June 29, 2013

Richard Armitage + HAPPY 4th of JULY! + The White Queen Trailer + Green Screen Thorin + New Vlog from PJ + Thorin Fanart(saw it on Twitter) + New Romeo and Juliet Adaptation(written by Julian Fellowes--see trailer)

H A P P Y   F O U R T H   OF   J U L Y !!
The White Queen - houses of Lancaster & York are coming! Aug 10,Starz
Following adaptation was written by Downton Abbey writer, Julian Fellows. At end of trailer it simply says "coming soon"..

Time travel: Ross Poldark's commanding officer, General Cornwallis, is apparently still reviewing his troops.  In fact, in certain areas of the country, Paul Revere's general alarm to American colonists needs to be again sounded "The British are (still) Coming!!";D and happily they attract many tourists.

June 24, 2013

Richard Armitage, All Things:Interview excerpt re BLACK SKY from RA's Co-star + MORE New Photos(feeling "taken care of";) + An Excerpt of Winston Graham's Physical Description of Ross Poldark + Moving On Between the Sheets Wednesday

I always prefer the direct look into camera rather than any drama..e.g.
e.g. drama below - prefer it retained for the movie/tv cameras..
Something Kinda Ooh for the weekend..
Recent sunset at a NC beach
NEWS:Following is excerpted from a recent interview with RA's female co-star in BLACK SKY. She's also one of the stars of The Living Dead:
- Away from the show we are going to be seeing you back on the big screen in thriller Black Sky so can you tell me a little bit about that?
I actually taped an audition for that. The audition actually came through on my birthday and Melissa McBride, who works on The Walking Dead, had a camera and I just said to her ’can we throw this down real quick?’ And whatever she did was so great that I got the part.
So it got me my fourth consecutive English leading man and put me on the screen with Richard Armitage. Andy (Lincoln) and Richard had worked together on some project and so they were writing to each other about me long before I got on set.
It was a lot of fun. It is a big budget, high special effect project and it is a movie on the scale that I have never had chance to work on before.
And yet I found the same thing that I found on The Walking Dead, that it is driven by simple moments of honesty between people. And so the special effects only matter in so far as they support the human story. But it was a ton of fun and Richard and I had a ball together.
Book #1 from Winston Graham's Poldark series.  Ross Poldark is arriving home to Cornwall from the American War of Independence:
   "You'll pardon me, sir," said the clergyman in a sharp, vigorous voice. "Your features are familiar, but I find it hard to recall where we have met. Was it in Oxford?"
   The young man was tall and thin and big-boned, with a scar on his cheek. He wore a double-breasted riding coat cut away short in front to show the waistcoat and the stout breeches, both of a lighter brown. His hair, which had a hint of copper in its darkness, was brushed back and tied at the back with brown ribbon.
   "You're the Revd. Dr Halse, aren't you?" he said....
   Recognition came. "Ross Poldark. Well, well. You've changed. I remember now.."
   The little clerk had heard of the Poldarks, had heard of Joshua(Ross's father), from whom, they said, in the fifties and sixties no pretty woman married or unmarried was safe. This must be his son. An unusual face with its strongly set cheekbones, wide mouth, and large, strong white teeth. The eyes were a very clear blue-grey.." (Soon after it's revealed Ross Poldark walks with a limp.)
As a British soldier in the American colonies, Ross Poldark was under the command of Gen Cornwallis.  Following link demonstrates that Cornwallis is still reviewing his troops in Williamsburg, VA;)
            Bad boy characters highlighted today - John Mulligan: Moving On...

                   Between the Sheets: Paul Andrews
Who knew Captain America is a biker?
The Cinematic corner blogger supports RA for both the Euron AND his brother Victarion roles in Game of Thrones.  He suggests the actor could play both roles simultaneously.  Following is his vision for that scenario:

June 13, 2013

Richard Armitage:See Mirror Link re Group's Endorsement of RA for Role + "Fleeting Nudity in The Hobbit"(Not necessarily Thorin altho hope springs eternal:) See onering link)..Feeling our chain is being rattled but it's too delish not to play along;D + David Garrett as Paganini

Poldark fans want Richard Armitage to play lead in BBC remake
Only one actor is right to play the lead role in the £10million remake of 70s drama Poldark, fans say.
The Poldark Appreciation Society want BBC bosses to sign up North and South hunk Richard Armitage, 41.
The 500 members – fans of the Winston Graham novels set in 18th century Cornwall – took a vote.
Armitage — Lucas North in TV’s Spooks and Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit movies — was the clear winner to take on Robin Ellis’s role as Ross Poldark.
Society founder Val Adams said: “I knew Winston Graham for more than 20 years and I am convinced he would approve of Richard wholeheartedly.”
The BBC may want to take heed – when ITV cast John Bowe as Ross for an attempted re-make in 1996, the Society marched through the streets in protest and the show was an expensive disaster.
Val added: “The ITV fiasco was a flop which could have been avoided if they had listened to the people that know Poldark inside out.
“A new series of Poldark is long overdue and if done correctly should be a massive hit.”
The six-part romantic saga, adapted from the novels of Winston Graham, will return on BBC1 next year.
The Society would also like to see Bill Bailey as Jud Paynter, Pam Ferris as Prudie, Ciaran Hinds as Warleggan and EastEnders actress Jo Joyner as Poldark’s true love Elizabeth.
They were unable to decide who should land the role of Poldark’s wife Demelza, played in the original by the late Angharad Rees.
Set in late 18th century Cornwall, the story tells how dashing Captain Ross Poldark returns to his estate from war, looking forward to a reunion with his family and love of his life Elizabeth.
Instead he discovers his father has died, his home in ruin and overrun by drunken servants, and Elizabeth, believing him to be dead, betrothed to his cousin.
Poldark marries urchin Demelza after getting her pregnant, but his love for Elizabeth never dies.
The 29-episode 70s series was one of the most successful ever British television adaptations and was sold to more than 40 countries around the world.
The original cast from 1975 included Pirates of the Caribbean star Kevin McNally as the brother of Poldark’s wife, Christopher Biggins as a nasty vicar and Trudi Styler as a bad girl.
Casting for the new series will begin shortly.
Here are a few tv critics suggestions for the CW's upcoming new series 'Reign' about teen Mary Queen of Scots:
Furlong: DVR It - This modern twist on a classic story of sex, betrayal and the price that comes with privilege is elevated by the delightful leading lady, Adelaide Kane. The best part: You'll know within five minutes if this is your thing or not.
Etkin: DVR It - I had no expectations of liking this show, but I really did. It offers that "Game of Thrones"-esque grandeur, but with typical younger generation drama thrown in for Mary and her friends.. Plus, I'd tune in just to see the clothes..,
Weingus: Watch It - Not only was it a breath of fresh air to have a drama not set in the future in the 2013-2014 lineup, but "Reign" really, well, reigned me in. There was a bunch of sex, angst and broken hearts. A recipe for success!
The onering website(source for all things The Hobbit) posted a recent article describing the possible scene referred to in movie 2's rating as "fleeting nudity"..hopefully it's not Gollum again. haha Altho, after Thorin he is my fav.
History of the World in Two Hours:
An RA fan on twitter said her very favorite period of history is the time of knightly chivalry.  Just posted this to her asking if Richard is being knighted or beheaded:)
David Garrett is the star of new film 'Paganini:The Devil's Violinist'..

       David as Paganini reminds me of...(see movie clips playing in vid below)

June 8, 2013

Richard Armitage:Crossing Lines Interview + New Trailer for The Hobbit:Desolation of Smaug + Previews of Upcoming Series

From new trailer:
Laketown..King under the Mountain is ready to be feted..
New trailer: Desolation of Smaug
Tribute to season 1 of the splendid series DaVinci's Demons.  Now for the long wait until season 2..
Wikipedia: The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a woman by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world."

Another new series: This one is called 'Crossing Lines' - about an international police force.  Following is an interview with cast member Tom Wlaschiha(he plays "a man" Jaqen H'ghar in Game of Thrones..

June 3, 2013

Richard Armitage:Leather Friday + Barefeet Thursday + Wild Wednesday Featuring Lucas North + Vaca Idea:Chair of Death in NZ *Holy C**p!*(see link) Thorin Tuesday

Is this one leather?..sort of has that sheen to it..oh well, doubt anyone will complain if it's not;)
Is this one leather?..sort of has that sheen to it..oh well, doubt anyone will complain if it's not;)
One of the most fortunate fans ever - should play every lottery in sight. Her *stars* must be in perfect alignment.  She and a friend stood across street from The Hobbit's Wellington studios and Thorin(wearing leather) walked out the door. *Serendipity*
It's the late 19th century, and the mysterious Dracula has arrived in London, posing as an American entrepreneur who wants to bring modern science to Victorian society. He's especially interested in the new technology of electricity, which promises to brighten the night - useful for someone who avoids the sun. But he has another reason for his travels: he hopes to take revenge on those who cursed him with immortality centuries earlier. Everything seems to be going according to plan... until he becomes infatuated with a woman who appears to be a reincarnation of his dead wife.
From the producers of the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning hit "Downton Abbey" comes "Dracula," a twisted, sophisticated and sexy take on Bram Stoker's classic novel, proving that some stories never die. One-hour drama.
BBC's THE WHITE QUEEN(War of the Roses) starts Aug 10 in US on Starz...
She's Backkkkkk;D
Some current topics at the Westeros website:
                                         For all Sarah's adoring fans;D
Chair of Death, NZ - filmed for the Travel Channel's show 'RIDEiculous':
There has been almost zero RA news recently which often leads to mischief. When the hunk's away the fangurls play...
DaVinci's Demons finale on Friday - Season 2 is already filming:
Another trailer for CW's REIGN. As is evident in this one, Mary and her ladies dress designs have been criticized as not accurate for the period - too modern.  Does that really matter, if the more up-to-date wardrobe take on Mary Stewart's saga lures larger numbers of a younger generation to enjoy historic drama?
(BTW, the CW is owned jointly by CBS Corp and Time Warner Inc=CW)