January 28, 2011

Timeline for Capt America Trailer + Strike Back Ep 1, pt 1 + Richard Armitage Pix + Woman's Man Walk + Soundtracks

Chatter on twitter about the highly anticipated Captain America trailer which is expected to be released soon...

Lucas by faboamanto..

                       Obviously, some women cannot take no for an answer... :)

Woman's-man Walk
                                        Spooks Soundtrack - Jennie Muskett


                                                 North and South Soundtrack



Brown-eyed Girl said...

Hello there! Just to let you know I've just finished watching the 1st episode of Strike Back. That's pretty intense.

I don't know what you call that type of uniform they use in the desert, but The Man rocks it!

I laughed out loud when Layla said "basically you needed a shag" :D

Nighty night!

Sandra aka BEG :) (I like my new nickname)

laura said...

that cut on his lip? I wanna kiss it and make it better.

I also want to get a petition together and make Netflix carry Strike Back.

Ricrar said...

As you can see, BEG & Laura, I've had another delectable orgy of a photo feast. It's fortunate RA followers have printed out a copy of almost every frame of every project he's ever appeared in, isn't it.

Yes, Strike Back is exciting and John Porter is the type of man you want fighting beside you when the baddies call a showdown at the O.K. Corral. hehe He's fearless or at least gives his opponents that impression.

Have the two of you read the early interview when RA described his very first shag? My jaw dropped open - he's always been frank, but never dreamed he'd been that forthright as a young actor. As I recall, believe he said he was 15yrs old and had already sprouted to almost his adult height. A somewhat older girl visited him in his tent on a school outing. He said he was terribly embarrassed the next morning when she blathered 'her conquest' the next morning to their group of friends.

Often wonder if between that unfortunate youthful start to his love life, and Hannah's "puff of smoke" remark that commitment-to-females obstacles might have formed in his subconscious. Huge numbers of women are willing to help him overcome them, if that's the case:)

Of course, that in itself must be a problem for a male with numerous choices -- chocolate covered, honey coated, blonde, brunette, actress or not. Then there's that ancient truism to overcome - 'variety is the spice of life.'

Laura, someone recently uploaded Strike Back to Youtube. I'll post part 1 above and then you can simply follow as each clip ends.

Anonymous said...

I almost spit coffee all over my monitor when I watched the woman's man walk. Funny stuff.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

I recall reading something about his first sexual experience, but I don't know what you mean by "Hannah's 'puff of smoke' remark" :(

I think he's just too busy right now and, as happens with other actors (for example Gerard Butler), they just can't find it in them to settle down when their careers growing and a world of new perspectives opens before them.

An actress in her 40's his basically over (with some exception), but for a male actor many times is when the reach the top...

Now I'm going to drool over the photos again and watch the second episode of Strike Back:)

Have a nice weekend!

Sandra aka BEG

Ricrar said...


isn't the manly walk scrumptious - wish there was more of it...they could've played it in a loop for the entire song without complaints.


Hannah told her newly rejected son that a mother's love last forever while a girl's is like a puff of smoke. My reference was to the combined effect of that N&S line and the insensitive female's action after his first sexual encounter.

Yes, I agree that his career seemed to move into overdrive right around the time he started to make comments on wanting to settle down and start a family. Suppose he realized it would be difficult and even self-limiting(career-wise) to attempt to maintain an intense personal relationship, while simultaneously grabbing the increased golden rings of opportunity.

Besides, Richard strikes me as obsessive about guarding the privacy of that small corner of his life. He's already admitted during an interview, that he feels he reveals so much to the public during his performances, it is necessary to keep something for himself alone. That's an understandable human reaction to celebrity that the majority of them fail to value. Which proves yet again that he's not the run of the mill(unintended pun:) celebrity.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Ricrar: Now I understand the Hannah reference, thanks (I didn't remember it was his mother's name in N&S). By the way, do you know that the actress that plays her is Jeremy Irons' wife?

I agree with you when you say RA likes to keep his private life private and I think he should keep it that way. He also strikes me as a responsible and careful kind of man, who knows that at this moment would not be able to invest in a relationship the way he should, so he might as well focus in his career.
I hope he has some fun along the way - he shouldn't have any trouble with that, considering that any woman with two eyes and two ears will volunteer to help him with that. I know I would... :D

Musa said...

He used to be less guarded in his early interviews. I think it's a good thing he's more careful now, though I miss the fearlessness of the early interviews.
From all accounts he is a very level headed and thoughtful person, and I
agree he's too busy, especially now that he's starting The Hobbit. He seems to think things through in his life, and that's a good thing I think.

Laura said...

Thanks for posting the YouTube of Strike Back... I'll download a bunch of them and watch when I can. I'm running a rather slow DSL (I live out in the country, I'm happy to have what I do... the alternative is DIALUP!!)

I've found several episodes on "torrent" sites. Now if I can just figure out what a "torrent" is, and how to use it...

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Laura, I'm no computer expert, by I use torrents all the time :) First you must have some software - I use BitComet - it's free and easy to use. Then you download the torrent and once it's finished you watch the video.
I've watched 4 episodes of Strike Back so far. I have to say I was pleasently surprised at the beggining of episode 3. I didn't know we had a chance to see THE MAN in all his glory (well, not ALL of it...)

Laura said...

Haven't found any torrents yet, but I'm doing ok with the YouTube uploads. Ten minutes at a time is a bit killer, but it's kind of like having commercial breaks, so I can run and switch the laundry or do some dishes or something while the next one is loading! There's always a silver lining!

Laura said...

I forgot to say "thanks" - to RiCrAr for posting the beginning of Strike Back, and to BEG for helping me understand Torrents. I'll go find "BitTorrent" and work from there.

Ricrar said...

Happy Sunday ladies:)

Beg, I didn't know about Jeremy Irons and Siobhan(isn't that the actress's first name?) Thx for that tidbit.

Musa, agreed that Richard learned to be more discreet with reporters. He still manages to reveal tasty morsels for us though, doesn't he. For instance, his recent remarks that his fav breakfast is preparing oatmeal in the mic, and trying his hand w/a Jamie Oliver salmon recipe.

Laura, I'm not very familiar with torrents -- mos ago, a fellow RA fan led me to one for viewing Spooks9, but don't recall needing to install anything in order to view. Perhaps each site is different.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Ricrar: the actress that plays Hannah Thornton is Sinéad Cusack, and she's married to Jeremy Irons since 1978!

Laura: good luck with the torrents "thingy", I find it very useful!

Ah, I made a friend of mine watch N&S and guess what? The Man has conquered another fan :) As you wisely said, conquering the world one woman at the time :D

Laura said...

Wow. Just... wow. I'm halfway through the second episode of SB, and I hafta say... it's a darned good thing they don't make TV like this in America!! I'd never move from in front of it! I'm like this with MI:5/Spooks, too. It's not just RA, although he certainly demands attention - it's the whole package. This is just excellent television.

Thanks again for posting it.

Ricrar said...

Laura, Agree totally with the positive remarks about SB and it's WOW factor. Of course, one particular actor did provide most of it both physically and visually.*thud,thud*

BEG, hehehe it's funny to imagaine you hearing Guy's taunting of Marian with "beg";) for the first time. In another scene he says to her in the same tone of voice "fetch." Both times RA fans squealed/drooled/swooned with delight. Smoldering stares and passionate kisses do more for me than being ordered about--although the head to toe leather definitely softens the effect. haha

As for dangling Richard in front of your friend and seeing her take the delicious bait -- another female down! :) In that same vain, we've recently had a major wedding engagement in the family - Ibetween now and Nov, 'm planning to play RA's eps in the VoD for the bride. Will let you know if RA has added another conquest to his global roster.