June 3, 2011

John Porter Tuesday + Lucas North Monday + Merging Traffic:Strike Back2/Camelot + Spooks Prop Sale Tweets + $4310 Final Bid for Riseup's The Hobbit + *Sob* New Movie:True Story *Sob* It's a Tearjerker(in case you didn't already guess:)

Interesting tweets mentioning the recent Spooks prop sale...not certain if Peter Firth bought the mentioned objects or perhaps a fan who keeps a tweeter account for him..

Peter_Firth Peter Firth Fans

@GillianMcShane @bigwows Just bought Ruth's goggles in episode 9.4 and a book: American Hockey's stats, do you remember this one? ;)
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Peter_Firth Peter Firth Fans
@GillianMcShane @bigwows I saw Ros's coffin, a nice collection of bombs, the vaccine case of episode 6.2, phones and lots of funny things.
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Peter_Firth Peter Firth Fans
A big thank you to Kudos's team for such a great fun at the prop sale :-)
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When I tell my love that I've already made plans for the two of us for Valentine's Day 2012, he'll probably ask if I'm feeling alright:)  You see, Channing Tatum's new movie 'The Vow' is opening on that day.  It's a true story that will have other hopeless romantics in tears as well.  If the trailer finds you with a catch in your throat, you can count yourself among those of us who really enjoy a wonderful love story.  Channing seems to look for not only movies "all about love" but also with substance.  Not just a mushy, corny, light-hearted relationship but one with depth.  This time his wife suffers amnesia after they were in a car accident.
She thinks he's her MD, and he says "I have to make my wife fall in love with me all over again."  How can a movie with that storyline not be a winner?


                                          From Strike Back 2 trailer
Final bid $4310 for the Rise-up copy of The Hobbit signed by cast members:


Sue said...

I'm sure "The Vow" with Channing Tatum is very good, but give me a man on his knees any day! (As per RA/JP piccies!) Will someone please wipe his nose! Poor love, he's having a bad old time of it as John Porter by the looks of it.

RiCrAr said...

I agree, Sue, had to remove the first JP pic..it didn't do our guy justice, did it...even if he was under duress. Believe it was imperfections in the screencap rather than need of a tissue:)

Channing is just a distraction -- he doesn't have nearly the same effect as Mr stirring voice and charisma has. Although, actor Tatum's choice in films usually satisy the romantic soul. One titled 'Dear John' is about a solider stationed in the MidEast whose girlfriend marries while he's away. Of course Channing's character is broken hearted and doesn't learn until his return that her marriage wasn't at all a selfish act. It has a very romantic ending with some tearful moments sprinkled throughout. He never seems to choose one of those silly romantic comedies - always a heart-moving story.

DEZMOND said...

I so love those tattoos on him :)
And the Channing film should be lovely, although I can't that stand McAdams woman.

RiCrAr said...

Hi Dez, Richard said he suggested the intricate & numerous Lucas North tattoos in hopes it would limit the number of times writers required shirtless scenes. Out of 8 Spooks eps, they always made certain there was at least one for all RA's fans to enjoy the tats.

hmmm...you said earlier on twitter that you can't stand Eva Green in Camelot and now you can't stand the McAdams woman. Feeling sort of complimented that a male with such superior standards stops by now & then to say hello;)

I'll be back soon to check your website for latest news on Agincourt - really looking forward to that one.

Sue said...


Totally off topic, but as England is hosting the Olympic Games next year (2012) and we are looking for Olympic Torch Bearers (local to each particular area) at various locations in blighty. One of these just happens to be Leicestershire! Ever since hearing that I've been imagining Richard in his running gear (shorts of course). What do you think RA's plans are for July the 2nd 2012? Any chance of Mr. Gorgeous being nominated for this honour do you think? Well he is a local lad.(If only!)





MsG68 said...

think he may be hindered a tad by us, rugby tackling him to the floor Sue.... ;D

RiCrAr said...

hmmmm...I'm enjoying the mental image of Richard in olympic shorts, t-shirt..holding the olympic torch high above his head. He hands it over to the next runner and instantly thousands of his fans surround him snapping pics or asking for an autograph..or just stare w/silly grins on their faces.

Might even try to convince dh we should show our olympic spirit and reserve a room asap. One major obstacle - how do I explain why the reserved room is in Leicester instead of London?...where there's a will, there's a way:)

Sue said...

I agree MSG68, he'd be rugby tackled to the ground the instant he showed his face (no names no pack drill).

I'm sure Richard wouldn't want to take the place of someone deserving of the accolade. Maybe he'll play the role of an omplyian one day and we'll get to see him in those very short shorts.

onemorelurker1 said...

Thanks for the news on the book. $4000+ is a great figure.

OML :)

RiCrAr said...

If Richard is one of Leicesters most famous native sons, wouldn't he qualify as well as any other physically fit specimen? That is usually one of the requirements - someone native to the area who has the physical stamina to run a few miles. There are probably only so many candidates for the job. Of course, if a former olympian fits the profile, they would naturally get preferential treatment over an entertainer.

Yes, OML, the Hobbit cast can feel proud of their contribution to the RiseUp effort - RA's "little community" can do the same.