December 18, 2017

Richard Armitage: RA's Annual Christmas Message to Well Wishers(see below) + Oceans 8 Trailer and Screencaps

Thorin included in Twitter's #MakeaMovieChristmasy..

Entire Oceans 8 trailer..
      Was RA's Art Curator looking for fine masterpieces in an unusual location?;D

Did Anne suggest Richard for Claude role after their appearance together in Alice Through the Looking Glass?

December 12, 2017

Richard Armitage: Wolverine (see article link) + Berlin Station Debuts in Australia(see article) + Voice of Wolverine for Marvel Comics Series

Oceans8 trailer release Dec 19..
  1. (2/3) Take a photo of yourself with an official filter & post on Twitter or Instagram with hashtags & for a chance to win tickets to see the movie with 7 of your friends.
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Quote "With a deal between Disney and Fox for the House of Mouse to take over the latter’s movie and TV properties, there’s a real possibility that the X-Men will finally get introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that includes a Wolverine"

November 29, 2017

Richard Armitage: Announcement Tues of New Narration(see tweet) + High Praise in Professional Mag (see below) + New Selfie + Berlin Station Season 2 Finale on Sunday

Tweet promises new narration announcement Dec 5..
From Richard's instagram, a selfie with Molecule Man sculpture..

November 20, 2017

Richard Armitage: Thanksgiving Selfie from NYC + Agent Miller, CIA's Berlin Station, Goes Undercover with German Spy Esther

Fans amused by the expression on the NY cabbie's face..
Property Bros, Drew Scott, was eliminated from Dancing with The Stars25 this past Tues - he's still the winner in my eyes! Here's a compilation of all his dances: