October 12, 2011

Fitted Jeans Fri + Arya(Maisie Williams) Interview re Her Role in Game of Thrones + Just Jackets Thurs + Thank You Sue for Tragic NZ Oil Spill Alert

                       A sure sign of quality jeans..they look attractive even in steamy conditions..

She is so Arya-esque - a straight forward, confident young actress.  Maisie Williams says she relates to Arya because she's also a tomboy, but do I detect the first glimmer of teen-style eyeliner and uniquely-applied eye shadow?  Is young Arya maturing before our eyes both in real life and on-screen.
Most telling is her comment that she has not read the GoT books, but her parents have - they are filling her in as events unfold.   She goes on to say that her mother explained it would be confusing to simultaneously read the books and film her role as written for the screen. *chuckle* They no doubt found a clever way to avoid telling her she was forbidden to read Geo Martin's Ice and Fire series or, as a feisty youngster, she would probably have immediately found a way to do so. Obviously her parents are acting responsibly by shielding a young girl from the extremely graphic adult sex scenes sprinkled throughout each volume. 

One Ring website speculates early footage of the first Hobbit film has been shown at a professional gathering of some sort..

Thank you Sue for heads up on the tragic oil spill off NZ coast. A Liberian-flagged ship ran aground and oil is washing up on beaches not far from Matamata which is home of Hobbiton.


Musa said...

What a great way to start thinking about Friday - Fitted Jeans Friday ;)
....and lots of Lucas too...
We know Thorin won't be wearing any jeans, though maybe PJ can rethink that after seeing how good RA looks.

RiCrAr said...

Funny mental image Musa:)..Thorin in jeans..they'd color coordinate w/his blue cape or coat. Tolkien wrote the dwarf leader wore a blue cape, but we've only seen him so far in his handsome coat.

Dare you to tell us your answer to the latest poll. I was reallly tempted to choose the 10min dream but then decided speaking to him in person would probably inspire the dream anyway. That way I'd get a twofer..in person & in a dream. *greedy wench, isn't she:)*

Musa said...

I voted for speaking to him in person for 10 minutes.Imagine listening to that voice and looking into those blue eyes, and I'm sure he would be charming and funny. It would be a memory that would last forever.
If it ever should happen I only hope I'm able to speak and don't just stand there like I've been hit by lightning.