October 9, 2011

Ice and Fire Medieval Cookbook + Vote Capt America as Best Sci-Fi Movie of 2011 + Great RA Showreel + Other Wonderful Fan Vids

Want to dine Medieval? (not referring to my cooking:)  Check out the Ice and Fire Cookbook..it contains all those dishes mentioned in GRR Martin's Game of Thrones book series..pigeon pie (?not so sure) but corn fritters..YUM!..Warning: do not go immediately to the bottom of the page where you'll see a recipe for Honey-spiced Locusts(yccck! it will turn you off to the entire idea of medieval cooking..acck!)

Vote Captain America as Best Science Fiction movie of 2011 in the Spike TV channel's contest(it specializes in mens' programming:




Hilarious..very clever although poor substitute for the Lucas North voice..(not fond of Matt Damon:)


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