October 22, 2011

Controversial Final Ep of Spooks + Telegraph Chooses Best Spook Pic for Final Ep Tribute + More Than 200 Trucks..Wow!..A Small Army Will Deploy in NZ

HOBBIT NEWShttp://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/5833720/Hobbit-crews-to-hit-the-road-in-convoys



SPOOKS..final ep:  Above opening pic of Lucas could easily represent the reaction of the most dedicated Spooks fans to the final episode.  Won't give any further details - I've not yet seen the ep but know what has caused the controversy between some of the show's most fervent fans and the writers, producer, etc
UPDATE: some Spooks fans are hoping to convince the production company to provide an alternate ending on the series 10 dvds.  One of them created with a friend a Spooks 8 spoof a couple yrs ago..


Game of Thrones2 interviewhttp://www.boomtron.com/2011/10/cersei-talks-games-of-thrones-season-2/

Downton Abbey John Bates roleplayer is quite a romantic chap - evidence one of his tweets today:

ValetJohnBatesJohn Bates
@HousemaidAnna *Laughs*Come and find me later. Though I don't think I am going need to giver orders for a kiss am I? #easytowindup #loveyou



Following is Nancy Grace and her dancing with the stars partner Tristan MacManus. Nancy is definitely not accustomed to being told to keep quiet and listen by anyone - she’s a former hard-nosed prosecutor who has had her own night-time talk show for many years. I expressed amazement that the viewing audience votes every week to keep Nancy on the show, when I was told by a reliable source that females in the home-viewing audience are actually calling in order to keep Tristan on the show - *there’s method to their madness.* Believe the following example makes it obvious why they’re enjoying Tristan’s dance technique..



Sue said...

Yep it's the end of an era tonight folks. It's the very last episode of Spooks. In last weeks trailer it showed Ruth and Harry planning to retire together but if I know the scriptwriters they won't live happily ever after. I predict someone popping their clogs tonight. Shame I love Spooks and will miss it greatly.

Actually I must mention that the Spooks cast were treated to some celebrity chefs cooking them their grub on the catering truck. It was part of a series called Masterchef where celebs cook and compete for the crown title of Masterchef. It went a bit wrong on the day but we got a glimpse of where the filming of Spooks takes place and how they normally feed the cast and crew. Saw Max (AKA Dimitri) and Nicole (AKA Ruth), but no Harry (probably down the pub). Poor old Max was on a high protein diet apparently because he had to get his kit off for a romp scene. (This information courtesy of Nicole). I wonder if Richard would ever consider competing on Masterchef? Well he is supposed to be handy with the old microwave!

RiCrAr said...

Will be interesting to see if you're right, Sue, about someone 'popping their clogs':) Weren't they backless footwear and noisy - worn by most laborers in
19thC. Is that anywhere near correct?

That's interesting about the Spooks cast being treated to a gourmet feast. Perhaps, as you say, Harry prefers pub grub...with a side of his fav scotch.*a toast to Spooks* I'm planning to order series10 for hubby when it's available. He watched with me for S7,8,9 so I'm certain he'd enjoy seeing Harry walk into the sunset or whatever the writers imagined for his final curtain.

I'm wondering if The Hobbit won't be the motivator that finally prompts Richard to become comfortable on talk shows and/or cooking programs. No doubt part of his contract as Thorin will be to promote the movie in appearances during Dec 2012 - in as many venues as possible. We might even need to give him a dispensation from his usual holiday message if his time becomes monopolized with selling An Unexpected Journey immediately before Christmas.

The film will certainly be a long-awaited gift for our holiday season next year.

Sue said...


The ending to the Spooks series was spectacular (in my humble opinion). It had lots of twists and plots and poor old Harry and Ruth were at the centre of it all. As I expected not a happy ending, but I won't give the game away and spoil it all for all those series 10 virgins out there. Prepare for plenty of blubbing into your cocoa when you do watch it though. A very enigmatic end for Harry and not what I expected at all. The scriptwriters did series 10 proud and it's such a shame that there won't be any more.

I'm sure Richard will have to do the publicity rounds when they finally release The Hobbit (Part One). He might even get to wear another designer suit. Hope he goes to a young and up and coming British designer, it would be good for both parties involved (and not just for the person measuring Richard's inside leg!)

I thought he was really laid back and relaxed looking on that morning show where he helped cook the Thai curry. It would do his career no end of good to show the other side of himself in interviews and elbow his way forward out of the shadows.
As for being comfortable on talk shows, I don't think any actor is ever 100% that during interviews. A necessary evil I'm afraid "for a simple man who chose a complicated profession". (Yes you guessed it I chose that answer in your poll, although I did consider the "on the edge" option to, as Richard seems to like to push himself a little).

RiCrAr said...

Sue, there's a dedicated Spooks fan on twitter who's trying to coax out of the writers any alternative ep6 endings that might've been written. All 3 are on twitter. What's really amusing about the fan's forceful reaction to the ending is - she's an American:) She suggested to the writers it would've been a more shocking ending if...errr,..can't go further without spoiling it for those planning to watch.
Oh well, I can empathize with her - reflecting upon my strong reaction to Lucas's demise.

You know "elbow his way forward out of the shadows" is just not Richard. I, for one, find his humble celebrity attitude to be the greatest motivator for remaining his fan. If we want full-of-themselves actors who have no problem believing their own press, we have a plethora of choices. That's the reason I'd ignored all of them (and their films/tv shows) for a decade before N&S arrived one day in the pre-holiday mail.

I chose the 'on the edge' option because at an early age Richard was determined to leave home, spread his wings in a foreign country, accept roles that were controversial(Paul BTS & baddie GoG) and even today - at 40yrs old - is still pushing the envelope by agreeing to live half way around the world for two years of his life. He seems to thrive on change and new horizons...on the edge.

Sue said...


I agree that he does seem to want to live "on the edge" at times. I think much of it stems from his ambition to always be the best at whatever he does and is often a lot of nervous energy in that he can't settle and relax.

I forgot to mention in my earlier post about Spooks that Matthew MacFadyen makes a very brief appearance to mop up some of Harry's mess at the very end of the last episode. (Don't think I've spoilt any storyline by revealing that have I?)

I think that it was an unexpected ending for the Spooks series and that's what I liked about it. It also leaves some scope to return or reinvent another spy series at a later date.

By the way some sketches and paintings by The Hobbit author himself, J.R.R. Tolkien, are to be published for the first time soon. The artworks, which were not used when the novel was published in 1937, were recently discovered at the Bodleian library in Oxford, England, would you believe!

The BBC website have an article about it on their website and Peter Jackson and his forthcoming films get a mention and also the LOTRs. Next year marks The Hobbit's 75th Anniversary. Premièring the PJ films to coincide with this has got to be a plus when promoting them surely?

Sue said...

Here's the link to the article on the BBC website, re the above:


It has some nice comments about Peter Jackson and TH. Useful publicity.

RiCrAr said...

Thanks for the link Sue. Will take a look.

As for the Tom Quinn/MM appearance in final ep of Spooks, there's speculation it's a possible setup for a movie. That does make sense, doesn't it - why else would they bring back only one particular character?

Sadly, Lucas & Adam's departure from the show were rather final - really a pity - I'd prefer either one of them(Richard first choice of course)as the lead in a Spooks film. Only way that would be possible is if they wrote an entire new character for him..perhaps he could be Lucas North/John Bateman's long-lost *twin* brother?? The heroic bro - not the black sheep of the family.

See the latest post where we revisit the Anne Rice remarks when she couldn't stop talking about Richard being her fantasy vampire. Said at the time I'm not into blood-sucking men but would put out the welcome mat for a TDH vampire if it's RA:)

The post contains her interview and comments about Richard. Interesting read for this Halloween season.