April 28, 2013

Richard Armitage:New CNET,Aus Interview(see link) +"if it comes through the fans will be pleased!" + New Pics..Converse Sneakers?? + New Interview(see link) + New Photos + Thorin in THE HOBBIT


Stylist tweeted the details below -  those who voted for sport coat, white shirt, jeans were closest:
Richard Armitage in a Calvin Klein olive blazer, Jbrand jeans, Hugo Boss boots for Hobbit DVD press

RA:What have I been doing recently? Oh god I can’t talk about it because it might happen as a potential job! But there’s a novel I’ve been reading...and then you read then novel, then you read the social comment on the novel that was written at the time, then you start looking at their other work. Now you’re going from battling flying dragons to twisters in Black Sky, so what can we see you in next?
RA:After Black Sky? Oh I wish I could tell you. Every script that I’ve read has got a book attached, and I think I’ve read five books. 
So I just need to steal your Kindle, is what you’re saying?
RA:(Laughs) You just need to steal my Kindle. There are some big scale projects, and then one incredibly charming book that I love so much. But I don’t have anything confirmed, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed. 
That’s interesting, how do you go about selecting roles? Is it different after The Hobbit?
RA:It’s not as easy as people think. My job at the moment is to convince people that I’m not 5 foot 2 and hairy. (Laughs) But I suppose the priority for me at the moment is to try not to repeat myself, and also to really focus on how I want to stretch myself, and what kind of directors I’d like to work with. So that’s been the focus. 
So Thorin has opened doors then?
RA:A little bit, yeah, but I’m now swimming in a much bigger pond, you know. I’m going up for roles that are going to big actors, big actors! And I’m in my forties and those big actors have got big CVs. But hopefully I’ll win one of those roles that I love so much.

April 21, 2013

Richard Armitage:Fabulous Friday + Narration--The Great Sperm Race + Thornton Hall Sale/Bronte Country(see links) + First 'The White Queen' Trailer + Rob Roy RA + Thornton Real Estate

Mother's Day quickly approaches, therefore the following RA narration seems especially appropriate..

Relevant real estate for sale:  Thornton Hall anyone? Appears at least one couple couldn't resist a walk through..
Soon we'll be back in PG13, consideration of young generation searching The Hobbit's Thorin mode, therefore this is the best window of opportunity to post:

April 16, 2013

Richard Armitage:Which is Moodiest chaRActer of them all? + After 1 ep,DaVinci's Demons Renewed for 2nd Season

Link to Leonardo DaVinci's sketches:
Game of Thrones weirwood set...
Menswear designer recently tweeted the following (thank you Sue for the headsup). Nice leather jacket but what's up with lumberjack plaid shirt?..and 4 undone buttons might be gratuitous....not that I'm really complaining;D Scratch last thought. 
                     Lara Pulver played Guy's sister. He joins her in her current series 'DaVinci's Demons' on Starz channel.[Season 2 has already been greenlighted]

April 11, 2013

Richard Armitage:New Fan Vid(Bad Tempered & Moody--Really?) + Mariaid's Thornton Wedding + daVinci's Demons:CGI Florence, Costume Designer + RAndom Friday Photo Blitz

A pause that refreshes - Some of the lucky few during the Victorian era:
Fan Mariaid's Thornton Wedding:
For those of us who find it impossible to go half way around the world for RA's appearance at the Cremorne, NSW Hayden Orpheum(restored art-deco theater) here's an idea of what it might look like. Figure is deliberately out of proportion, because Richard is *larger than life*(lame excuse;)  
Does sitting on the floor fix everything? 

daVinci's Demons is a joint effort by US Starz tv channel and the BBC.  Here's an interview with the award winning costume designer. Excerpt:
Period dress does seem to be very much your thing…I think it’s because unravelling the past is such fun really. The things that get me going are the bizarre elements. It’s definitely not surface decoration - that comes later. It’s structure. If I wasn’t a costume designer, I think I would have been a structural engineer who builds bridges. I’m really into engineering and how these shapes are built. What I get excited about is the kind of analysing of shape and form and how that functions within the society you’re creating. That’s why I like period stuff. I read avidly and I love history. It’s a life-long interest really, the past.
http://boards.ancestry.com/SearchResults.aspx?db=mb&gss=ancMB&hc=10&rank=0&adv=&p=localities.northam.usa.states.pennsylvania.counties.northumberland&csn=Northumberland&cst=board&gskw=holmes&psrch=on&_F00029CB=&_F00027E2=&period=&_80004003=&_F0002BF1= http://boards.ancestry.com/localities.northam.usa.states.pennsylvania.counties.northumberland/3092/mb.ashx