June 28, 2011

Capt America Fanboys Wax Orgasmic over Film (see Heinz Kruger) + Strike Back Stuntman Quote: "Richard Armitage..is a gentleman" + Stubble, Stubble, Drool and Mumble + Mystery: HenryVIII's Love Letters to Anne Boleyn Found Where??

Comic geeks, including a couple screenwriters,  admit to being fanboys over Capt America - See RA about 3:50 and repeats.
They analyze scenes and characters in-depth, including Heinz Kruger but usually don't mention actors names.  The language gives you an idea just how excited they are about seeing their comicbook heroes come to life.  At one point the commentator says "even if you've never 'done' Capt America before"...haha...that term is usually reserved for dating situations.  Don't they sound downright orgasmic over the film?  They have their priorities - we have ours:)

NEWS:  Stuntman Mick on Chris Ryan's Strike Back
Question #10: A lot of us are Richard Armitage fans. What was he like to work with?

QUOTE: Mick Milligan: Richard is a gentleman. He did well in doing a lot of the fight sequences himself for the sake of character authenticity. For the duration of the shoot he lived John Porter. I think he even surprised himself. Easily one of my favourite actors. He's one of us.



LOVE LETTERS MYSTERY:  Initially mentally filed under huh? What? Where? Why? hmmmm.  Love letters from HenryVIII to Anne Boleyn were found in, of all places, The Vatican Library. 
After some reflection it became evident that it really wasn't all that amazing afterall.  They were probably sent there as evidence by those who did not want the king to receive a dispensation from the Pope in order to divorce his first wife.  Fascinating indeed...The Tudors series demonstrates the eternal truth of President Harry Truman's words "the only thing new in the world is the history you don't know."

More I read about Chas Brandon, more I realize he was exactly the type of character RA prefers playing -- morally conflicted, complex personality.  Shades of light and dark with ever more evidence accruing on the dark side...

The Willoughby name is prominent in The Tudors series.  Brandon's 4th wife was Catherine Willoughby...
Capt John Smith, founder of the first permanent settlement in America (Jamestown, VA) was born in Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England. His father rented land from the Willoughby family.
Steeped in history, Alford, Lincolnshire is a town that claims links with US Presidents. It was thebirthplace of female preacher and ‘first American feminist’ Anne Hutchinson,
who founded the State of Rhode Island and from whom Presidents Roosevelt and
Bush are said to be directly descended.  Alford is also where New World adventurer Captain John Smith first went to school in the 16th century. Smith was born in nearby Willoughby and the
welcoming parish church of St Helena still has the same font today that was used to baptize him in 1580.
              http://www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/651A3C41-1017-4338-9795-              819BF69F53CF/0/WoldsGuide.pdf

Very personable but doesn't have the rivetting voice standard to which we've become accustomed ;)


                     We have a peeking princess to thank for this shot....

Henry VIII's cutting edge muscle shirt...

Above and below are His Royal Hotness...


alfie said...

REALLY nice pictures *drool*

Had never seen that porter vid -thanks.

RiCrAr said...

Happy you enjoyed them alfie. It was first time for me to see that SB vid as well - there are so many RA fan videos, I don't believe we'll ever see all of them.

Musa said...

Love the fact everyone that works with RA always says he's a gentleman. Not many of those around these days, and lovely to know our guy is a gentleman. He did talk about how immersed he became being John Porter. I do hope we see more than just a few seconds of him on the Cinemax SB2. I like Winchester, but he's no Armitage!

Don't you wish the Captain America guys would have mentioned the actor that plays Heinz Kruger! Happy he had a special mention though :)Anyone going to New York for the Captain America premiere? I would if I knew RA would be there.

RiCrAr said...

Which premiere is first Musa - NYC or London? It will be awesome if he gets to one of them.

The men(sounded more like boys:) discussing the latest CA trailer seemed to be too wrapped up in their comic book trivia to make note of the actors. They did mention one because he's Robert Downey's son. Is that right? I admit to not being entirely focused on their conversation once they moved on from the Heinz Kruger highlight.

Yes, I remember the interview after filming SB when RA was asked what he missed about home. His reply was "nothing" and then he added that he was so immersed in Porter he dreamt about him. My reaction "then we all have that in common". *thud*

Wasn't it that same interview when he mentioned his live-in girlfriend had moved out while he was in Africa. No small wonder - she probably never heard from him for...was it 6mos? He told the reporter he had messed up his love life. Richard reminds me of workaholics in every profession. They so love their work that they lose themselves and forget the outside world. It's really a gift to have that type of total obsession in life - especially when it's the way you make a living.

IMO, he has avoided marriage because he knows himself well and is aware he'd transfer his first priority to his marriage - at that point his career will be allowed to simmer on back burner while he keeps his family life happy & healthy.

Perhaps once The Hobbit has wrapped he'll finally allow himself time to raise a family. Older parents are actually supposed to do the best job - they've sown their wild oats and are ready to give their all to their children and spouse.

Sue said...


I'm not so sure Richard seems to have sown all that many wild oats. If he has they've fallen on stony ground! (Shame!)Personally I think it's just a case of not finding the right person and as he says he doesn't "put it about" (what a lovely description of his sex life) he hasn't had many flings either.

I do agree that Richard is ambitious though. I think he is very conscientious and every performance has to be absolutely perfect in every way. It's also right that he seems to live the character, although I'm not altogether sure that's such a good thing and may well mess up your brain a little doing that. He has to learn to switch off now and again otherwise he'll go barmy! Glad to learn that those that worked with him described him as a gentleman. He is a very gentle man in every way I think, on the surface at least.

RiCrAr said...

Hey there Sue. So enjoy reading your opinions on Richard - it's obvious you appreciate his unique personality traits especially for someone in the entertainment industry.

Af for turning off now and then - doesn't his remarks about skiing indicate that's his release valve. He said he enjoys the sport as often as possible - being in the mtns gives him a feeling of remoteness and peace. Wonder if he's had a chance as yet to try the NZ ski regions.

Quote: "he is a very gentle man in every way I think." That remark of yours triggered the thought - a gentle man who exudes a passion for life. Have to ask myself "why would a man who, to my mind, undoubtedly has the pick of most females in his sphere, feel any pressure to settle down"? The decision to start a family will probably finally trigger that life phase for him. Very much doubt he'd allow himself to be distracted from 'living' Thorin until the second movie is a wrap.

p.s. See two new quotes about him in latest post. The one from Recognize Mag says we'll see RA as we've never seen him before. Doubt they're talking 'full frontal.' *evil wink* haha The other by Empire Mag says they perceive shades of Aragorn in Thorin - "steely conviction".

Sue said...


I'm not surprised that as Thorin we will see him as never before, if only for the fact that he's only four feet tall! He is playing a dwarf, so we won't be seeing that tall lanky lad we've come to love and know!

As for RA skiing because he loves the remoteness and peace, I think he may well enjoy the excitement of skiing hell for leather down those slopes and the invigorating feeling it gives, rather than a bit of peace and quiet. Didn't he say he went bungie jumping once. Now that is one dangerous babe!(Catch me doing that? No fear! - That's a NO by the way!)

It's no use wanting to settle down and have a family if you haven't found someone to do that with is it?

RiCrAr said...

Huh? He's uneasy around deep water but not afraid to bungie jump? *puzzling*

True about finding the right girl, Sue. If he's waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike the ground between them when they meet, he'll never find the 'right' one. IMHO, if not a conscious effort to delay marriage then it was a subconscious one on his part. As Richard admitted - he wanted to take the acting career as far as it would go. Wife & family tend to slow things down a bit. You're not free to take off for 6mos at a time without either packing up your entire houselhold or finding yourself distracted by many trips back home to visit them.

Speaking of distractions--I just listened again to the pilsner urquell ad from a couple mos ago. It's posted above. Listen to it often enough and you could easily find yourself developing a "passion" for pilsner:) Off to find a cold one...this is the beginning of our 4th of July wkend celebration. Not planning to have a fifth on the fourth, but a frosty brew will do.
Have a happy wkend:)