October 20, 2011

John Portah's Name Mentioned Frequently in Final SB Ep + RAC today Alerts to Watch for PJ Update + Fabulous Friday + New Series 'Revenge'

Past Post excitement when SKY finally engaged their Strike Back 1 website..Great RA comments:

Recent tweet from RAC:  RA_Central
WETA's newsletter's whispering about maybe Hobbitish updates soon from Peter Jackson.

Past Post - in fact one of the first for this blog, from Nov 22, 2009
..Topic: Spooks 8, ep 2  http://allthingsrarmitage.blogspot.com/2009/11/episode-trivia-lucas-sarahs.html

One from a yr later..Nov, 2010: http://allthingsrarmitage.blogspot.com/2010/11/hobbit-directors-christmas-list-30-red.html


NEW SERIES: Following is a link to background on the new series 'Revenge' which apparently is a hit.  Musa found the following Wiki page for the series.  It reveals that the story is based on 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.  Believe I've read somewhere that it's written by the same people who wrote the successful series 'Lost'. [Update: scratch that last thought--the 'Lost' writers wrote another upcoming new series called 'Once Upon a Time']    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revenge_(TV_series)

Rupert Penry Jones (the actor RA replaced in Spooks7) is mentioned in the latest issue of EW.  In fact his photo is included as well, in the feature called 'What to Watch' - Rupert's Whitechapel series is listed in the shows for Oct 26 (directly opposite a Revenge episode) 10-11pm on BBC America.
Blurb reads "This gripping BBC drama is a Sherlock Holmes mystery for the Homicide generation.  As the murder rate in London's Whitechapel neighborhood rises, two detectives track a serial killer who seems to be modelling himself after Jack the Ripper.  Prepare for gullet slicing, blood spurting, cop-versus-cop conflict, and more blood spurting.  We can't get enough." by Melissa Maelz
EW gives 'Whitechapel' an A- rating.

Sweet Tweets about RA: 

Kristina: Also today I discovered that I've never seen the Richard Armitage North & South which made my whole week.

are you on some kind of wonderful period drama marathon? n&s is one of my faves too. she is, indeed, a total bleedin' idiot.
North & South was v. good, though suspension of disbelief suffered early on. When Richard Armitage asks you to marry him YOU SAY YES.
Nadia @
Kristina *swoon* http://www.gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs3/1128967_o.gif richard armitage is made for period shows! ..
[Ricrar:  I followed the link expecting to find bccmee’s gifs to no avail. The first 4 or 5 rows are of RA..remainder are Richards of the not nearly as interesting type.

Fun quiz - hope no one takes offense.*winks* Hey guys I was very patient*cough* when every CIA operative was painted as an evil nasty jerk in at least 3 Spooks series;) [and they’re usually such sweeties] *snort* The quiz: Which member of the royal family are you?

It’s your turn to snort - the following is my result..*chuckling myself*...only thing she and I have in common is the fact one of my gggrandfathers was born in Middleton, Co Cork, Irl.  I'm still trying to discover why that particular name for that town.[it might simply be common usage for the *middle town*]  Although the really unbelievable coincidence is that the area, where some of my paternal ancestors migrated from in Nottinghamshire, England, was once owned by one of the last Catholic king's (Charles II?) peers named Lord Middleton.

Middleton, Co Cork is where the original hdqtrs for the Jameson Whiskey distillery is located.  The historic vintage building is today a museum - which we've toured.  At the time I'd yet to discover that it was the birthplace of my maternal gggf - could've knocked me over with a feather when a long-lost cousin - another one of his descendants - included that fact, found in a family bible, in her family tree.
                                                 Which member of the British Royal Family are you?


Musa said...

RPJ's series is next week already! I'm really looking forward to it, but is it on at the same time as Revenge on Wednesdays? Decisions, decisions ...
I feel we need an emergency Peter Jackson Video Blog right now that's all about Thorin! But while we wait, I love RA's eyes in that first pic at the Strike Back premiere.

Sue said...


I agree! It's about time Peter Jackson gave us another video blog. It seems to have gone very quiet of late. Thorin seems to be getting more attention than the poor old Hobbit. I wonder why? (Do I really need an answer to that?)

RiCrAr said...

Make that 3 wondering why it's taking Peter Jackson so long to post another Hobbit vid-blog. Perhaps they're behind schedule and he'd rather focus on catching up - seems short-sighted to me because he needs to keep the public interested in the projects lest they might not notice when the first one premiers.

Yes, Musa, Whitechapel & Revenge are on same night at 10pm. Although BBCA always repeats it's shows, so I'm thinking watching revenge would make more sense..then catch a repeat of Rupert.

There's a musical group called the Brobdingnagian Bards who wrote songs about Legolas. Methinks they'd quickly compose a few about Thorin if they realized how many RA fans are ready to scarf up anything that focuses on Thorin in particular. It's amazing how clueless those creating merchandise for the hobbit are about RA's *ready-to-purchase* fan base.

Well, it's nice to know what Richard will be doing for 10days this Dec - filming the barrel ride scene. Was awfully close quarters in that barrel, but we'd somehow
manage to *squeeze* in if invited, wouldn't we. :) *winks*

RiCrAr said...

From our keyboards to RAC's ears, Sue & Musa. Just noticed a tweet within the past few hours from RAC, which states the WETA workshop newsletter made comments hinting at an update from Jackson....Let us hope with plenty of Thorin:)

Sue said...


So Richard will be filming the barrel scene in December. Good job Thorin has only little stumpy legs, although as it will really be Richard with his great big long legs squashed into that barrel I wonder how he'll manage it? It's going to have to be an awfully big barrel for those luscious legs to wrap around the inside successfully. (Oh dear I've just gone all hot and bothered at the very thought!I've got too good an imagination that's my problem!)

RiCrAr said...

Da%n Sue:) where's one of those smilie hoses when you really need one. Here's a virtual cool down for you..*spray*

I'm wondering if Richard will even need to be present at the barrel ride location. Afterall, as you said..he's all scrunched up in one of the barrels, so maybe Thorin's part of the scene will be completely filmed at the Wellington studios. Now, as you know, Bilbo rides on top of a barrel for the entire trip - he no doubt will be needed at that location.

Wasn't Thorin rather grumpy when he finally fell out of that lucky container? As I recall, his spirits were quickly boosted when the townspeople started to fete him as their long-lost King of the Mtn. Believe that's the scene I'm most looking forward to in The Hobbit, other than the *spoiler free sob* most dramatic one for the dwarf leader.
p.s. Lucas could've used Thorin's barrel in a particular Spooks8 scene.*giggles*

Musa said...

I took the "What Member of the Royal Family are you?" test and my results:
You are Prince Charles of Wales!

You are heir to the throne despite being close to retirement age. Your main passions are the natural environment, organic farming, alternative medicine and adultery. Your Dutchy Originals range of organic produce is available at all good Waitrose supermarkets.

MsG said...

Didn't think much to Whitechapel if I'm honest, it was okay....but nothing great.
Re.BBCA I understand you are to get a repeat of a great drama 'State of Play' the tv version pre the disastrous film. Now that IS good. John Simm (superb), Phillip Glenister, Bill Nighy, Marc Warren, the list is an endless talented line-up of Brit actors. Watch and enjoy :)

MsG said...

...it's me again. Just looked up details and found it was shown on BBCA in 2004...so you probably have seen it.

MsG said...

oo and apparently I'm Prince Harry! Hahahahahahaha

RiCrAr said...

haha Musa - hope your keeping your crown-in-waiting polished;) So, one of your main interests is adultery..neat trick.*chuckles*

MsG, Thx for the heads up - I'll keep an eye peeled for State of Play. As for Whitechapel..it stars RPJ, how can we possibly go wrong watching it?..we'll just set our brains on idle and enjoy the view.*winks* My eyes will be tight shut for bloody scenes. Will probably encourage dh to watch and ask, as usual, "is the gruesome part over yet?"

I sort of remember seeing a Rupert Spooks episode when he was rescuing a woman who was tied to some permanent fixture with a ticking bomb set to detonate in minutes. For some unknown(& inconsequential;) reason Rupert was running into the building with his leather jacket wide open over a bare chest. *thud* Definitely a Spooks scene to remember.

So, msg, you're my fav member of the royal family. Prince Harry is so devilish and cute. How long will it be before some clever, foxy lady discovers the key to his heart?

MsG said...

think my similarities with Harry come from being a big Rugby Union fan....could be the skin-tight tees and shorts for me ;) which brings me to the recent Rugby World Cup news of the day....NZ won!! After a 24 year wait...it must be having our lovely RA over there that's blessing the country :)

RiCrAr said...

NZ won! Good for the kiwis. Wonder if any Hobbit cast members attended the game. PJ seems to have them on a pressure cooker schedule at this point.

RAC tweeted to be on the lookout for a Jackson update - hope it occurs this week.