January 13, 2011

Favorite Son Mention(thank you Musa:) + Spooks9 Interview Revisited + Robin Hood I, Ep 3 + The Hobbit Tweet for Tall & Small + Choose His Next Role Poll + Oct 2010 Interview When RA is Asked If He Ever Feels Like a Piece of Meat:)

                                                  INTERVIEW Flashback:  Oct, 2010:

Here's an excerpt from the Coventry Telegraph: - thanks to the ever vigilant Musa.

>Meanwhile, director Joe Johnston, who previously made The Rocketeer, Jumanji, Jurassic Park 3 and last year's reinvention of The Wolfman, takes the reins on Captain America: The First Avenger.

Set largely during the Second World War, it stars Chris Evans - who we previously saw as Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films - as scrawny Steve Rogers who is transformed into a musclebound mascot. He battles the evil Red Skull, a Nazi commander played by Hugo Weaving, with Coventry actor Richard Armitage as the villain's top assassin Heinz Kruger.

The Thor and Captain America characters will go on to be part of Marvel's hotly anticipated team-up movie The Avengers in 2012.<

[Ricrar Update: hmmm, wasn't RA born outside Leicester? Are nearby communities starting to claim him as their own?;)   Reminiscent of the saying "success has many fathers while failure is an orphan" :) Sort of reminds me appropriately of the legend of Robin Hood as well - Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire have had a controversial disagreement about his origins for decades, if not centuries - both counties claim the lengendary hero.
Robin Hood Series I, Ep 3...


The Hobbit Tweet:
>Tall & Small Casting in Christchurch - January 13th, 2011 by xoanon
This weekend there will be a small and tall casting session in Christchurch, New Zealand. Thanks to the local ringers who sent this info in!    The ad in the local paper reads:

The Hobbit:  Official Short/Tall Casting Call

Due to the requirements of certain characters to be portrayed in the films, the production is currently looking for men and women of very specific heights for full time and casual work. Please note this is NOT an Extras Casting Call.

MEN: Ages 17-55
Height: 4 FT 2 (128cm) – 5 FT 2 (158cm) AND
Height: 6 FT 11 (210cm) and over.

WOMEN: Aged 17-55
Height: 4 FT 2 (128cm) – 5 FT (153cm)
[R: In Tolkien dwarf mode, found another map and had a chuckle at the same time..see explanation below..
The above map looks much smaller on the other website, so upon seeing it for the first time said to myself "OMG - do they actually have a community called Bumside!?" teehee ;)  It's Burnside]
October 2010 - Spooks 9 interview revisited: From the BBC website: >As award-winning spy drama Spooks returns to BBC One this autumn for its ninth series, Richard Armitage, who plays MI5's Lucas North, tells Programme Information what's in store.

What can viewers expect from the new series of Spooks?

This year the storylines feel very politically current but we also learn a lot more about the team. Who are these people, what lies beneath the surface, who are they true to, what secrets do they hide in order to do their jobs? Deception and betrayal are key. Of course there are also exciting and intriguing stories of the week but the overall series arc really unravels the character of Lucas North and blows his whole world apart. His loyalty and his future at MI5 are all under the microscope.

How does Ros's death affect Lucas and the rest of the team?

Ros's death has rocked everyone's world. The feeling is that if someone as skilled as Ros can go down, then no one is safe. It has made everyone really question what it means and what price can be paid doing the job. On a practical level it leaves Harry with no choice but to make Lucas head of Section D. Lucas has longed for Harry's trust and acceptance but he has received it by default and it is bittersweet.

What's it been like working with new actors/characters? Has it made you feel like one of the old school?

The series opens with the introduction of four new characters: Beth Bailey and Dimitri Levendis, played by Sophia Myles and Max Brown; a new Home Secretary played by Simon Russell Beale; and Vaughn, a character from Lucas's past, played by Iain Glen. I feel a bit like the older generation as it feels like a new "'super spook generation" has come on board. Dimitri is ex-SBS, and Beth comes from a background in private security, a "mercenary" as Lucas puts it. He presses Harry to allow him to assemble this team. Dimitri is solid, useful and youthful but Beth is a bit of a liability. Viewers will have to wait and see if she becomes a member of Section D or not.

Vaughn turns up from Lucas's past. What does he want? How does it affect Lucas?

It's been 15 years since Lucas last saw Vaughn and, when they meet, Vaughn has a suitcase which contains an assortment of material from Lucas's life prior to joining MI5. Lucas finds a photograph of a girl, Maya – his old girlfriend. It is the beginning of a journey which Vaughn will control and it takes Lucas to the very edge.

Maya is Lucas's first love; a woman he had to leave just as their life together was beginning. Some 15 years ago, Lucas vanished from Maya's life; one day he was there and the next he was gone. Just like a spook. He wants her back and she is the key to who Lucas truly is.

A lot of the scenes in Spooks are filmed in public spaces in London such as train stations, underground stations and in the streets. How do people react to you and the others running through London with a film crew in tow?

Most of the time we try to be as inconspicuous as possible which means working with long lenses so the cameras can be quite far away for the initial master shots, but can also punch in quite tight, rather like a surveillance camera. It's a Spooks trademark and a focus-puller's nightmare! But it gives us the chance to get two or three takes when no one realises that we are filming. I feel like the "real deal", trying not to draw attention to myself and trying not to catch anybody's eye. We often have to rehearse in another location and then walk out into a crowded area and just go for it. We work on hand signals from the First AD (assistant director) so they don't call "action" really loudly.

It's great if something big is going to happen, like a fight, a chase or an arrest, because you get real reactions – of course, if guns are being used, or bomb threats depicted, we have to put up massive signs telling everyone we are filming! It makes me realise how fast London is; no one really hangs around. Most people see what we are doing but rarely have time to stop. I think Spooks really puts London on film in an edgy, contemporary way. Not just the iconic glamorous locations, but the urban and industrial side to London, which normally one tries to avoid but is a designer's dream.

Lucas has lots of tattoos. What do they represent and do you like them?

I love them – it is a literal layer. Lucas has always had many layers and this year we go very deep into who he is. I love that his prison history has been etched onto his skin and they can be revealed to remind the audience that his past is cluttered with complications. Each one has a specific meaning from a specific period in his past. The most prominent is the William Blake picture, Urizen, on his chest. It depicts God as the architect and it is a reminder to Lucas he may not be able to control or construct his own destiny and that he will always be at the mercy of God.

The tattoos also help me avoid the "gratuitous torso shot" as they take about two hours to put on, so "getting my kit off" has to be carefully planned!!!<


Musa said...

Oops- too tall and not tall enough. The story of my life!

Maybe an RA fan among them that will give us some inside info - what little they can.

Did you see Robert Kazinsky, one of the dwarves is on his way to NZ.

Ricrar said...

We remain hopeful Musa that what are called 'ringers' in NZ will soon keep us informed. Maybe the term refers to LOTR.

Did you see where Ian(Gandalf) recently said in an interview that there's isn't any sex in Middle Earth. My reaction was the thought "well I guess not if there are no women" :) then read further and realized Sir Ian isn't exactly interested in whether there are women or not. haha Eye opener for me - he was quite open about being gay during the interview. He said he took part in an anti-papal rally when the Pope made his recent visit to the UK.

I'm not very religious BUT the pope is simply following the directions of the Christian bible. What would he have him do? Sir Ian is following his lights and the Pope is doing the same - reciprocal respect should be the order of the day...not protest parades.

This is one of the areas where lack of civility from the protesting group is never criticized by the press, while they pound unmercifully on the Pope simply for doing his job.

Grrrrrr, not religious but it makes my blood boil when hysterical groups feel they have the right to force their beliefs on everyone else. Sad part is...now my feelings about Gandalf have been effected - no longer see him as a lovable old curmudgeon. This too shall pass:)

Musa said...

Sir Ian has been a gay rights activist for some time now I believe. He's not shy about talking about it, not at all!

He's a great actor and I think he would have been missed as Gandalf.

I've seen him on stage three times,not in London but here at home. The first time many years ago doing his one man show, or the one he used to do, "Acting Shakespeare". He was much younger then (and so was I!), but I still remember the experience decades later. Last time I saw him was as Richard III.

I think they need to add some women to Middle Earth. If Peter Jackson is reading this, my offer to be an M-E Dwarf woman is still open!

Ricrar said...

But what about the Tall/Small requirements? Would be ashame if your ultruistic offer is not accepted due to a technicality;)

Sir Ian was asked by the amazingly pushy interviewer if he'd read any LOTR fan fiction that had indeed inserted sex into MiddleEarth. The actor replied that he believes Tolkien was not interested in including that topic in his saga, and that Peter Jackson feels the same way.

As I recall reading somewhere, wasn't Tolkien first motivated to write The Hobbit for his children/grdchildren? Therefore, of course, he would avoid focusing in his fantasy on that mature aspect of life.

Can't help but entertain the thought that RA is probably relieved to finally have a major role where shirtless and passionate scenes are not a factor:) He no doubt considers it a refreshing change, after years of constantly winning roles where the powers that be were determined to keep his large fan base in the audience and content.

Musa said...

I'm sure RA is looking forward to wearing a beard! (Even if we're not).

Hope we get some news from NZ, otherwise we have a long wait until July and Captain America for any RA news. Here's something I saw today-nothing really new,just nice to see him mentioned:

"Set largely during the Second World War, it stars Chris Evans - who we previously saw as Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films - as scrawny Steve Rogers who is transformed into a musclebound mascot. He battles the evil Red Skull, a Nazi commander played by Hugo Weaving, with Coventry actor Richard Armitage as the villain's top assassin Heinz Kruger."


Sue said...

I think Sir Ian McKellen is a wonderful actor, when I've watched interviews he always seems a very down to earth person, not full of airs and graces and doesn't bother about the "Sir" being used. He's a very versatile actor and loves the theatre. I remember in an interview he mentioned that some people are far too snobbish about different kinds of acting (TV versus theatre) and that by playing TV/film roles it subsidised his theatre work which he loves doing. He also enjoys visiting Manchester's Gay Village and the Gay festival there too. I don't think he came out until after he was 50 I believe (don't take that as gospel) but to be honest it doesn't make a jot of difference to me, he's still a blummin' good actor. I think Richard will get on with him like a house on fire and will have lots in common, as they both seem to have the same work ethics. Of course Sir Ian comes from northern England so I'm obviously biased.

Ricrar said...

Hi Sue, I understand that it's necessary to separate the actor's acting skills from his lifestyle and indeed have already taken that step.

During the interview Sir Ian mentioned that the purpose of his activism is to support gay youth - that sentiment is perfectly understandable & admirable to me. Of course they do indeed need everyone's tolerance and loving acceptance.

It's the fact the actor chose to participate in a protest parade against the Pope that is really annoying. He and his fellow gays should have some of the understanding they demand everyone afford them, for the Pope's position.

It seems as though for most of them, it's more complicated than simply wanting respect as human beings, which I and all decent, kind-hearted people I know have already given. The leaders of that community stridently forge ahead in the US demanding gay marriage be placed on an equal footing in every possible way with traditional marriage between a female & male.

If they would acknowledge that there is a difference between the two situations and reasonably accept civil unions, the vast majority of their fellow Americans would be content. Of course, the gay lifestyle for the majority of them is not a conscious choice; however, the most glaring difference between theirs' and heterosexual marriage is the intention to procreate the species. Therefore, how could they possibly be placed legally on an equal footing?

There's definitely a difference in the circumstances and IMO it would be wise and helpful on their part if the gay community would reach a compromise - admit the difference and cease & desist their radical demands as far as changes to national laws are concerned.

Placing gay marriage on the exact same legal level as traditional marriage would, IMO, denigrate the latter and totally confuse young children. We must consider not only young gays welfare in this matter, but also that of the youngest generation of all impressionable toddlers as well.

Ricrar said...

Even if we're not looking forward to wearing a beard, Musa:) teehee...I don't know..it would be much warmer during hikes in this frigid weather, that's for sure.

I've placed your link and the RA excerpt in the above post. Did you notice it reads "Conventry's Richard Armitage"? Didn't he grow up close to the city of Leicester? Perhaps it's another sign of just how famous Richard has already become.

Ricrar said...

Congratulations are in order for you, Musa:)

Just checked Dezz's site and you are officially one of his 2011 RA angels. He sounds very grateful for all your support during the past year.

We always knew you were an angel - you fly in almost daily with cheerful good tidings - didn't really need Dezmond to point it out;) But it's certainly sweet of him to do so, isn't it.

Musa said...

Thank you RicRAr for your sweet comments. I was totally surprised by Dezmond's very kind award and to be included with the others in the group was even more amazing!

I think you give me too much credit, like most humans I am good and bad, and have a temper- LOL.

I don't know what I would do without my daily dose of "All Things Armitage" ---I'm now addicted to your polls!

Love the caps of my favorite "flirty-gertie" Lee! Thanks~

Musa said...

Thank you RicRAr for your sweet comments. I was totally surprised by Dezmond's very kind award and to be included with the others in the group was even more amazing!

I think you give me too much credit, like most humans I am good and bad, and have a temper- LOL.

I don't know what I would do without my daily dose of "All Things Armitage" ---I'm now addicted to your polls!

Love the caps of my favorite "flirty-gertie" Lee! Thanks~