October 6, 2011

GoG as Macbeth(fanvid) + Capt America Gross, etc on RA Page + Spooks 10 + Game of Thrones Vid..Filming in Croatia + Richard Armitage

GoG as Macbeth…clever…


Apparently movie career begins with following numbers...great start!  Capt America a boxoffice blockbuster..

Cinemax has given the greenlight for another Strike Back series...do we care? Is it of any interest to us?  Will we calmly accept the reality that it will be yet another series where RA will be MIA?  Quite simply - NO! to the last question.  It's not pretty to see a grown woman cry, so cover your eyes:) WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!*sob* WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *sniff,sniff*


Decision was made by GoT series 2 execs to permit local news access to the set in Croatia.  Following vid is one of the fascinating results plus many new photos.  See links below..

This regal looking female is in fact RA fan Xanoquita(on twitter) or Sandra Gomes sitting on the Iron Throne of Westeros, when the Game of Thrones promotion recently visited Spain..





Spooks 10 Final 6 Eps - SPOILER ALERT(if you follow the link, there's also a spoiler free outline for each of the six final episodes):

Where's a courageous spook like Lucas North when he's really needed?

HEADLINE: Russia's Medvedev echoes Stalin "dizzy with success" in party exhortation

Russia »
By Alexei Anishchuk
KRASNODAR, Russia    Sat Oct 8, 2011 (see article link below)


Couldn't resist following Halloween t-shirts..Da#n!..don't you hate when you're off by one day:)

Is this RA doing his daily workout on Halloween? TDH..Tall, Dark & Horrific:)


MsG said...

Thighs....mmm. Ricrar are you purposefully finding thigh pictures to taunt us (grey shirt trousers pic)?
....we'll have a full-on BTS thigh picture soon! ;P

Joanna said...

Bless You RiCrAr.

Sue said...

I love the leather clad thighs myself! Lovely!

By the way I mentioned that Keith Allen was starring in a new series called "Body Farm" (Very good it is too), well Jonas Armstrong will be appearing in it next week. The Sheriff of Nottingham will once again meet Robin Hood. All they need now is Richard as GOG and we'd almost have the full set! Personally I'd love to see Richard and KA act together again.

RiCrAr said...

I think someone named MsG has been peeking at the RA true confession forum photos *winks* Is that the full thigh pic you're referring to?

Happy you're enjoying them Joanne. After uploading the museum pic, I almost decided to change it to smaller size so the entire photo would be visible, UNTIL I scrooled a little further and noticed the *thighs*..Oh My! Instantly decided it was perfect exactly as is.

Leather-clad thighs are your cuppa tea, I see Sue. KA & RA worked really well together - although I do remember feeling my skin crawl whenever the sheriff seemed to invade Guy's personal space. They did play equally evil baddies in RH1 - great comedic moments together.

Well, my virtual crying jag here yesterday had an interesting repercussion. Had a snippet of a dream when I was actually gently running my fingers along RA's left jaw - he was asleep. Felt as though I was trying to help him relax - get needed rest. It was so real! OMG! Could feel the stubble along the palm of my hand. Then I woke up and said to myself - "why didn't you wake him up? Be prepared the next time woman!" haha

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Sue said...


Yes I've had dreams like that RiCrAr, only to wake up and find I'm squeezing the life out of my poor cat!

Talking about RA and KA renewing their double act, I'd love to see Richard appear in an episode of "The Body Farm. Perhaps the scriptwriters could give Dr. Eve a love interest in the form of Richard, who although is handsome and charming is a dangerous serial murderer who has set his sights on the lovely genetic scientist. (Maybe he could tempt Eve with his apple - or should that be peaches?Well she can hardly have KA for a love interest in the show now can she?) I'd love to see Richard play that kind of role, he does duplicity so well. Perhaps he may get a shot at it in the next series of TBF in between filming TH, just to keep the drought at bay for a little while! His appearance in an episode of the show would do marvels for the ratings!

RiCrAr said...

*meowwwwwww*.."squeezing the life out of my poor cat" That's so funny Sue. Well, there are similarities..both have whiskers..somewhat pointy ears..we know one is a master at licking things wouldn't mind finding out...err,,,never mind;) *naughty smile* Weekend is finally here!!!

It would be such a treat to learn he has planned to appear somewhere in something between now and Dec 2012, wouldn't it. You can only rewatch N&S,Spooks,StrikeBack a certain number of times without...uhh..starting all over again.*winks*

Carolynd1 said...

Thanks for the congratulations! That was so sweet of you. Great additions to the blog. I get over here and look just before bed, even if I don't comment often. On the subject of thighs, Richard's are the best. I do miss Guy, although he will always be beautiful on my dvd's. I just don't watch the last episode. I would also like to see him act with KA again.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Thanks for calling me regal :D

Just a small correction, I'm actually in Lisbon, Portugal... Spain is next door, but different country :)

RiCrAr said...

My pleasure, Carolyn - enjoy all those pix of new baby Bentley you'll no doub receive.

Hey there BeG aka Sandra:)

I stand corrected of the fact you were in Portugal sitting on the Iron Throne rather than Spain.

I'm being very careful to use the word iron along w/throne because in the USA when anyone says they're 'sitting on the throne'...hahaha..it has a totally different context(it's a bit gross). *winks*

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Oh, I'm guessing that the "sitting on the throne" thing is universal, because it's the same here, LOL!

I forgot to thank you for posting a picture of me in a page full of RA!!!

Have a great week :)

RiCrAr said...

My pleasure..you look right at home on the Iron Throne BeG. The new GoT season is expected to start in April...really looking forward to it.

Are you reading Geo Martin's Ice & Fire series?

Sue said...


As you say it would be nice to see Richard in something (other than TH) before December 2012. It must be great for an actor to have two back-to-back films lined up, giving you a sense of security in that you are sure of two years worth of work. Problem is in 2012 he's going to have to keep an eye out for his next acting role, must feel a little scary after playing a character like Thorin for a long time, to have to move on to something else. Perhaps given the gypsy lifestyle he has he enjoys starting afresh on a new project? It would freak me out personally.

By the way have you heard that there has been a terrible oil spill in NZ? I hate it when that happens and think of all the poor wildlife that will be affected by it and suffering dreadfully. The human race has a lot to answer for!

Brown-eyed Girl said...

@RicRar: I've read the whole 5 books :)

I have a feeling that the 2nd season will start on April 15th, because it's my birthday :D

RiCrAr said...

Sue, I read somewhere that Peter Jackson said they'll film until June - does he mean for just the first Hobbit movie or will they wrap both films in June? It seems an awfully long shooting schedule for only one of them.

I wonder if he's receiving offers for new roles while he's working on the current films. Wouldn't it be delicious to hear an announcement that he's chosen the next role. We could start research..it would help this long drought period go by quicker. Do you hear us Richard! Give us a crumb, a morsel to chew on for the next 14 MONTHS! *winks*

[Note to self: stop dreaming woman - he's as happy as a clam waking at the crack of dawn and working like a demon until evening--amuse yourself by watching all his dvds starting with Sparkhouse and you might be ready to start all over again by Feb:]

BeG, good for you reading all 5 of those Ice&Fire books published so far. I can imagine that your anxious to get your hands on the final 2 volumes. It will be interesting to see if HBO renews for 5 more seasons. Tyrion is my fav character. IMO, Geo Martin thinks of the imp as himself - the core around which all the other players revolve.