November 29, 2011

Ian McKellen Blog Post +Thornton Thurs + Great Find by Musa..RA Mention:See News Report Below + What 'Scorching' Looks Like

NEWS: THE HOBBIT on Location - Thank you Musa for finding following NZ news report:

Thanks to for the above link and report on N&S in Russia


Just noticed this quote from the UNPOPCULT website (Oct) about Strike Back 3 being given the green light:
“while it’s a completely different beast from the show it originally was last year, and it’s no replacement for my beloved Spooks, I’ll be giving it a go.”

        Past Post from 2010 - discussion re the almost concluded (at the time) Spooks 9:

"Are you OK baby?"(LN quote from Spooks 9)
More holiday gift ideas for your full-grown *baby*:

Something for the man who might wear a hot pink dress shirt…who might that be? ;)
(Link should take you to an Armani gunmetal watch with pink detailing)

Quote: “perfect for the man who unwinds at his cabin on the weekend” (this one should be a puffy hooded ski vest from Gant Rugger)

November 27, 2011

Where's Thorin?..Is he Visible in Eric's Photo? + THORIN'S DILEMMA: Excerpts--Latest Report by Eric Vespe(see below link) from The Hobbit Set

NEWS: Excerpts from Eric Vespe’s latest report from The Hobbit set. It’s titled “Thorin’s Dilemma”..(Read entire article at below link)

THORIN'S DILEMMA by Eric Vespe...Published at: Nov 27, 2011 11:23:04 PM CST

Welcome back to Middle Earth!..

This day was fairly unique as far as location shooting goes. Typically you go out in the wild to get big establishing shots, which is why a whole lot of the footage I’ve seen so far involves running. With the quickly changing light, fast moving clouds, uncooperative weather getting anything but quick bits is often difficult and will make even the most adventurous director long for the controlled confines of a studio.

However having a real meaty dramatic scene shot amongst this kind of backdrop gives even the most fantastic movie a sense of grounded reality that a stage simply can’t replicate. .

So it was a great pleasure to see one of the location days on The Hobbit that wasn’t an action beat.. The scene shot this day was a hefty bit of character work as Thorin and Gandalf’s friendly consultation turns heated.

.. they were getting close ups, the background barely edging into frame because the focus was now on the drama, not the scenery.

..all 13 dwarves, Bilbo and Tall Paul ride their horses and ponies through some rocks to the hill where the derelict farmhouse sits..Two giant Technocranes were set up to catch this action..
It’s late in the day and the idea is that this is a suitable place to make camp, but Gandalf wants to push on and seek Elrond’s council at Rivendell.

This scene is all about Thorin and my first real chance at seeing Richard Armitage craft a layered performance with the character. Thorin’s a stubborn dwarf, very much a leader, but is smart enough to heed the council of Gandalf.

He is a man torn in this scene. His deep resentment at the elves (he believes they have betrayed his ancestors by not stepping in when they needed their help) pulls him one way, but his respect for Gandalf pulls him the other.
Sir Ian had to be here for this moment since a full performance was required from both men..

Armitage does a great job with Thorin’s inner struggle. The look on his face isn’t someone locked into a decision. Gandalf urges him to seek Elrond’s help, for the good of the quest. Instead of playing it like a stone-faced general, Armitage does weigh his options and mostly in reaction to Gandalf’s words, not in his own dialogue.

In other words he conveys the struggle with his face, giving Thorin a depth I was anticipating. I’m sure the inclination would be for Armitage to play it stubborn and he does, but he layers it with some real emotion.
This location served as Peter’s Birthday spot. The man came to work on his birthday without much fanfare until the dwarves surprised him with their present… a calendar that featured each dwarf in some inappropriate position. Think of it as a Hunky Firemen calendar but instead of hunky firemen it was all hunky dwarves in the most ridiculous romance book cover positions imaginable.

I know of some fans on Twitter that would kill to have a look at that calendar. There’s a mighty large Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner contingent on social media sites I’ve recently discovered.

Since most of the Weta Digital team on the ground at main unit is American we’ve kind of turned the VFX tent into the American Embassy on the set, with discussions of how we’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving and how we miss simple things, like 24 hour stores, free refills, actual Mexican food, unlimited internet and other such American topics.

Read also at below link:  An Unexpected Journey Part 1 – Concerning Hobbiton
 Part 2 – They Call Me Mr. Chubb
Part 3 – Beginnings and Endings
Part 4 – A Palaver of Istari
-Eric Vespe”Quint”

Entire article here

Although barely recognizable in Eric Vespe's panoramic version, can you see Thorin in this enlarged segment?...what to our wondering eyes should appear, but Thorin with his back against the stone wall?

Quote from Empire Magazine article in following July post:

"Armitage's Thorin especially exudes a steely conviction...."




November 25, 2011

Editorial Out of NZ re TH + Thorin & Company: Hobbiting Around the Christmas Tree *hilarious*..(Thx Musa for the headsup)

Following created by the One Ring website...


            THE HOBBIT: Interesting editorial yesterday from one of NZ's newspapers:

Thank you to the  website for the originals of these John Mulligan photos..

November 23, 2011

Today's Eric Vespe Report w/RA Mention(see Guy swinging sword below) + Project Mag Videos

Ideas for dressing for cooler weather:

More fashion ideas - this time for work or as gifts:

FINALLY  Eric Vespe's latest from The Hobbit set with his promise we'll really enjoy the next one...

The Hobbit NEWS:  Excerpt from website below:

Amongst the stash of treasure and weapons taken from poor dwarves, elves, orcs and men captured and eaten by these trolls is a tiny elvish blade, barely bigger than a dagger for a regular man, but just the right size for a Hobbit.

Unless I’m misremembering Fellowship, Peter Jackson filmed Gandalf handing Sting over to Bilbo to mirror Bilbo giving Frodo the sword in LOTR. In other words, he makes a moment out of it. With the beautiful green forest in the background (cave entrance), Martin reluctantly receives the sword, pulling it slowly out of its sheath.

Thorin gets Orcrist here as well, which you can see him wield in his promo picture by the way. Orcrist is a long, flat blade and they filmed a scene of Richard Armitage swinging it down in a wide arc striking down a leaping evil thing to be added in digitally before all is said and done.

Next up is a small report about a big dialogue scene. Richard Armitage fans will be interested in the next one, I guarantee it. See you then!

-Eric Vespe
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Richard Armitage for Project Magazine (Part 2) by Matt Holyoak from Dan Stoddart on Vimeo.
Richard Armitage for Project Magazine (Part 1) by Matt Holyoak from Dan Stoddart on Vimeo.
Richard Armitage for Project Magazine (Part 3) by Matt Holyoak from Dan Stoddart on Vimeo.

Past Post from July, 2011...Captain America reaction:


November 20, 2011

Thorin FanArt + The Hobbit in French Mags + Narration Pt 1: Lost Land of the Tiger + Clever RA Spherical Ball by bccmee + Eric Vespe Tweets: We'll Enjoy Next 2 Reports

Wonderful Thorin Fan Art:

Who knew there's Middle Earth holiday music?...
My fav is Middle Ages Christmas music...

Most recent Eric Vespe tweet to RA fans on Twitter:
" You'll like the next report. You'll LOVE the following one."  9 hours ago

Another Eric Vespe Tweet to RA fans:
" No word on the pics yet. Once they're approved I'll go with the first report of the week. Could be Monday or Tuesday"  9 hours ago

THE HOBBIT featured in a couple French magazines:
See photos and entire translation graciously provided at the RA Net website(see below link):

Excerpt: "When he was a young dwarf prince, Thorin witnessed the destruction of the realm of Erebor. Forced to exile, he became a strong fighter and a charismatic leader, whose only desire is to destroy the creature responsible for his people's misfortune. “Thorin feels a surpressed anger and I take advantage of this role to express my own dark side”, adds Richard Armitage. “It’s liberating! I pushed limits of my performance outside my “comfort zone”. I do not want to rest on my laurels”."

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, when he has a ski lodge to decorate for Christmas:)  - can't take credit or blame..a twitter Lucas made this one last year..funny haha

See following link for surnames found in George Washington's family tree.  Seems RA shares at least one with the first President of the U.S. - Crispin...

EXCERPT from the AncestryUK website(see below link) regarding President Geo Washington:    
The first ancestor of George Washington, First President of the United States, to live at Washington , Durham, England was William, originally known as William fitz Patric. The Washington Family had extensive estates in both North East and North West England, with family properties in Berwickshire (Scotland), Northumberland, Durham and Westmoreland (Cumbria) in England before William settled at WESSYNGTON - now known as WASHINGTON."

     From above website: The Lindisfarne Gospels illuminated on Durham Cathedral, UK...

Apparently Geo Washington was interested in genealogy, which is not a surprise to anyone who is a history buff as well.  The two, IMO, go hand-in-hand.  In Washington's personal circumstances, however, he found it wise to not publicly express his interest in family history - lest his political opponents might be tempted to claim it was proof Pres Washington wanted to establish a monarchy instead of his true preference - an American Democratic Republic.

Here's another one of bccmee's clever projects. It demonstrates the primary reason I've said she's one of those who keeps the RA eternal flame burning brightly. Her contributions are welcome indeed during these days of almost total darkness in new fan material...