March 25, 2013

Richard Armitage:Wears Chocolate This Time--No-cal Easter Treat + April's Split Personality + GoT3 Geo Martin Interview + Coffee Fixes Everything + New Development for Richard III (see link) + Thorin in THE HOBBIT - Plus Other Roles

Richard III News:
Virgin Media's month of RA as Thorin, Guy and Lucas.. 

Game of Thrones author, George Martin, has more than once made it obvious he has an appreciative eye for female beauty.  Will never forget my first introduction to him while reading posts at his journal.  He described his activities that day to book readers.  This was prior to Season 1 of Game of Thrones - he was part of the casting process, along with those working for HBO.  George said he was on his way for a cold shower, after watching four beautiful women audition for the part of Daenerys.  The writer obviously dallied longer with the following reporter than he might have with a male in the same position--even she seems aware of it;D
Rock star character Euron Greyjoy's entrance in Martin's book#4:

Barefoot RA cocktail - Don't understand why it has received 0 votes? Definitely looks inviting..*tickle,tickle* [Update: Barefoot RA received it's first vote--thank you! Will tickle that person's feet if ever given the chance;D..err..if it's a male. Why waste effort unless there could be a reward?...well, that's not very noble, is it (must've caught Gollum speak;) He's preciousss]
Just read this from article describing the questions asked of director Peter Jackson yesterday - coinkydink:
..does Peter always edit barefoot? A resounding yes, and he props his bare feet on the table in the editing suite to demonstrate. He says that, unfortunately, he has to wear shoes most of the time when he’s working on set due to safety regulations.


Ricrar said...

Enjoyed this headline in today's news. Will leave the link here for Sue's perusal the next time she stops by for a visit:
Prince Harry will visit US again but wisely avoid Vegas. He'll attend events supporting injured war veterans. Obviously the prince has his priorities in order, when it comes to causes deserving of his advocacy. Very much looking forward to his next visit.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar. Love the new pix, as always. Is Thorin playing at being Cupid? And why Lucas and Maya need a new dining table? Inquiring minds want to know!! :) :)

Barefoot RA. Yes, that will do just nicely!

Cheers :)

Ricrar said...

Evening Cleo, Thorin as cupid:D - There are so few females in middle earth it would be a waste of his time. Have often wondered whether Tolkien had any daughters. Why write a children's story focused almost solely on males? It's a real mystery to me - perhaps it had something to do with the culture at that time? I know today's Brit women demand their equal rights just as ferociously as we do.

The Lucas/Maya kitchen table remark had to do with comments made by both RA and his onscreen love interest during Spooks8 promotions. They referred to the couple reigniting their relationship, after many years, on that piece of furniture:D

When fans finally saw the size of Lucas' kitchen table we were amazed and couldn't stop complimenting their obvious gymnastic skills.

Great news tonight! The actor who starred for all 10yrs of SPOOKS recently mentioned a movie script is already being written by the original writer(s) of that tv series. Now they need to find a way to bring Lucas back to life or RA fans will boycott the movie and create online mayhem until they do:D teehee Those involved are no doubt quaking in their shoes at that prospect.

Sweet dReAms

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good morning, Ricrar! I had sweet dreams, indeed. Thank you! I hope you did, too. And, Oh, do I have a way they could bring Lucas back in!

You see, Harry, the ultimate ingenious Spy Master that he is, worked with Lucas to put him under cover. The whole Lucas-as-national-traitor was entirely fictional (within the fictional story, of course – fiction within fiction – it is a classic literary device!).

So, when Lucas *appeared* to be a traitor, he was in fact working undercover in the most selfless of all possible ways – looking like a traitor when he was actually serving his people! (Now, wouldn’t that satisfy those of us who were a bit *miffed* with the writers for messing up our selfless, hard-working hero’s image!)

Hmmm. What else. Well, Lucas had to go undercover to *FLORDIA*, significant pre-9/11, unfortunately, and home of Dove Church Quran burning, Tom Petty, Gator Football, and a wide and diverse interfaith movement (true story!!!) in response to it all. And Lynyrd Skynyrd, but that’s another story. (Local lore holds that Steve Martin also got his start here, but I have never known if that was actually true.) Lucas had to work with the *most excellent* Middle East scholars to try to make sense of it all in his attempt to *foil* an attempt to draw his *SECRET LOVE CHILD* with Maya, now a brilliant student, into the arms of the terrorists themselves! Can he do it?? Will he be in time?? Will he lose his son forever?? Can he ever explain why he went away? Will Lucas bring him in to the MI5 fold?? Will he start up with the *HOT* professor?? :) :) Inquiring minds, and so forth…

Come one come all, bring all those British movie $$ to north Florida! We could really use it. :) :) Plus, "Doc Hollywood," the univ. tower scene in "Parenthood," and one of the Harrison Ford movies (where he's a lawyer) have all or parts filmed right here! We're good for it! :) :) And we've got African Americans, Muslims, Jews, Evangelical Christians, mainstream, and secularists all coming together against the radicals (again, really a true and wonderful story).

I am so excited to hear about the new Spooks/MI5 movie. Wa-hoo!!! :) :) (And, yes, if they don’t put RA in it, agreed. We can all send them nasty, bitter little thoughts…) :) :)

Cheers! :) :)

Ricrar said...

Lucas North in FL? hmmm, will take me awhile to get used to that idea. What about his fair English skin? - it will burn to a crisp;D Hubby has that problem - he doesn't tan so needs to lather on buckets of sunscreen when we go to beach or suffer the consequences.

There are a couple Strike Back screencaps where you can actually see the line between RA's sunburned face and his neck after standing no doubt for hours in sizzling African sun for the prison yard scene.

Here's another development that will prob interest Sue in ongoing Richard III tug of war. Some of his descendants have organized into The Plantagenet Alliance - they want him buried in York:

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Ahh. Lucas North in Florida. Just the *sound* of it is so wonderful.

As for the heat, well, my first reaction was, John Porter did just fine in the deserts of Afghanistan! And you're right, he did fine in Africa as well! I think the more pressing question is not whether Lucas can handle the heat. I think the real question is: Can we handle so much hotness, even in Florida? That is, Lucas North's presence, of course.

*Hee, hee.*

Only he can unravel all of the countervailing forces.....! The peaceniks and the hippies; the right and the left; the Old South and the New South; all of the different religions (while Haifa is famous for its Baha’i Temple, we are famous as one of the biggest Krishna pilgrimage sites in North America!). We've got it all, just waiting for Lucas to do his magic and unravel!!! ...Plus, we really could do with some hotness....


Ricrar said...

All of Strike Back was filmed in So Africa. RA lived close to Johannesburg for about 8mos. He was so into the character said that he dreampt about Porter. My first reaction was "something we have in common!";D

Apparently Richard would not have objected to living in FL. He made remarks about 3yrs ago that he'd tried out for lead role in US tv series playing ex-CIA who was forced out and the series would focus on his hunt for those who'd framed him with the agency.

Does it sound familiar to you? That's the exact background for our hit series 'Burn Notice' starring Jeffrey Donovan. The show has always been filmed in Miami. For first time - in upcoming season 4 - they'll journey to foreign shores.

Bit of a disappointment today, I've seen messages suggesting the Spooks movie speculation is still just that. BooHoo:(

Ah well, we have Black Sky to keep us happy - hoping it will be released prior to Dec. If not, we'll vaporize from the heat generated by both Thorin, HobbitII and teacher Gary in BS. *what a way to go*

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, the disappointment! The disappointments abound!!! :) :)

Let's hope the Spooks movie is all on the down low and that it will ultimately still happen!!! :) As for RA in Burn Notice filmed in Florida -- all I can say is, if they hire RA, I'm there. I will watch. If not, I have a limited amount of time to devote to TV or movies, and I really have to triage my time on it. I do not have time for non-RA ventures. It's all about the time investment. Anything else is just not worth it. (With a very few exceptions....)

:) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. "Something we have in common," indeed!!!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! I LOVE the new Bringing-Lucas-Back-In poll. Obviously, I voted for: Lucas and Harry fabricated the whole thing :) :) (You are so sweet!!!)

Also love that leather biker jacket. That somehow really works.

I am glad to hear that "Barefoot RA" finally got some votes on the wine tasting poll. Is the offer to tickle feet from you or RA? Because if it is the latter, I will gladly own up to it!!! (Just kidding....)....

Hope you are having a Very RA Wednesday! Cheers!! :)

Ricrar said...

Hope you're enjoying springbreak Cleo, but it certainly has slowed down the usual RA noise on the net. Many of his fans must be students.

I'm about to post my fav artist impression of Thorin. there was a virtual plethora published leading up to release of The Hobbit last Dec.

Right now our Easter sunday weather predictions call for rain - hopefully that will change soon. Difficult to enjoy an easter egg hunt in the rain.

p.s. I'll file a request at middle earth for a dwarf happy to tickle your feet. Will specify he must have basso singing voice, stubblicious and piercing blue eyes. There are only so many who fit that description.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! Thank you ever so much for filing said petition for me. Be still my heart. Just the thought! That is, indeed, the perfect description (the bass voice in particular!). It would be so perfect if he also just happened to be an LMT. Then paradise would be not just a spook story! :) :)

I am not on spring break, unfortunately, but my daughter is. Our university and public schools are on different schedules, so she gets to come to class with me on the days that I teach this week. She's getting ever so much reading done, as she tells me my classes are "BORING!!!!!!!" Right now she's half way through the Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events series. Apparently, it is more interesting than legal development or comparative politics!

I love that first Thorin poster. What language is that? Tibetan? Something? I hope it is Tibetan!!

I re-watched Atilla recently, at your suggestion. Such a wonderful film. Am now watching Mongol with my daughter over her break. Also a great movie. Are you getting a spring break? If so, I hope it is fun, fun, fun!!! :) :)


Ricrar said...

You're in luck Cleo. A licensed foot massage therapist had a cancellation. Made an apptm for you with him - hope you don't mind. Took a photo to check whether he meets with your approval or not. See above.

p.s. That's not my foot! Hahaha It looks humungous - aspect ratio must be off;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

**Sigh** Oh, that will do JUST FINE, Ricrar. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. The foot does look a little bit out of aspect, you're right. Of course, I have elegant *little* feet (perhaps it's the part-Asian in me, or I suppose it could be the Irish). I wonder if our licensed foot massage therapist could tolerate working on smaller feet? (I suppose I won't try sending you a photo to prove'll just have to take my word for it!)

Oh. RA's smile is quite something, isn't it!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, you asked about the gorgeous sepia Thorin poster. Unfortunately none of the sites where it's posted have mentioned the artist's name.

It's a set of 4 posters - they were a promotion for the midnight showing of The Hobbit on Dec 14 at IMAX theatres.

Musa/Fabo said...

I'm glad the voters agree with me on the Spooks movie scenario and what happened to Lucas :)

Ricrar said...

Hey there Musa, your 'coffee fixes everything' vid was posted here a couple days until yesterday--thought of it after adding Lucas' "stimulating" coffee photo above. It was replaced by the childrens interview vid with Richard, so I know you don't mind.

Yes, majority of poll takers agree with Cleo and you that Harry and Lucas must have masterminded the Bateman scenario for national security purposes. That option has a pretty healthy lead, so would be surprised if it's surpassed by one of the others.

Sincerely hope the SPOOKS speculation has legs. Maybe BBC America would be interested in helping with the funding, considering the show has a large following on this side of the pond.

Ricrar said...

p.s. Just noticed I'd apparently changed my mind - coffee still fixes everything and the vid didn't go anywhere;D

New interview added with Geo Martin in which he says writing is akin to being psychotic - he hears voices in his head. haha

Musa said...

Thanks for posting my coffee video:)

The new RA interview is so adorable, he's so adorable. He mentions drinking coffee too.

Hope George M is writing away listening to those voices in his head. I've read some writers say the characters take on a life of their own and sometimes will do things the writer never intended to begin with.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Lucas, Thorin, and Guy at each other's throats?? Heaven forbid. I think we will just have to get right in there and do some peace-making asap! (I call dibs on Guysie!!!)

Still ruminating on the foot massage. That carried me for a good while there.....

I have a new youtube channel! I put up a few songs from my rock opera, and one other that is a bit like an Irish ballad. I thought to put up my acoustic version of "Nobody Does It Better" but found that youtube has copyright issues with that.... :) :) (My version ROCKS, if I don't say so myself :) :) ).

Like the coffee video! I guess he's a coffee guy.... (Was Sir Guy a coffee guy??? Must be....)


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good morning, Ricrar! HAPPY EASTER!!! Love the new photos, as always!!!! My daughter saw the RA shot with Easter bunny ears and LOVED it (Correction: "I didn't love it, I thought it was hilarious"). She got right on Google and found the following, which, in typical nine year old form, she requests strongly (e.g., insists) that I post for you. Her Easter day wishes for you can be seen at:

(I am equally informed that tomorrow is also a holiday: "Of course it is! April Fools Day. It's only on EVERY calendar there is!" Not sure I like the sound of that....) :)

Happy Easter. Cheers!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. We are watching The Hobbit late on Easter morning (before I have to get back to work!). If I could talk her into watching Narnia again, too, I would.... :) :) So, many, many thanks to our fabulous hero for yet another great work of fantasy!.....

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo, it sounds as though you and your dau had a lovely Easter sunday. I'll check the link asap.

Richard makes quite a hunky easter bunny, doesn't he;) No doubt he'd be the first to laugh at the holiday greetings.

Did you have a chance to watch last night's ep 1 of Game of Thrones3? If so, what's your impression of it?