June 29, 2018

Richard Armitage: RA Tweets My Zoe is a Wrap (see tweets below) + Lucas North Spooks Daniel Miller at Berlin Station

The Battle of Gettysburg in US Civil War was fought over three days July 1, 2, 3 in 1863.  Here is an amazing photo taken of surviving Union and Confederate soldiers shaking hands, on July 4, 1913, over the very same wall where they fought each other 48 years previous.

June 17, 2018

All Things R Armitage: My Zoe Fast Forwards to 2040 in Moscow??(see instagram link) + Their Lost Daughters Narration (see link) + Irish News Oceans 8 Review + Many Other Oceans 8 Reviews

Evidently this instagram explains My Zoe production(on location in Berlin) is currently filming a scene or scenes representing 2040 Moscow..
NEWS: Their Lost Daughters narration..

Flickfilosopher gave it 4/5 stars.

EXCERPT:  I mean, gosh, there’s even a really funny — and insightful — line, which I wouldn’t dream of spoiling, when Debbie is talking about her former relationship with asshole socialite art dealer Claude Becker (a sensationally hideous [has to be sarcasm;] Richard Armitage: Pilgrimage, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies), and why he deserves to be set up as their fall guy for the heist. (They maneuver it so that he’s Daphne’s date for the Met Gala.) She’s explaining what she saw in him, despite the fact that he’s a spectacular jerk, and it’s a terrific illustration of a modern woman’s expectations about what a man needs to bring to a romance nowadays.


Richard Armitage is a dashing villain...
The Hobbit star plays Claude Becker, a slippery, but very charming art dealer and former boyfriend of Debbie Ocean, a relationship that ended rather badly. With Debbie now out of prison, he's in her sights, can he stay out of trouble...


Unlike the other films in the series, Ross and Milch brilliantly do away with a love story. Instead, they look at the flipside of that proverbial coin – revenge. That said, it stretches believability that someone as smart as Debbie would ever be caught off her game – even in the safety of an allegedly loving relationship. Despite that doubt, the vengeful scheme thrust upon shifty art dealer Claude Becker (Richard Armitage) sufficiently ties the narrative together.



June 9, 2018

All Things R Armitage: Crime Thriller Narration 'Their Lost Daughters' + Digital Spy RA Article Revisits Batman + Oceans 8 Box Office Opening Wkend Was An Amazing $41.5 Million + Most O8 Reviews Positive or Mixed(see link) + Oceans 8 Boxoffice Looking gReAt! + Oceans 8 Review With RA Mention from Hollywood Reporter

New Narration: Today's release of crime thriller 'Their Lost Daughters' 
available at audible.uk website

EXCERPT: "There was a little flurry once upon a time just after I'd come out of The Hobbit where I auditioned for Batman," Armitage revealed. "It was at the same time that Christian Bale was leaving, there were about five or six actors that were in line for that character, so I went through quite a process with that."
Though he didn't ultimately get to don the cape and cowl, Armitage admitted that he remains fascinated by the Batman character. "The sort of darker side of a man, and the desire to right some wrongs... I think it's really interesting, that character Bruce Wayne."
Oceans 8 Reviews:
After an Entertainment Weekly reporter made the unwise statement that she would have preferred if a more prominent actor was cast as the villain of Oceans 8, Richard calmly replied to her that they did cast "an A-lister" who dropped out. He sweetly neglected to mention he was the replacement. The shocked woman took her frustration out on RA fans by using obscene language.  All that happened yesterday! Today Richard tweeted his horoscope which read in effect "do not take seriously any negativity that might come your way" - he seemed very amused by the sequence of events.  A sense of humor is always the best defense in life and he has a great one!  Act 3 - checked back to the ongoing saga to discover the reporter has apologized and recognizes our fav actor as "a class act" :D Tweets:

June 1, 2018

Richard Armitage: OCEANS 8 Opening Wkend Has Arrived + Digital Spy Interview(see link) + Recent RA Tweet Quoting His Dad(see below) + Behind The Scenes Oceans 8 Vid + Audie 2018 Award

Recent RA tweets..
He's also got a lifetime of 'Tall Dwarf' Jokes...but it has been kind of an ironic career really 🙃🤡

See RA about 4:00..