December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas! + Richard Armitage Showreels by elvirasweeney + Tribute to JT + Guy Artistry + James Bond Poll(w/current results) + New Pix + RA on Ice(Olympic flashback) + Jonny Moseley's 5th Week


                                                   Showreels I & II by elvirasweeney

                                   North & South: Tribute to John Thornton by gsbohn..
Dezz at Hollywood Spy has done it - 'it' refers to his latest poll, which asks who should be the next James Bond.  Need he ask? really? Look at the photo above or below and remind yourself of the deep dulcet tones of Richard's voice - not to mention the way his other attributes fill out Bond-like suits. The last reason of course should have been mentioned first - his superb acting ability (apparently felt that goes without saying but must remember to say anyway)  There are at least a half doz listed in the poll including one of my fav American actors - Jeffrey Donovan, star of Burn Notice.  Really felt a bit sad about voting for RA and not Jeffrey (the latter might even be a long lost cousin:) Donovan is one of our Co Cork family surnames) although, in truth - despite the fact he's a powerful actor, Jeffrey's speaking voice lacks the same surround-sound timbre of Richard's. 
Anyway, RA fans - get ye to Dezz's site asap to vote in his new Bond poll..scroll..
Peeked at latest results - the vote count has doubled since yesterday and the results make it clear which fans live by the motto "vote early and often" :)...not really, because Dezz takes the opposite approach - one vote per 'puter...Jason Statham 0 (0%)  Gerard Butler 19 (16%)  Rupert P.Jones 9 (7%)
Julian McMahon 3 (2%)  Richard Armitage 73 (63%)  Jeffrey Donovan 3 (2%)  Colin Farrell 3 (2%)Clive Owen 5 (4%)LATEST:Richard Armitage 110 (63%) - 12/27:Richard Armitage 189 (64%)

Artists impressions of GRR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga.  About half way through, you'll see the red priestess and with her (holding sword over head..later on a white horse) is the rightful King of Westeros - Stannis Baratheon.  She convinces him that she can help retrieve his throne.  He's Lord of Dragonstone -  Stannis is the role Musa and I feel would be perfect for RA.  He's described as partially bald, but does wear his crown a great deal, and as we know from past experience - even totally bald would evidently not be a problem for Richard.  Reaction: Us :(  Him :)

Lovely Christmas gift tweeted today by - few new pix...
Even twitter Lucas is somewhat in the Christmas his own way.. 

Must be some sort of distraction this week :) Entirely forgot Jonny Moseley's 5th wk until now...

Let's get it on the ice, baby..


Musa said...

Love RA on Ice :) RA's and his lovely partner are great on the ice.

I love Dick Button, but I think Skating with the Stars needs a bit more fun, I don't know, more...I like Dancing with the Starts better.

Winter is Coming announced they'll be taking suggestions for Season 2 casting in January...Stannis is RA!

Musa said...

WiC read my mind :) He just posted the Season 2 casting thread:

Ricrar said...

Thx Musa. Seconded your Stannis suggestion at WiC;) Should be an interesting forum.

Dancing w/Stars allows contestants an opportunity to be more expressive, doesn't it? While 'Skating' requires already above average athletic participants in order to have any chance to compete. I'd spend 99% of the time w/my bum in close proximity to the ice:)