October 9, 2011

Want to See RA Cut His Early Smolder Teeth for Mrs Laura Twamley?(link below) + BBC America Website Includes RA Page + VOTE for John Thornton as Most Handsome Period Drama Hero (link below) + TNT..Sir Guy is Dynamite! + HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUSA aka FABO!! Little Birdie Whispered Her Birthday is on Mon..October 10..

Again indebted to RAnet(see link below) for pointing out RA's Ultimate Force performance is available for viewing at the IMDb website.  Unfortunately the eps are only provided for US fans to view (whew! not sure how to act - we're definitely not used to receiving front row seats and quite frankly often felt like the under-privileged cousins, in the past, when it came to RA access..*winks* ;)
If you've never seen RA as Ian Macalwain and find you cannot watch at IMDb, simply go to youtube.com and search for the show there - title of one that I recall is "name is Ian"..

Thanks to http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/ for the following heads up.  BBC America website has a new feature called The Men of BBC America.  They mention North and South which triggered a snigger - because they've only aired the series once many years ago - despite the fact we've often begged them to show it again.  I've never seen N&S on that channel.  Another mention is Robin Hood which is valid.  First noticed RA as Guy of Gisborne, season 2 when it played on BBCA.

Ian Wylie's blog post on next to the very last episode of Spooks:
Judging from Spooks ep 5 photo, which is below this pic of Lucas (a fav of mine for obvious reason),  Old Glory(term of affection for the red/white & blue - US flag:) is honored (fervently hope that's the case since I've seen worrisome comments referring to Harry and the CIA) to be part of the next to the last ep of the long-running series.  Ian gives his approval of the final ep with the words "fitting conclusion."

TIME TO VOTE for John Thornton as most handsome period drama hero:

PBS must've known one of it's most loyal viewers was celebrating her birthday today - they're showing a Robin Hood marathon.  Guess who is enjoying her Columbus Day and natal day holiday with Sir Guy...

Just noticed the following tweet by Tyrion Lannister.  Those who've read Geo Martin's books or are following the TV series, get the joke *chuckle*

                         Tweet by:  _The_Imp_Tyrion Lannister #ThingsPeopleShouldNotDo
                                              Your sister. Are you listening Jaime?


Musa said...

Dear Ricrar! What a lovely birthday wish! Thank you so very much my friend.
Couldn't wish for anything better than Lucas in blue "hugs".

RiCrAr said...

Seems PBS was trying to grant you a birthday wishe, Musa, with it's RH marathon.

I first noticed RA as he strutted down Nottg'm castle halls with the thought "this actor is than Robin Hood..why doesn't he have the lead?" Didn't even know his name..it was the very first time I'd ever laid eyes on him. Also remember flipping channels when Sir Guy climbed the tree to rescue Marian in the woods with the thought "this scene is downright childish" and thereby missed the dramatic events in ep13.

Fast forward..John Thornton arrives in the mail shortly before Christmas, and I recognize him as the hot Sir Guy from 6 months previous. Hop unto the internet and search Richard Armitage..read about Marian's demise...bbc message board crash after N&S and the fact that the Robin Hood series was primarily targeting the younger generation - which explained the tree climbing scene.

Rest of course is....

See new added GoG is Dynamite vid...the strutting scenes are to die for.*thud*

RiCrAr said...

haste makes waste and necessary corrections..

"this actor is *better* than..."

"see *newly* added..."

Musa said...

I'm really enjoying watching Guy, I have both TV's tuned to RH while I do stuff around the apt. Love that video, he is TNT. Just watching him right now coming down the hall with Allan - big Gisborne and mini-Gisborne :)

The second time I saw RA was as Guy. I first saw him in North & South and was hooked from the first moment. But I had no idea who he was, though I noted his name. (I then bought the DVD of N&S, and also found The Impressionists,and bought the DVD, though I didn't watch it right away.) Then watching the previews on BBCAmerica for this new Robin Hood I saw him again, I knew it was RA instantly and when RH started, watched it "religiously" every week. Can't believe it has been five years since the first Robin Hood and Guy! How time flies.

I did think also after the first glimpse of him as Guy, how can he not be Robin Hood! Most handsome of all, and also a man and not a boy like the one playing Robin! The voice, the leather...the smirk :) Yes, the rest is history!

Carolynd1 said...

Why is it that even tho I have the dvd's of RH, I still got an excited thrill turning my TV on to watch RH today. God, I love Guy! I love Richard!

Happy Birthday, Musa!

Carolynd1 said...

Why do I always feel like I have betrayed John Thornton when I profess my love for Guy then see JT's pic. Silly me..

RiCrAr said...

Well, I've the guilty feeling covered by loving all of them, altho' some more than others *weep where are you Lucas sob* I know, I know..he's that stain on a sidewalk somewhere in London. *silly grin*

Hoping RH isn't playing on a wide area channel..I've been so busy today, didn't even check - although I too have the RH 1&2 dvds. Didn't order series 3 due to my aversion to his longer hair, but have grown fond of it in the meantime. Besides, IMO it's more convenient to watch particular excerpts at youtube. Don't have the patience to watch entire RH eps..best scenes are Guy's anyway.

BTW, which series is being broadcast today? or are they showing all 3 in a row? That would be worth seeing, without a doubt. Enjoy!

p.s. I'm still reading the new N&S sequel whenever a free moment presents itself. Just read the passage where Mgt is concerned whether John will find her as attractive as before(a certain event..avoiding spoiler:) He made it perfectly clear that she is..*oh my! feeling the vapors coming on* teehee

Laura said...

Oh, that Lucas North black jacket. sigh.

Happy Birthday MUSA! A little late, sorry.

Musa said...

Hi Laura and Carolyn! Thank you so much for my birthday wishes :)

Carolyn - I feel the same way, I have all the RH DVD's and still there is a thrill to watch them when I know others are.

Ricrar- they were showing Season 2 in today's RH marathon. Last Monday holiday they had all Season 1, so I'm thinking next holiday we should see Season 3. Maybe other PBS stations are doing the same!

RiCrAr said...

Hey there Laura,

Yes, that black jacket fit like a glove..and the jeans.*dribble*

You've inspired a post theme - 'Just Jackets'..maybe another for jeans - coming soon to a blog near you:)

Teuchter said...

"Just Jackets" eh? - and perhaps "another for jeans"? Be still my beating heart! Can't wait to see the results RiCrAr, but be sure to warn us ahead of time. Medication might be required in order to view safely!! ;)

RiCrAr said...

Here's your warning Teuchter:) See jackets in latest post..will soon add couple I'd missed. Just jeans will require awhile to collect *oh yea!*..or I just might be so anxious to see all the different styles *cough* scrolling past that we could possibly have a Fitted Jeans Friday *slave to fashion* ;)

He makes such a stirring clothes horse...a virtual black stallion!

Which reminds me - we might need to revisit Richie one of these days..there could be a few leathers in the background when we do--or perhaps astride him...uh oh, now I've done it to myself again -- *fan,fan* *wide grin*