February 25, 2012

Richard Armitage: New The Hobbit Vblog + Two RA Mentions + Director Jackson Has Announced He'll Soon Release a New Vidblog + VOTE for Thorin Oakenshield for One Ring's March Madness (link below) + One Ring Plans THE HOBBIT Oscar Party for 2013--(Thx to Musa for heads up)

New Vblog from director Jackson:
Obvious with this video which dwarf is providing most of the action (watch the background) --Hint: his name begins w/T;)

Couple RA mentions:

New fascinating archaeological discovery:

After Thorin rides in his barrel to Laketown, look at the clever way he can convert it into a useful piece of furniture.  Fortunate Thorin is a do-it-yourselfer/handyman, isn't it;) See Thorin in his barrel below..

VOTING STRATEGY for Success in The One Ring's March Madness Poll:  
They allow 3 votes per person for different entries, however, if we cast one vote only - and of course make it for Thorin Oakenshield, we can pretty much assure he'll be included on the final list.  By voting for 3 of them, we would actually be diluting the chances for Thorin's inclusion on that list.  

Article published prior to Spooks 10 that rated the show's 10 most unsettling storylines over 9 series--Lucas North's downfall is rated #2

The One Ring website is wasting no time planning an Oscars Night 2013 party.  You'll find all the details here:

Paul Andrews: Between the Sheets

February 21, 2012

Richard Armitage: Photos on Fire + Lesser Known Characters

                               Above photos on fire need a fireman to control the inferno...
                                                         [below is a manip of course:]


February 20, 2012

Richard Armitage: John Porter in STRIKE BACK

Congrats! to RA's community of friends - 650 British pounds were raised for charity..

                         Past Post & comments: Oct 2010 -  Interview with Financial Times
Few of the comments to above post:
Musa said...

What did you think? Isn't this a great interview? Rarely have I read an interview with an actor or anyone in the arts talking about this side of their life...savings, investments, retirement, cars, swiss chalets,wine...a loving son, a considerate colleague... how adorable can one man be :) Then he tops it by saying he loves "North by Northwest" - I love classic films, and Cary Grant. Some interviews don't tell you anything really new about RA as a person, but this one does.
October 8, 2010 9:55 PM Enrich2 said...

I really enjoyed this interview, too, and how down-to-earth and grounded he is as person. I think that most of his interviews give us one or two new facts, but this one was different because it wasn't promoting a project and is a totally different type of publication. I've never read anything about him that I haven't liked!

October 9, 2010 9:59 AM
Sue said…A very good interview, can't say I'm surprised at what he says as I've always thought he looks like a sensible kind of person when it comes to money and wouldn't get carried away and spend everything without thought for the future. Does he mean he bought his house four years ago or has paid the mortgage off and has now actually owned if for four years, after buying it some time ago do you think? It seemed unclear in the detail.

I think he should make a will though, it's very important and something I did some time ago, although I'm not exactly in my dotage. You never know if you are going to get run over by a bus and it makes it easier for those who are left with the responsibility of sorting things out when you are gone. Saves arguments too over your dosh! It's surprising what distant relatives come out of the woodwork when someone dies if they smell money.

Not altogether wise to let people know where he goes skiing though, I can see fans dashing to the shops to buy skis and head for the alps for their hols.

February 13, 2012

Richard Armitage: GoT Art Direction + Middle Earth News + Valentine Flowers and Kisses

Can't imagine why I've suddenly developed such a thirst * or can I * - and why must it be quenched in a rathskellar..;) *the pause that refreshes*

Armitage vs Armitage Past Post---over a year after the hilarious Brit Richard Armitage vs American Richard Armitage graphic was posted here, someone today added another comment to the topic.

Catching up on Middle Earth news:



Annoys me when I read one of the US's historic buildings will be destroyed; find the following equally sad.
Although, IMO private organizations should take on the cost of preserving national treasures -- not taxpayers. The latter is what happens whenever government steps into one of these situations.

Past Post Jan 2011:


February 10, 2012

Richard Armitage:Ebay Link to Many Faces of RA Quilt Auction + Listen to Rupert P Jones Reading + Narrates The Great Sperm Race(seems especially appropriate for Valentines Week:)

In part II of Richard Armitage's narration of The Great Sperm Race,  we hear our vaginas described as an "awe-inspiring place."  That's no surprise to us, of course. *winks* We also learn that the millions of sperm have only a 30min window of opportunity.  This documentary really gives us a new found respect for the almost miracle that occurred when we ourselves or our child/children were conceived.  After listening to The Great Sperm Race, Mothers Day this year will feel all the more special...

BBC radio: Listen to Rupert Penry Jones read Ep 1 of Europe in The Looking Glass..

Charitable auction for hand-made RA quilt is now active on Ebay.  Payment only by cheque - or a check if you're in the USA *winks*

Among RA characters, John Thornton has to be the winner of the title:  Lady Killer.  For past 3years, I've often voiced the opinion he continues to conquer the world - one woman at a time.
More recent conquests.  Quote from the web mistress:
"I have a little secret for all you Downton Abbey fanatics. Stop what you are doing right now (well, first finish reading this list) and add North & South (the one with the ampersand, not the one starring Patrick Swayze) to your Instant Queue. This 2004 BBC adaptation of the Elizabeth Gaskell novel by the same name is the ultimate in dizzy-spell inducing romances. The star-crossed lovers Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe) and John Thornton (Richard Armitage) meet-smoldery at Thornton’s factory and spend four hours battling their personal feelings and inner demons. This is some delicious period acting, my friends. I’m fanning myself just thinking about it, honestly.
Well, as you can imagine with all this smolder and emotional control it certainly comes as a surprise to Margaret (not us though, we’ve been taking bets!) when Thornton proposes marriage halfway through the film. She refuses him in the most brutal way, choosing to point out his flaws and inconsideration to the workers in his own factory. He falters, almost begging for Margaret to listen to reason, but finally takes one final look at her with sad, puppy eyes and walks away. Taking with him every viewer’s held breath. Oh Thornton, you are just too heartbreaking for your own good."

NZ Dominion Post didn't add a Tourist Warning to this hilarious article, however you would be wise to avoid that country when they're partaking of something called the sevens? might be soccer related? Had to chuckle at the reporters tongue-in-cheek writing style:


Variety is not only the spice of our real lives but also when being entertained.  With that in mind, here's another new movie to look forward to with great anticipation - 'Anna Karenina'