November 21, 2009

DISCUSSION: Spooks 8, Ep 4

Did everyone find ep 4 of Spooks 8 to be very exciting and also puzzling at some points?  In particular, did you find a great deal of symbolism was used in the following scene? As is evident in this pic, Lucas has become quite taken with Sarah.

During this romantic scene
some of the visuals appeared to be a Lucas hallucination,

when his loving expression towards Sarah suddenly 
changed to horror upon evidently hallucinating that he was looking at his Russian torturer
The scene did appear to have a happy ending

  Was the writer's intention to demonstrate that Lucas is being manipulated by both the Russian and his lover Sarah?
What path do you believe their relationship will take after ep 4?  Will the end of the current series again find him broken-hearted and alone?  We'd very much enjoy hearing your opinion so far of Spooks series 8 and/or ep 4.  Hopefully all will end well for our hero.

and the entire Spooks team.

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