November 3, 2011

New PJ Video Blog(see below link) + GuyLashes Fri (someone who frequents this establishment:) confessed a lashes fetish..hope she & you enjoy) + Where Are They Now:Lucy Griffiths

THE HOBBIT NEWSFLASH: and Thank you Musa for the heads up..

The Hobbit director, Peter Jackson's, latest video blog...RA as Thorin is omnipresent, thank you:)

Past Post from April - much discussion about TV series Camelot at that time..also the laughing baby video..enjoy revisiting that now and then..

explanation of above scene - the dwarves are escaping after being spun into cocoons by giant spiders.. 

---The forest is dark and terrible...After many days, they are near the end of their food and they leave the path, against Gandalf's advice, when they see lights in the trees. Giant spiders capture them but Bilbo escapes and helps his friends escape. He reveals to them the secret of the ring and they get away from the spiders.
Thorin is missing. He was captured by wood-elves. Soon, the rest of the group, except for Bilbo, is captured also.

[Perhaps Westeros is not all that far from Middle Earth ;)  Afterall, they're both fantasylands...]

Following is funny - the blogger asked for suggestions of places for the 'occupy' crowd to do their liberally hypocritical thing...someone suggested Westeros with hilarious comments that help put things in perspective..
[R: brief note on the 'occupy' organizers - they are urban limousine liberals who recently complained, to police in NYC, that the authentic homeless were consuming too much of the organizers organic food supplies.  I reiterate - they're flaming hypocrits]

Suggestion Excerpt - Westeros:
If the Occupy movement would be about perfecting a society that’s in decent shape in Nellyville, Occupy Westeros would be a somewhat more urgent proposition. After all, in this shattered kingdom, the 1 percent don’t just control most of Westeros’ wealth: they can rape and murder members of the 99 percent with impunity. There would be logistical challenges, too. In Westeros, when they say winter is coming, they don’t just mean you’re going to have to keep taking snow-soaked sleeping bags to the laundromat to dry them out until April. But holdfasts are easier to defend than public parks. As are giant walls made of ice. And nothing brings the 99 percent together faster than hordes of ice zombies.

RA's former RH co-star, Lucy Griffiths, will play a regular role in HBO's vampire drama 'True Blood'


Musa said...

RA's gorgeous eyelashes - eyelash heaven today Ricrar :) RA's eyelashes with signature stubble is the perfect combination- LOL
He's also wonderful at conveying what his character is feeling through his body language, very much including his eyelashes.

Though I don't watch True Blood, I'm happy for Lucy Griffiths. I hope she and RA work together again, they had great chemistry together in RH.

Looks like PJ may surprise us soon!

Ricrar said...

Thx for the good news about PJ, Musa. Hope it's RA rich.

Do you know if Lucy will be in the next TB series? Perhaps it will air on HBO at same time as GoT2 - if so, we can check Lucy's vampire portrayal. The article linked above says, as a regular role, it will probably require some nudity..Guy's li'l Marian will be all grown up:) If not a medieval legendary character, he'd probably take out an HBO subscription in order to see "the love of his life".*sob* Afterall, his dreams never did come true in RH. *imagination might be getting slightly carried away* giggles

I deliberately didn't mention who made the true confession about her guylashes fetish. Your very enthusiastic reaction to all the pix just might've spilled the beans:)
*good thing he never fluttered them* teehee

Laura said...

Oh, my goodness!! What happened to Lucy? She was so gorgeously lush in RH, and now.... now.... she's all emaciated! Or maybe (I hope) it's just bad photography? Please? It looks like she lost a bunch of weight, but 'plumped' her lips. Sigh. I wish Hollywood would quit messing with women, and accept them as they are.

Meanwhile... drooling as usual over the RA pics. I love that you throw those sepia ones in every now and then. Every night I check back (yes, I'm a major lurker), and it's a kick to see my favorites showing up. Between those, Lucas' black jacket, and John Porter, I can die a happy woman...

Ricrar said...

Happy to please you w/your favs, Laura,

Lucy has simply matured a wee bit, as all of us are prone to do over a 4-5yr period. She was only 19yrs old in RH1...still had some baby fat in her face at that time. As I recall, her lips were always very full and the lighter shades of liptint make them look even more so. Anyone who wants overly plump lips to shrink, only need apply a darker color--especially in the bluish red tones, which are most complimentary to vast majority of women.

I doubt any actress today would try to minimize that feature, due to the fact Angelina Jolie's success has made her humungous trademarks much sought after in lookalikes (by casting departments).

I truly wish Hollywood would set higher standards for actors appearances. They want gorgeous females on our screens, yet any tattered, frayed around the edges, balding male is continuously cast in most major roles. It seems the union rules of seniority are applied for mens' roles but not females..with one glaring exception - Meryl Streep.

She's my least fav actress..I avoid her usually boring films like the plague..yet there she is in role after blah role, year in and year out. Methinks Ms Streep must have blackmail evidence that she flashes in front of movie execs whenever she want a starring role. *chuckles..just joking of course:*)

Will you be watching Lucy's upcoming interpetation of a vampire? Not certain I'd take out a new HBO subscription for that purpose - if we already have it for Game of Throne2, I'll definitely check it out.

Laura said...

I knew she was young, but I hoped that she wouldn't fall into the typical Hollywood "be as skinny as possible then lose ten pounds" nonsense. She was gorgeous - I never thought she had baby fat. I always thought she looked stronger for it. I suppose I should go find other pics and see her all the way around.

I won't be watching her new show... we don't have cable, and unless the Gods of the Lottery smile upon us, I'm afraid it's not in the cards for the next little while. Maybe if/when it comes out on Netflix, though. That's my one indulgence.

Laura said...

PS... that Hobbit makeup is truly amazing. I stared at the close-up for a good long time, and couldn't see seams. I know I'm not supposed to, but still... it looks so incredibly real!

Ricrar said...

Did you watch PJ's latest vid, Laura? The makeup artist explained it's necessary to apply vibrant coloring in order to get the right effect for 3D (or for the advanced camera technology he's using for the hobbit film).

RA's forehead looks to me as tho either a wrinkled prosthetic was added or perhaps dark makeup to emphasize the creases - especially the dark line down the center. No doubt added as an aging effect for Thorin.

What about the nose? Has that been altered?

Only gorgeous feature that jumps out no matter how much they age the rest of his fact are those penetrating brilliant blue eyes. They pop in all the Thorin closeups and I'm convinced that's exactly what the director envisioned. He used Aragorn's & Froddo's large pools of blue, in the same way, for LOTR movies.

Musa said...

Thorin's nose may also be prosthetics, or partially so I also think Ricrar. Need to study some more - ha! But the blue eyes are amazing, and he does look very regal.

I agree Laura - the makeup is amazing. Has to be quite a process every day for them. I remember reading and seeing all the DVD extras about the makeup on LOTR. Hours every day, to take the makeup and prosthetics off too.

Most thrilling of all is how very visible Thorin is in almost every shot of the actors, and he's very much in scenes with Bilbo and Gandalf. He has such a serious and sad expression in some shots you know he's deep into being Thorin. I need to watch the vid blog some more!

Yes, in LOTR Frodo's eyes especially were unforgettable.

Sue said...

It does look as though the prosthetics department have made Richard's nose a little hooked. So you see Richard never mind longing for a nose job, it could always be a lot worse!!!!!

As Thorin dies in the second film I wonder just how long he will be shooting the film in all? I suppose it all depends at what point the first film ends. (Does that make sense to you?I'm not sure it does to me!)

As for the Lucy pics, you can never rule out that the photo's may have been airbrushed, which is why actresses always look so perfect as they can have their creases and lumps and bumps magicked away.

Ricrar said...

Yes, Sue, his nose does look as tho some padding is added to the top..on the large pic you can see slighter lighter shade at the base of the nose - that's probably where it's cleverly attached.

Richard has always said the costume is extremely important to him - perhaps after wearing all the Thorin baggage for 18mos, he'll appreciate the *skimpier* ones. A girl can hope *chuckle*

Imagine how warm that heavy-looking costume must feel..especially during action scenes.

Lucy's face does look thinner but it's probably due to the usual aging process. I'm not very keen on the hairstyles she's wearing in these pix - they accompanied the announcement that she'll appear as a regular in True Blood.

Musa said...

Hi Sue and Ricrar!

I think how long RA films TH depends on the order of filming, since they don't film in order of the story. So even if Thorin's story doesn't continue through all of movie#2 he could still be filming some of next year because they are filming scenes that happen earlier, especially since PJ is filming two films at once.

Just my two cents, but I know a bit about what happened on the LOTR films (I think you know why!) and sometimes actors were called back after they thought they were done to film an additional scene PJ wanted to add, or to film a scene again because of one reason or other. Some were shuttling between NZ and UK for a while. Then also, some were added to a scene via CGI and were not there when the scene was filmed (when they didn't have lines, but were just present). Some scenes of course were edited out for the theatrical version that were later added in the DVD extended version. My advise, save your pennies because if we go by LOTR there will be a theatrical version release, and then later an extended version with also hours of extra extras released... then blue ray release...and who knows what else...oh yes :)

Ricrar said...

Thx, Musa, for the good advice to wait for the extended version or blue ray release. Judging from PJ's recent vidblog I'd say Thorin appears in almost every scene. That signals a definite buy and add to RA dvd collection. What would we do without them during this extreme RA drought -- might even soon give Sparkhouse a revisit.

Latest post is Tuxedo Tues - we certainly have quite an archinve of those handsome pix. Puzzled though whether JT's black cravat and coat would qualify as formal wear? It seems to blend in well with all Richard's appearances on the red carpet.

Sue said...


Thanks Musa for the insight into filming. Of course they will have to adjust the filming to coincide with whatever the actors other filming commitments are. I hope Richard gets to do something else in between breaks of filming TH. Maybe another audio book?


I see you have uploaded pictures of Richard and Keith filming RH. I wonder if you can give me your opinion on something? In an excerpt of that particular scene where the Sheriff is invading Guy's personal space (I thought he was going to snog him at one point) there is an aunties bloomer around where Richard gets up and leaves the table as KA is ranting. Obviously KA is a little OTT when filming that particular scene and that is the mistake, but did Guy get up and leave the room because he was supposed to, or was Richard simply fed up of KA's messing around? In the actual finished version he doesn't leave the room does he? Would Richard get up and leave in a sulk? (Can't say I'd blame him if he did, but I doubt it).

Ricrar said...

Sue and all - hope everyone has taken a peek at the latest post which is filled with RA looking yummy in his tux at BAFTA ceremonies & also a new GoG fanvid.
Also a new poll asking what RA might be, if not an actor.

As mentioned before, Sue, the sheriff made my skin crawl whenever he seemed to let surface (during those Guy scenes) any subliminal gayness tendencies he might harbor. It would not surprise me one bit if Richard did get fed up and walk off the set at least once. Something else to consider - perhaps Vasey's lack of oral hygiene(evidenced by missing tooth:) made Richard get queasy whenever KA breathed directly into his face. ugh!

Hasn't he said he tends to hold things in and then explodes when his tolerance limit has been tripped. Maybe he needed to run to the nearest rest room because he was nauseous. haha
*know I would have been*

I share your hope that RA has plans to do another audio book (or some other pleasant surprise) during the next hobbit break. If we had a clue what that might be, we could do some research in the meantime.

Wondering if he'll even have time to send a Holiday message this year? Have we heard the dates as yet for their Christmas break?

Sue said...


I'm sure Richard will take time to rattle off a Christmas message on his trusty laptop. I used to enjoy reading all those funny tongue-twister messages about the pressies he'd received from fans. Alas no more!

I'd love to see Richard do some kind of cameo appearance in a show. Perhaps play a loveable rogue type of character with a bit of an edge?

Actually there is a 5-part nightly series running over here in England on the ITV1 channel called "The Jury", which is gripping. It has English actress Julie Walters (ever seen the film Educating Rita?)as a top barrister and she's absolutely brilliant. I think she's a wonderful actress with great comedy timing. Pity Richard couldn't do something like that. Rupert Penrys-Jones has recently appeared as a Barrister so why shouldn't Richard get a turn to wear one of those white curly wigs too? (Bet he'd look gorgeous in one of those and all that black garb!)

Ricrar said...

Hey there Sue:) Why don't you join us in the latest post, this one is about to fall off the main page.

Agreed Richard will manage to find the time to send his annual greeting to fans. Wouldn't it be delicious if he hinted what his next project might be?

His fans are certainly keen to see him reappear on their screens in any capacity whatsoever, although he might prefer to choose movie roles from now on. I've noticed here in the US that more prominent players are starting to appear in our premium channel series.

Switching to current events, there have been many recent news stories describing political/financial turmoil on your continent. Of course, we are also experiencing unemployment woes and class warfare political tactics. Sincerely hope the new year brings some solutions for both sides of the pond.