June 20, 2011

Cool: English Language Timeline + White Shirt Wednesday + Tweet Says RA in Recognize Mag: August Issue + RA Interview: Any Slightly Naughty Women Out There with Healthy Appetites? + Top Hat and Cravat Pub + Game of Thrones Panel Planned for ComicCon + My Kingdom for a Period Drama Fix Now that Cam & GoT Have Ended..it's all up to lovable Henry VIII..off with his doublet!!:)

History of language - truly fascinating topic that leads to all sorts of other tangents. This high tech timeline follows development of the English language...


Recognize Mag responded to RAnetdotcom's inquiry:

RECOGNISEmag Recognise Magazine
@RAnetdotcom The issue with Richard Armitage will be out in August :)


              There's also the modern-day knight....well, for two seasons anyway...

Shades of GoT twincest theme - Yikes! Guy3 and his sister :O…should be ho hum after GoT

Past Post from May of 2010..it was a reaction to an RA interview in which he said the girl of his dreams must enjoy a good meal because he certainly does…

Conveniently - the interview was in previous post..

RA again mentions Richard III

Past RA Lookalike study…one of the blog’s winner’s of title Ms Kinky will appreciate this revisit..she lurrrved the other hottie compared to RA..

Opening of this blog’s Top Hat and Cravat Pub..

Almost any production can be improved with the addition of a certain ingredient ;)

Edw Stafford(actor played the monarch in RH2) lost his head...


After conclusions of Camelot & GoT Chas Brandon will fill the period drama void with a weekly fix...who knew Henry wore medieval muscle shirts..

Chas Brandon is nice but Lucas North put the awe in *awesome*...


Seems as though Chas had a turn at every female character in The throbbing Tudors..


Then he engaged in foreign ventures…busy man…


Game of Thrones author Geo Martin will conduct a panel of the players & producers at Comic Con 2011
Thank you Violet for the following GoT information...
Spoiler Alert! Don’t read if you’ve not yet seen ep 10 of GoT..


Musa said...

The photo of RA with Lucy and Jonas is new to me, but doesn't he look absolutely swoonable...sigh.

Would love to be in San Diego to go to Comic-Con and see the panel, but I'm sure it will be on YouTube or somewhere. I also wonder if there will be a panel or representation by people from the Captain America movie? I thought I read somewhere that The Hobbit would also have a panel - Peter Jackson and any of the cast?

RiCrAr said...

Musa, that Bafta pic is from either 2006 or 07. Richard, Jonas & Lucy were, as the best newcomers for RH S1, given the honor of presenting an award. Yes, RA gets better looking with age - he was swoonable 5yrs ago and even more so today. Aware I'm preaching to the choir here;)

You didn't mention how swoonable Sean looks in the Ned photo. Still smarting from seeing his head on a pike? During most of his GoT on-screen time he was roughed up, dissheveled..in this one he looks his handsome self.

Did I read he was interviewed and said if the Got producers find a way to include him in GoT2, he's game? We wouldn't complain, would we;)

With all the RA shows that will be represented at ComicCon it seems only right that he's there as well. Peter Jackson will probably have him hard at work in NZ at that time...fighting off humungous spiders and getting tossed around in a barrel.

Musa said...

Oh Yes, thanks for the photo of Sean as Ned. One of the best photos of him from GoT -love the leather.

I'm still in mourning over Ned. That was rough seeing his head and poor Sansa. I read the interview with Sean (lots of spoilers, even about things not in any of the books so far, but that fans speculate about!) and he did say now that everyone is going back to Belfast he feels a bit envious and wishes they would bring him back.

Any news on Recognize magazine and possible RA photos?

RiCrAr said...

No, nothing new so far. Something tells me we'll know almost instantly when the photog finally posts the link he promised...earth might start shaking from the uproar in the RA universe. Who knows - perhaps tomorrow will be the day.*kneeling down..hands folded..looking upward w/most innocent face possible..pleassse G_d* haha...I shouldn't waste a prayer on something so frivolous but everyone is entitled to be silly on occasion - it's one of those things that makes life worth living.

Philosophy seems to be coming out my pours tonight - The GoT dragons must've had a profund effect on me. LOL..now that is funny because I'm really hoping they tamp down the fantasy aspect for S2. It's difficult to take a story seriously when there are cute dragons and blue-eyed white walkers. I'll simply ignore the ridiculous creatures for 2 same as I did for one:) Fortunately, Martin manages to create human characters who are so rivetting that it's worth ignoring the others.

Viewers were so disappointed when Ned was killed, perhaps the producers are determined to keep the large fan base Sean lured for series1. Flashbacks would do it.

Musa said...

Lovely....August issue of Recognize may be out in July? Isn't that the way most magazines work? Would make sense with Captain America premiere in July.

RA is a busy bee as always :)

DEZMOND said...

Henry Cavill and Jonas Armstrong pics are feast for our eyes as usually :) Love them both heaps!

MsG said...

Great to read some of your older posts Ricrar....before I discovered your blog! I had discovered RA by the time that 'would-like -a-slightly-naughty-food-lover- woman' interview but hadn't discovered the lovely bunch of fellow RA admirers to natter endlessly with about it :D

RiCrAr said...

That's true Musa, another month and we should have new photos and an interview to gnaw on for days - like dogs with a bone:) Not such a nice mental picture, is it? Let's make it like girls with an all-day lollipop or the truth - fans with very welcome new fodder for their Richard appreciation exercises.

Great MsG, we have quite a large archive of past posts to explore. Will go fishing in the deep pool a couple times each week. I do remember feeling like a child playing with a new toy when the blog first began, and some of the crazy topics confirm that attitude. I'll dig deeper and see the most unusual topics to be found:) Of course, every post usually has a delicious selection of RA pix to nibble on. *hmmm, tasty* ;)