October 18, 2011

Hobbit News: Lucky Bobbing Barrel..see link below + Telegraph Grades Lucas North's Downfall #2 on List of Spooks Twists(see link below) + Wibble Wed - The Much Needed Extra Nudge to get us Over the Mid-week Slump

THE HOBBIT NEWS:  Thx to Calexora on Twitter for spotting following article re Hobbit schedule.  They'll film the bobbing barrels to Laketown scene in December. 



Want to know how the neat rather precise stubble is achieved..here's everything you need to know to get that special someone in your life growing some ;) sexy stubble, of course..

Holy Halloween batman -- including cocktail recipes. Something else rather scary..

Helpful tips on what to watch out for, if someone new steps into your life--title of the website definitely a clue to the content..

Snow boarder on South island, NZ...

NEWS: The UK Telegraph published a list of the top 10 Spooks plot twists over the past 10 years - Lucas North's downfall is #2  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/8834926/Spookss-top-10-moments.html

Thank you to following website for the headsuphttp://www.richardarmitagenet.com/latestnews.html


That's right - following is another luscious Richardsbabe manip...
And yet another...
It seems shops are filling up with clothing very similar to the Downton Abbey style.  The same article provided many lovely examples..

Past Post from July of this year...


Sue said...

I must admit I like some of the costumes in Downton Abbey. I look forward to the 1920's flapper costumes. I love those tight fitting hats, very stylish.

If truth be told I'm starting to get a little bored with Downton Abbey now. I suppose that's always the danger with a long running series, too many posh knobs for my liking. It needs a bit of new life breathing into it in the form of some new characters rather than trudging on with the same old ones. Now Richard would certainly do that if he were introduced into it. Maybe a toffee-nosed cad or a servant with high expectations?

Watched The Body farm again last night. I must commend Keith Allen for his portrayal of DI Hale in the series. Last night he was reading the riot act to a load of travellers/gypsies and it was just like watching the Sheriff of Nottingham terrorise the villagers in RH. I'm not so sure it's so much KA acting, as KA being pretty much KA! Either way the character of Hale is shaping up nicely. How about a sidekick? A poor old DS with an inclination for leather me thinks would be nice!

RiCrAr said...

Sue, imagine the terrible *hat hair* the cloche cause..is that the right term for them?

All the Downton Abbey role players are on twitter. Today Mr Bates was especially attentive to Anna:) I had another opportunity to tweet Brendan Coyle mentioning he's as distinguished looking as my dad - in hopes he'll start to follow me(reverse stalker situation:)Starting to wonder if mentioning my father in the same tweet, to an age sensitive actor, is really the smart thing to do. It probably pi$$es him off more than anything else. haha

Your remarks about KA being pretty much KA reminds me of an ongoing discussion between me and hubby. I'm convinced what we see on screen is 85% the real human being's personality and 15% their portrayal of the character. DH feels a good actor can completely transform themselves from their own emotions, instincts etc.

IMO, we react as much to the real personality of the actor, as we do to any *foreign* attitudes they might assume for the role. Believe that's the reason I cannot enjoy watching actors such as Sean Penn, Robt DiNiro, Brad Pitt - I'm convinced it's their true personalities seeping through the mask, that ultimately turns me off.

Will Richard be satisfied to return to TV roles after the hobbit or will he hold out for movie roles from now on?

I'm trying to imagine how you'll answer the latest poll which asks which Halloween costume would attract RA's attention. Methinks you'd probably go for either the liontamer w/whip or perhaps a bunny..as in playboy:)..with the appropriate ears and tail.

RiCrAr said...

Added a couple more DA pix Sue..with those close-fitting hats. Note the burgundy coat with fur collar - said on twitter today that I hope it's a fake fur collar or there might be an ODA protest = Occupy Downton Abbey. *winks*

Karima said...

This picture of Guy in leather what you posted is mine manip.

It's okay this time. But next time let me know if you want to post my work, please.

RiCrAr said...

Not sure which Guy pic you referred to K, so I removed both. They'll shortly be replaced.

Isn't it wonderful that there's such a deep archive of RA pix, and so many lovely RA fans who enjoy viewing them.

Karima said...

I talked about this:


You can post my manip by adding my name.

Karima said...

Sorry, something went wrong.

If this link does not work, then I can not show it to you.


RiCrAr said...

That's ok Karima..many RA pix are found on public photo gallieries such as google, yahoo, etc

Thanks for taking the time to provide the link, but I can't start a precedent because I simply don't have the available time to track down all original identities.

Much appreciated..hope you're having a good day:)

Sue said...


To be honest I couldn't make my mind up what character to dress up as for your poll. Maybe the lion tamer me thinks!(Sounds fun and Richard's star sign in Leo after all!)

I'm with you about some of the actor's own personality filtering through into the roles they play. Sometimes I'm sure Richard's shyness does creep through many of his onscreen characters even though it's not always obvious. He never looks completely nasty or murderous. It's his eyes that give the game away, he has a habit of looking away and not being able to maintain eye contact for very long. Perhaps that's why he always gives his characters an inner softness as a way of getting around the problem, or maybe he just likes to make things complicated for himself. He does really seem to live through his characters when acting and often seems very off-hand when waiting in between takes, trying desperately to keep in character.