February 29, 2016

Richard Armitage: Damn Daniel Miller! The Sunday Spy(see tweet)

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Happy St David's Day plus Super Tues voting in US. Damn Daniel Miller!
Latest tweet selfie in which RA added #SundaySpy. That's the Berlin wall in background..

February 9, 2016

Richard Armitage:VOTE for RA as Best Actor in TV Series & Fav Brit Artist(see link) + Pilgrimage & Brain on Fire in Film Fest(see link) + Classic Love Poems Narration Nominated for Audie Award(see link) + Fan Speculation About New Star Trek(see link) + RA Copperfield Interview Video + It's David Copperfield day! go to Audible.com for your copy

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NEWS: Pilgrimage and Brain on Fire in European Film Fest:
Bryan Fuller is writing/producing a new Star Trek series for CBS. There's speculation that RA could play Spock. I can see him wearing pointy ears and that snug, form-fitting Star Trek uniform. Here are the details of 3 new TV series being developed by the former Hannibal director: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/02/09/star-trek-bryan-fuller
Did you ever wonder what classical instrument you should play? Find the answer at https://www.blogthings.com/whatclassicalinstrumentshouldyouplayquiz/
 Bustle lists the 10 "sexiest voice" narrations for Valentine's Day. RA's David Copperfield is #1, followed by a new Pride and Prejudice.
                                   Happy ending for War and Peace...
War and Peace discussion with the screenwriter, director, a few cast members,etc
Still basking in the afterglow of War and Peace finale..

February 3, 2016

RichardArmitage:Sample(see soundcloud link) of David Copperfield Narration Available at Audible on Feb 9

Here's War and Peace Pierre, Paul Dano, playing Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys in a recent film titled 'Love and Mercy'
Sample from David Copperfield of the voice the pros at Audible call "earcandy"
Berlin Station Happenings: Cast member in RA's Berlin Station series tweeted she's excited to have a scene with him:
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Vogue Magazine interviews Paul Dano - Pierre in War and Peace:
Paul Dano reveals what convinced him to play Pierre in 's epic television production of War & Peace: vogue.com/13391160/war-a

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War and Peace Travelogue of all the locations used during the epic drama: