November 24, 2009


Here is a great video found on YouTube. It's by OlgaMsc. Watch it and see if you like it. Be sure to watch the whole video.


RiCrAr said...

Thanks for adding this armitage admirer:) Just wanted to comment that if EVEN unbelievably handsome Lucas North raised his fit to me, he'd find himself with one of those chairs wrapped around his neck:) That's always been my firm golden rule in personal relationships. Threaten me with physical violence and he would instantly find himself alone in the middle of the temper tantrum. It works....they think twice and start throwing inanimate objects around(Lucas's reaction after Sarah gave him a strong push back) instead of daring to lay a finger on the female. Anyone have another opinion about this male/female situation?

bZirk said...

I agree that a firm boundary should exist with regard to violence. If a man starts this with a woman -- especially at the beginning of a relationship -- what will he do when he's comfortable? But at no time is that behavior acceptable from a man or a woman. Sadly, I've known women who battered their husbands. I think in many respects it's harder for a man to set a healthy boundary with a physically abusive woman than the other way 'round. But frankly, relationships are so very complicated no matter what's going on, and any violence or threat of it just trebles that. People should get out just for the mere reason that they are going to be completely wearied by the complexity of the thing not to mention possibly being beat on.

bZirk said...

But yeah, it makes no difference how good looking or sexy the abuser is.

Now having said that, I don't think spies are like most people. They are obviously in a dangerous game, and when Lucas threatened physical violence that was not in the context of a relationship with a woman but rather running at an enemy. That's how I took it anyway. May sound like rationalizing, but that's how it looked to me. Okay, I think I'm done droning on now. Hope you have a great day or afternoon or evening. :D

RiCrAr said...

Thanks bzirk, really enjoyed hearing your opinion on a crucial issue such as this one. IMO, one of the most dependable ways to identify a 'good man' worth our time and commitment, is his personal decision to never threaten his wife or girlfriend with physical violence.

I've never known a woman who's battered her husband...the thought made me chuckle:) although, as you said, the 'sauce for the goose' rule applies to both genders.

PS: sincerely wish more people would give us their opinion - it really is a female issue and many would probably find the discussion helpful.
Anyone who's concerned about their English skills can use the translator in the sidebar. However, I've found most people really are far more proficient in English than they imagine themselves to be. We'd love to hear from anyone, in any corner of the world, who wants to say a few words on the topic:) In fact, if you prefer to write in your own language - do it, and we can use the translator instead of you:)

Armitage Admirer said...

I agree..hit me once and I am gone! My theory is if you'll do it once, you'll do it again. I'm sure tho there have been times when one has made a threatening gesture that they have no intention of carrying out, knowing it would be wrong. I don't think Lucas would have hit her in that situation. But I think if he were in a situation that was threatening to his life or cause and the evil spy was female, he would have to use whatever means availabe to stop her.

phylly3 said...

Well, I certainly don't believe violence in relationships is warranted for any reason, however like Bzirk says because they are spies things aren't really the same as "normal" life. They exist in a life and death situation at all times so Lucas really would be protecting himself to hit out at her, because she could literally be his enemy. I don't think that is rationalizing things.
I doubt that he ever hit out at his first wife. (She only became a spy later.) Hmmmm! Is there a pattern here? ;)