting a bandanna somehow can you? Maybe it was a case of mistaken identity.

As for being "unfriendly" perhaps he just wanted "to be alone".(As some quite famous once said). To be honest I have my doubts about these sightings, no piccies are there? It could all be just a wind-up.

I reckon he's still in New Zealand. Lucky Kiwi's!

MsG said...

Just re-read leesy121 tweet, I reckon she was describing what he was wearing at the National...not what he was wearing at the Old Vic last year.

Carolynd1 said...

I can't see Richard being 'not friendly'. Preoccupied maybe, or not wanting to draw attention to himself. She didn't tweet enough details. Maybe he was watching the play instead of her and she thought that was unfriendly. LOL

RiCrAr said...

A Madonna concert? It would really surprise me if her style - music and otherwise - appeals to him. Can't see him wearing a bandana..not even Ricky wore one;)

Maybe the woman did mean he was wearing a leather jacket the night she saw him at the play - not at Old Vic. She hasn't replied to the fan's follow-up question asking if he was with someone.

I agree Richard would never deliberately be unfriendly. Maybe the woman called out to him and he didn't hear her. I doubt he'd simply ignore her unless she called to him at an inappropriate time...as Carolyn said either during the play or whenever the audience should be respectfully silent.

There was a tweet today from NZ Wanganui Chronicle. It seems inquiries were made in that area by Peter Jackson's company about accommodations when filming resumes. They were looking for small Welsh ponies as well. The article said the newspaper was told in a reply that filming is on hiatus for 2 mos. Suppose that means RA will be in London on July 22. Hopefully we'll check RA news one morning and find an article listing his name and other cast members scheduled to attend the premiere. *greedily expecting a photo as well* :)

Laura said...

Ok, I'm loving that 4th pic down... but why, oh, why was that weird hand drawn in there? Is there a copy without the hand? Because it's all mysterious, and... oh, I just love it!

I just re-watched North & South. What a lovely movie. I enjoy it more each time I see it.

RiCrAr said...

Laura, Immediate reaction to your comment was "what weird hand?"..had to check for 4th pic down. Next thought was.."am I the only fan who gets the symbolism?"

During that photoshoot, Richard in his always creative way, reached his flat hand toward the camera, and 'someone' (who thought she was being very clever *cough,cough* placed the nail-polished hand there representing all of us fans returning his gesture. He seemed to reach towards those of us beyond the camera and the hand says "back at ya Mr A". *note to self: rethink hand gestures* :)

Yes, there is a pic without the hand...will retrieve for you asap. I agree it's a rivetting expression in that one.

Laura said...

I'm sorry, RiCrAr... I didn't mean to offend. I get the symbolism, now, and I like it. (still want the delicious original, though! :) )

On a side note...

I want to warn all my friends here: I'm on a borrowed computer, as my laptop was suddenly attacked by a very nasty virus, two days ago.

The virus is called "Vista 2012 Antivirus", and poses itself as a Microsoft Security Program, popping up to warn you that a Trojan or other malware has invaded your system. It looks incredibly real. The only way you can get rid of these "warnings" is to choose to purchase the Vista 2012 Antivirus Software that they are offering. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Take your system to a professional ASAP. I've talked with a "computer guru" friend, one who inconveniently lives across the country from me, and his advice was to take it to a professional. My antivirus software did not catch it, and the "cure" requires some major surgery in the bowels of the system. It's a nasty bit. Please, everyone, beware of it.

The thing with this virus is that it prevents you from running any of your programs, including virus cleaning software, EVEN IN SAFE MODE. This is not something to mess with. Make sure your virus protection is well up-to-date.

RiCrAr said...

Sorry to hear about your tech problems Laura...thx for the warning.

No way I was offended by your remarks about the hand on that RA photo:) First time I saw it thought to myself "why is Richard reaching out toward the camera in that way"...second thought was "what needs to be done to make it look as though his fans are returning the gesture." It took forever to align both hands:) Will retrieve the original next trip to PB;)

RiCrAr said...

Sorry Laura - spent some time at PB tonight looking for the 'handless' pic but it's not in any of the folders I expected to find it. I know it's there somewhere, so whenever I do come across it, I'll be sure to post it here:)